Saab moves. A new year on

What do you write for the start of a new year? Has not everything been said and discussed in almost 8 years blog? The entry is always difficult, so I try it in the simple way. It's about cars. Cars that are getting older and older, that demand more and more attention.

Saab moves 2019That's the page. Because these old vehicles are fun. Especially when you get out of a modern rental car, and in the old, analog sweetie. The tranquility on board - or better said: the simplicity of things - make the vehicle a pleasure. There are no huge displays with nested menus, which you have to search with rotary switches, swipes or other diffuse gestures. Everything is logical and self-explanatory. The driver and not the mobile computer is the focus.

Making things easy and holding is a challenge. The digitalization should do it, but likes to lose sight of the goal. There are apps, updates for everything. Everything is online, networked. From the fridge to the washing machine to the alarm clock. The car is no exception, it's the next big thing - with a huge potential. The digital possibilities are still in their infancy there.

Drive Saab, swim against the current

Keep things simple, keep driving an analog car. That is, let's face it, luxury that one must first be able to afford. An old car is sustainable, no question. Just as the longer useful life of almost all items is more sustainable than the new acquisition. Moving an older Saab is, in that sense, a statement. But not cheap. Modern cars are cheaper. Full service leasing rates are the simpler and less worried concept.

Yes, I continue to drive 2019 Saab. Even if the Saab stock must leave feathers. 2019 will also, from an automotive point of view, be a year of separation. My comparatively comfortable garage and hall situation of recent years is just beginning to dissipate. Two garages less, no emergency reserve. That has consequences. Two or maybe 3 vehicles will go in the next few months to keep my life simple. And then there is the threat of the new company car, which I can hardly escape.

Important for the readers - 2019 continues! Somehow, and despite the fact that we are rowing against the zeitgeist, which puts burners and private cars on the virtual pillory. Obviously, many people continue to enjoy analog technology. No matter what the media write and what goes down on us every day, with full force. Our Fundraiser for the budget 2019 was a complete success. A statement for the blog and the brand! More readers than in the years before have made their contribution, and at the turn of the year came another, generous individual donations. The action runs until the 15. January, something more on the topic comes after graduation.

Saab also moves 2019

Saab is moving the hearts, still! From the comments and the emails of the donors, a lot of love for the brand was read out. This is understandable, because we like to hang on things that are not so easy to get. Maybe not at all, because the Saab offer on the big used car exchanges celebrates new lows.

Giving the brand a digital home is our mission for 2019. It will not be easy to fill content with content for another year, but we'll try. Write with the greatest possible variety, entertaining about old and not so young Saabs. We also keep an eye on the development in Trollhättan. A lot has happened there in the last days of the year.

Therefore we start this week with very different topics. Max and I were on a test drive a few days ago. With an unexpected exit. And in Trollhättan, there is still a huge difference between aspiration and reality. We bring the details.

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  • 7. January 2019 at 11: 19 AM

    Hooray! It continues with the blog, with my SAAB 9-5 station wagon and the SAAB calendar from Frankfurt! He just arrived and will be with me for a year now.

  • 7. January 2019 at 11: 38 AM

    Thank you for the beautiful description of what is received with analog and lost with digital. Talk to me from the soul ...

  • 7. January 2019 at 11: 51 AM

    It's really fun to get into the Saab; my convertible from 2011 has only 71.000 km on the clock and will hopefully last a very long time. Although I did not want, because diesel - panic sale of the previous owner. For this I have sold my older gasoline convertible and slammed here. Diesel and Cabriolet I find indeed a rather strange combination and for short distances, the car can not be used, but the hope was to use the car more than 10 years and then as long as possible.

    In fact, I find the whole transition to digital command centers unhelpful. Swiping and tapping takes much longer than simply pressing buttons or editing knobs.

