The true Saab saga

It has become quiet in the stable backa in Trollhättan. Barren and abandoned, the old Saab plant is lying there and barks to itself. It has been a long time since the last Saab left the factory. Do you know why Trollhättan is called "Trollhättan"? No? Well, then I'll tell you. This has to do with Saab and a myth that is true.

Saab Troll Snurg
Saab Troll Snurg

In the past, Trollhättan was simply called "Hättan". It's only called Trollhättan since the legendary turbocharged engines were built in the Saab factory. "What do turbocharged engines have to do with trolls?" - you will definitely ask. Well, I can tell you that, but it's a big secret and hardly anyone believes it's true. I have to take a little bit to tell.

You probably know all the troll figures that can be found in souvenir shops in Sweden or Norway. The small, barely ten centimeters high guys with knobbly noses, red cheeks, big eyes, messy hair and tail. And you think they're made of plastic or some other plastic. But that's wrong, because these are real trolls. Real trolls who are frozen because people looked into their eyes. When that happens, a troll fates to end up as a souvenir. And rest assured, that's no fun for a troll ...

Well, back to Trollhättan. Or Hättan, as it was called at the time. It turned out that Per Gilbrand, an engineer in the Saab factory, was standing and fishing near the waterfalls on the banks of the Göta Älv. He always did that when he had a tricky problem to solve. And he had a tricky problem to solve. Because Saab was bad. It had a new idea, but the money was missing everywhere. A jerk on his fishing tackle tore Per Gillbrand out of his musings. "At least the fish bite well," he thought, and he began to carefully roll up the fishing line because he wanted to avoid anything in the world that his catch was lost to him. Not that too ...

And Per Gillbrand was amazed when he saw what was wriggling on his fishing rod. It was not a fish, it was a troll! And that troll was called Snurg. Per Gillbrand knew about the fate of trolls, when a person looks into their eyes, the grandfather had often told this tale. Of course, Per Gillbrand had not believed his grandfather. From early childhood he was interested in physics and mathematics, machines and all sorts of technical equipment. There was no room for mythical creatures like trolls. And today he was an engineer! But instinctively Per Gillbrand avoided eye contact with the troll, because his mind was sharp and he immediately came up with an idea how he could fix the misery at Saab and keep the small, fine car forge alive - at least for another 35 years, as we know today ,

I already see your questioning eyes, you still have no idea how that is related to the cars and the trolls. Well, to understand that, you need to know that a troll fulfills a wish for a person so present in mind to prevent him from ending up as a souvenir. At a high price for the troll and his whole clan, because he has to work with his entourage henceforth day in, day out to fulfill this wish. Snurg, the troll, knew instantly that he had caught himself in the trap of someone who knew the secret, since Per Gillbrand looked so clearly only at Snurg's feet when the troll finally stood dripping wet on the ground in front of him. What did Snurg have to do there in Göta Älv, do you want to know?

He lived like so many trolls in the area in caves behind the waterfalls whose entrances are only accessible by diving.

At once Snurg offered his services to Per Gillbrand. "Can you do something so that we build cars again like the world has not seen and experienced, and it goes up with Saab again?" Asked this Snurg. "Yeah," the troll replied, "I'm sure I'll be able to do something." And so it happened that the same evening Snurg and his entire clan arrived at the end of the late shift, when the factory was still and deserted Gillbrand sneaked into the workshops. "We've built such a new part, a turbocharger, but it still does not want to work," Per Gillbrand admitted to the troll. "I'm sure I can do something," he replied again.

I do not want to bore you too much with details, but the work of the trolls in the nocturnal factory worked. From then on, Saab built turbocharged engines with unrestrained power delivery. No one knew why it suddenly succeeded, on which the engineers had worked so long unsuccessfully. Every evening, after the end of the late shift, the trolls crept into the deserted factory halls and whispered their power to the turbo engines produced during the day.

If you've ever driven a turbo, you'll remember the whistling sound you hear when you step on the gas pedal. This is the whisper of the trolls, which you activate when accelerating and which hisses in the turbocharger and thus develops the power of the engine.

Per Gillbrand showed his gratitude to Snurg and his clan in making stickers with the slogan "Made in Trollhättan by Trolls". And the most dedicated of Saab enthusiasts stuck the stickers to their cars, knowing they had more than Swedish engineering. The city fathers and mothers Hättans were infected by the myth, at Saab trolls had their hands on the game, and changed the name of the city in Trollhättan, in gratitude for the many jobs and nice tax revenue, with the suddenly successful cars "made by Trolls "enriched the city.

You want to know why Saab went bankrupt after all. Yes, that's a sad story. The times changed. Per Gillbrand eventually went into retirement, although he delayed the time as long as possible. So it was still possible to bring the great engine with the low pressure turbo on the market. But at some point he had to say goodbye to Stallbacka. New foreign owners took over Saab and introduced a third shift. Now people were working in the factory at night too, so the way to the trolls was blocked. The mishap took its course ...