    Finding something in the lower menu items of the control menu is actually like checking messages on the phone while driving and is banned accordingly. In my Jaguar I need 4 times to turn on the seat heating, as in the Saab. There is even a button (small and without looking so never to find) - but then begins the tiresome pressing on the touch screen. Not to speak of other attitudes. Many hi-fi systems have no knobs - but they can be operated much more comfortably while driving. Of the many exuberant buttons with miniskulster font (look at a Porsche cockpit ...) I do not want to talk. Real ergonomics are different, and the manufacturers are working here rather against the drivers, I think.

    Not to mention the Saab Night Panel. My retrofitted Alpine Navi with reversing camera must still be darkened manually, because it could not be docked to the Night Panel function, and this obfuscation function, you must first call due to poor engineering, and thus search twice on the touchscreen, which distracting and dangerous, but it becomes all the more clear how well and functionally Saab has actually designed the cockpits. So it's all in favor of keeping Saabs for as long as possible - it does not get better what you get. 🙂

    • 8. January 2019 at 10: 17 AM

      Full points ! ! !

      Many operating concepts (touchscreen / main menu / menu item / operating point) require a new legislation.
      All functions of a touch and / or wipe that require longer attention of the vehicle operator than would be required with a button or a dial are disabled with the engine running.

      If that were the case, I would not miss anything in my cars. I have direct access to all essential driving functions and comfort features. OK then. But no longer self-evident ...

      It is disturbing that new cars come on the market and are eligible, the ex factory have a built-in and so much distraction potential, as in my SAAB, while you (in driving) regulate the air conditioning, surf the Internet on the smartphone, ...

      This is known to be prohibited and for a good reason. There are questions left ...
      Nice that you and Tom have posed this.

  • 7. January 2019 at 12: 01 PM

    Which drive will prevail in the future, in my opinion, completely open, the electric drive is currently not suitable for everyday use, gasoline engines have a higher CO ² emissions than diesel engines and the diesel is in my opinion wrongly vilified.

    So I prefer to drive a (SAAB) classic car before I get a new car for tens of thousands of euros.

    • 7. January 2019 at 9: 39 PM

      You are right. But I'm afraid that the drive concept of the future will be decided politically ...

      According to my modest technical knowledge, I would favor hybrids with biofuels (biodiesel and ethanol).
      The last sensational concept of SAAB (the Phoenix) went exactly in that direction. The advantages of this concept compared to a pure and fossil fuel or even to a pure electric car are too numerous to list here in detail.

      But politicians know that better than a few SAAB engineers or when I know ...

      • 8. January 2019 at 10: 38 AM

        "But I'm afraid that the drive concept of the future will be decided politically ..."

        I'm afraid you are right. It is again something without alternative. The view beyond the horizon is spared, as so often in recent years.

        • 8. January 2019 at 1: 34 PM

          Very nice.

          I would like to have used this word (without alternative) in good time, when it was particularly inflationary in use, consecrated and chosen - and as the nonsense of the year ...

          Even though it is used less frequently today, it still determines thinking, the exploration of alternatives, and possibilities that supposedly do not exist, and that can not even exist in this style of thinking and language. And accordingly, alternatives are not explored ...

          But there are other and equally fatal factors ...

          For example, global emissions trading (CO2) or the way national carbon footprints are calculated. Sometimes they are designed in favor of the producers and then again for the benefit of consumers.

          Norway can choose the best of two worlds. It promotes and exports oil and gas, enjoys revenue and wealth, but in the above sense foreign importers and consumers are burdened. Not the Norwegian producer of fossil fuels ...

          On the other hand, Norway can import any number of e-mobiles without being burdened with balance sheets. For the production of batteries and vehicles, the producers and thus other nations are burdened. Not the norwegian consumer.

          As one stands fast as a shining example and environmentalists there - at least globally and completely officially and so purely on balance ...

          Sometimes the end user gets something on the lid, sometimes the producer has the damage. As you like it. Smart people (such as Norwegians or Danes) know how to get the most out of the set conditions.

          They legislatively decide on e-mobility and will gladly import e-cars that weigh almost 3 tons, crammed with rare earths and heavy batteries, and have a disastrous CO2 bill, so long as they do not have to produce them themselves and they do not be accounted for negatively.

          And we? We like to visit Scandinavia again. As with the PISA studies. We did not understand anything, but nothing at all, but the more accurate we know (again) what is urgently needed in D now ...

          We do not understand the difference between Germany and Norway, we do not understand the global framework conditions, we are barred from any vision, but we understand. If, with German thoroughness, we overtake the Scandinavians on the right, if we copy them better than they could copy themselves, then we (again in terms of climate policy) are again in a leading role. So it goes on without alternative ...

          ... without brains and brains, but without alternative. After all.

  • 7. January 2019 at 12: 02 PM

    It's nice to know that the blog survives.
    I still can not afford a Saab for the daily trip to the office, but at least that's the way I can get a bit closer to my childhood dream.

    • 7. January 2019 at 11: 34 PM

      At some point, even for you the possibility of a Saabs arise.

  • 7. January 2019 at 12: 25 PM

    On a good new blog year 2019!
    Good news about the eager donors! Wonderful! That's the way it should be ...
    Thank you, that also in 2019 the gaze reaches Trollhättan. I find it interesting what is going on at the old SAAB site! Important, because the region must and should remain "alive"!

  • 7. January 2019 at 1: 33 PM

    Really inspiring, if someone with so much commitment and passion runs this blog and maintains like Tom!

    Note: Saab is not just a car, but a philosophy!

  • 7. January 2019 at 1: 57 PM

    All a super happy new year and great that the blog goes on.

    To the question analog or digital (he) I can only join Tom's rating. I do not need huge displays with "Drehschub- box-Wischwaschtechnik" that light up as bright as day in the interior. Something annoys already during the day and even in the night mode, it brightens the interior. A very simple Navi only with a good announcement is enough for me personally completely. Anytime as long as I can still hear. In any case, I am always looking forward to the possibility of the Night Panel, when I travel a long way at night. When I drive a car, I do not want to watch TV but look at the street and if I have to search for a gas station or a restaurant then I stop and google with my mobile. A short break and ready.

  • 7. January 2019 at 11: 38 PM

    First of all, I wish all of you a happy new year.
    Also, I am happy to continue reading so much about Saab, Saab stories are far from over, and if everyone contributes, we all have more of them.
    All this digi-digitization and gimmicks only distract you from driving, because despite all the help you still have to drive yourself and the physics can not be exited. For me, a modern Saab with ABS, ESP, airbags and xenon has everything you need to drive.

  • 8. January 2019 at 9: 25 PM

    Today I drove home in the evening from practice in the 9000. When parking back in the driveway heavenly peace! Two exterior mirrors and the view into the interior rear view mirror suffice. The 95 NG accompanies the same process already much more excited: Mid-frequency beeping of the rear sensors, high-frequency beeping of the side sensors when passing the courtyard entrance-I admit, which is really just passable-, but it annoys. If I now imagine a visual blush orgy ... We should take care of our old treasures. They just give us more quality of life.

    • 9. January 2019 at 10: 15 AM

      That sounds like the beautiful 9000 CSE might still be in the stable, despite the beautiful TA?

      As I already wrote to her reader contribution: A dream couple. In addition, one can say, it is a very varied yet. With the overall potential to bring the happy owner different driving experiences and to offer different strengths and qualities. A separation from the CSE wants to be considered carefully. If that happened, he would be missed forever. That's for sure.

      At least I have never met an ex-CSE owner or driver who would not regret this SAAB. Not yet, who would not come up with quite a few qualities that he would never have found in another vehicle in such a way and in total. Not even in a younger SAAB ...

  • 9. January 2019 at 12: 40 PM

    Very happy that it continues with the blog. Thanks for the first time for this decision. So we are at least in 2019 again sure that we can get the most information about Saab anywan.

  • 11. January 2019 at 2: 30 PM

    Great that it goes on in 2019! Thanks Tom!

    Swim against the tide, yes, I do that for a long time, with Saab and Lancia, but in the long run very exhausting, that is costly. I am still at the end of 2018 with a heavy heart of my 95NG separated. But there are still enough Saab in the stable where I can be happy every day!


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