Today, Snurg often stands at the stablebacka and gazes longingly over the abandoned factory premises. He is bored, because even if trolls never work for people voluntarily, his work in the nocturnal factory had grown dear to him. After all, since then he has to fear again that a person will look him in the eye and he will become a souvenir, because since he no longer serves a human, the protection against this ban is lifted.

But whenever he sees one of these fine cars passing by with the label "Made in Trollhättan by Trolls", his heart warms ...

Thanks to Laurenz for his (fictional) Saab Story! Do you also have something to tell about Saab?

The story of an unforgettable holiday trip, a restoration or another event in life with the cult brand from Trollhättan?

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  • 14. January 2019 at 10: 47 AM

    Is really "trolly"!

  • 14. January 2019 at 10: 59 AM

    Schöööön, and sad, even got a little goose bumps ... ..

  • 14. January 2019 at 11: 02 AM

    Many Thanks! Great written

  • 14. January 2019 at 11: 08 AM

    Schöööön !!

  • 14. January 2019 at 11: 13 AM

    Excellent! Great story!
    And if it is not true, at least it is well-invented
    See you in June at the Trolls.

  • 14. January 2019 at 12: 03 PM

    Great written! Or troll written?

    What is fiction and what is reality? I really have to readjust myself for a moment ...

    Like after a short but abysmal sleep, because you devoured a captivating book in a single night and came too close to the ringing of the alarm clock. This was just a short story. But just a great written. Thanks a lot for this!

  • 14. January 2019 at 12: 10 PM

    T (r) olle history! Thanks for the imaginative head cinema. Finally the name of Trollhättan is harmonious online ...
    Still t (r) olle ride in the SAAB!

  • 14. January 2019 at 12: 28 PM

    ... ..I have tears in my eyes !!!!

  • 14. January 2019 at 12: 34 PM

    Cool ... from now on I do not hear a turbo whistle anymore ... but always a troll whisper.

    I'm sure that I am now much more attentive Saab drive ... probably with a "stupid" * grin on the face.

    * stupid only from the view of not Saabfahrern

  • 14. January 2019 at 2: 03 PM

    Finally I know where the whistling comes from, the "developers" call and say thank you! I hope that my 2.0T Convertible will please me for a long time.

  • 14. January 2019 at 3: 10 PM

    Laurenz, wonderfully told !!!!
    we often say LOL: "laugh out loud".

    • 15. January 2019 at 2: 41 AM

      Or LOL = Lots of Love ... ..

  • 14. January 2019 at 4: 54 PM

    Great story, in our Saas stick the Made in Trollhättan sticker back left

  • 14. January 2019 at 9: 09 PM

    What a cool story now I just need a sticker

  • 14. January 2019 at 9: 38 PM

    World class. I will read that to my children as a good nighttime story.

    • 15. January 2019 at 8: 46 AM

      Good idea. Thank you!

      I will do that tonight too. You will love this story and probably want to hear more than once.
      Why am I not there myself and have come on it yesterday? I am a little disappointed with myself now ...

    • 15. January 2019 at 9: 30 AM


      A great opportunity to remind my guys in advance of the history of the operation of an internal combustion engine in mind and also to explain the turbo principle.

      There was a time when engines were very thirsty and did not get enough air. These were the dinosaurs. So-called naturally aspirated engines that once ruled the streets of this earth. They got plenty of gasoline and as much as they wanted. Some drank way too much but they did not breathe deeply enough, barely got any air and the fire in their engines was weak. The Dinosaugier are considered today as (almost) extinct. Also SAAB once built dinosaur curiosity. But do you actually know why Trollhättan is called Trollhättan? No? "

      Thanks again to Laurenz.

  • 15. January 2019 at 6: 51 AM

    Thanks for the many t (r) ollen comments on my little saga ... 🙂
    Greetings from Laurenz

  • 15. January 2019 at 7: 46 AM

    Nice story, thank you

  • 15. January 2019 at 5: 27 PM

    Beautiful story !!! Thank you!

    • 16. January 2019 at 6: 44 PM

      Quite wonderful! Thanks a lot! 🙂 Where can I get such a really funny trolly sticker for my troll turbo? 🙂

      • 17. January 2019 at 9: 15 AM

        There is almost everywhere.
        Either online at Skandix and many other senders or even the trusted service partner will be happy to put a sticker in the service booklet at the next inspection, if one expresses an appropriate request when the SAAB is issued.
        The latter orders parts every day anyway and if you do not want to order anything other than "just" a troll, the familiar may even be the cheaper way to the funny trolly mythical creature ...

      • 17. January 2019 at 9: 32 AM


        There are probably at least two versions of the sticker. As in the cover picture (white background) for the outside or transparent and then probably mirror-inverted for the inside placement on a disc. That should be considered.

        • 17. January 2019 at 11: 08 AM

          Thanks for the helpful hints! I'll ask politely for droll trolly turbo troll stickers the next time I visit the friendly guy in Kiel. Finally, the summer still new fog lights edges, new rims and a larger brake system ago. I also like the turbo trolls - and I'll never look you in the eye, I promise! 🙂

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