Restart or meltdown - a museum is being sold

There are places that are obviously subscribed to dramas. For now 10 years, the Stallbacka does not come to rest. The Saab drama was followed by the NEVS tragedy. And even the entry of Evergrande does not seem to bring peace into the action.

Meltdown in the stablebacka
Access to Stallbacka and the former Saab factory

NEVS CFO leaves

Even if the media are repeatedly conjured up for future, golden times: reality tells a different story. With 2018 and Hans-Martin Afterthard, Vice President Product Strategy, Planning and Development, and Fredrik Alhström, Vice President Purchasing and NEVS Industrial Services, leaving the company behind in the last months of the year, it's time for another high-caliber employee to leave the company.

According to information available to us, NEVS CFO Jörgen Scribe leaves the Chinese investment at the end of the month. Jörgen Scribe has accompanied the position of CFO in the stablebacka for well over 2 years; Prior to joining NEVS, he was under contract with Volvo Trucks.

What is going on in the old Saab factory? A meltdown or a restart? The departure of Ifhof, Alhström and Scribe further weaken the troubled company. Her departure gives you an idea of ​​what it really looks like behind the scenes. It is difficult to commit equivalent replacement for lost competences. The Stallbacka should remain a place for dramas or at least exciting entertainment for months to come.

A Saab museum is dissolved

It is less clear than ever where NEVS is headed. As a Saab fan you can comfort yourself, because with the small, fine brand, what happens more in China, and less and less in Sweden, has nothing to do anymore. But even those who care about the Saab story, has no easy stand.

Last year, Anton Kempink announced the dissolution of his Saab collection. The private Saab Museum in the Netherlands was a regular destination for the Saab fans. In the beginning, there seemed to be hope to get the collection and hand it over completely.

This has meanwhile broken, and the collection compiled over years is sold individually. over Anton and Wilma Kempink offer their vehicles. The focus of the collection is on classic vehicles such as Saab 92, 95, 96 and Sonett. The alignment should not make it easier, the circle of lovers is naturally limited.

In addition to vehicles, many devotional items are also available around the brand. Contact by interested parties by phone or mail is desired.

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  • And I thought, the article was about the museum in Trollhättan ...

    To the museum, which I wanted to visit 2019 in the summer finally and for the first time. No wonder with this cover picture and the introduction ...
    Can I blame myself for being relieved now (at the end of the article), though the message is not a happy one?

    I'm celebrating every message here on the blog with bubbly, caviar and a own comment, because I see in it a sign of the liveliness of SAAB ...

    And I pay homage to their posts and the blog team's work. For example, the usually extremely well-done suspense curves. But I find this latest suspense neither good nor funny. That was an attack on my physical psychic integrity.

    And even the museum in the Netherlands does not do it justice, if I (and many other SAAB drivers) now just breathe a sigh of relief, because luckily it's not about Trollhättan ...

    This tension was not one of the best.

    • To conserve nerves is indeed "a" museum and not "the" Saab Museum in the title 😉

      • I felt the same way - I am also relieved to be able to visit the museum in Trollhättan for the first time in the summer and for the first time (after all). 🙂 Nevertheless, I find it very sad that now another Saab institution (of which I unfortunately did not know anything yet) will not continue to exist. It is a pity that no one can take over the collection in its entirety. And what a performance and effort of the Dutch couple of idealism, leisure, money, energy and attention to detail! Great and certainly unique! Yes, just real love for very special and fine cars! Is it still possible to go there for a while and take a look at things, maybe even to buy a little something? Or is that only about bids? On the homepage I could find nothing to see if and how long the museum is still open.

        • You drive to TROLL-Hättan and you still ask for sources of supply for Snurg?

          Somebody's in a hurry ...

          • Yes, I am always happy when I discover something new, nice saabiges that you can grow at short notice. These are so small moments of happiness - as compensation for the fact that you can not look at new Saabs (or even new car brochures) anymore, admire, test, compare, test drive and maybe then order and buy. My youngest "moment of happiness" of this kind were the great leather door handles and the leather handbrake lever cover by Stephan Individual - todschick! 🙂

          • PS:
            Of course, the sticker is needed urgently beforehand, so that one ausgrusts like that and "stuck" drive to Sweden and make the little Snurg there a little less sad, as soon as he sees one. What could be before arriving at the museum / festival. Maybe the little guy peeks out from behind a tree a few kilometers before TROLLhättan near the waterfalls. And when he sees one of these fine cars (mine) with the sticker "Made in Trollhättan by Trolls" passing by, it gets warm around his heart ... 🙂

    • The "one" I had overruled in the approach of a heart attack also 🙂

  • @ Tom: A detailed article about Trollhättan would be nice. I would be glad about background information and how to proceed. Is there something going on?

  • Hi Tom,

    is there fact-based background information about Evergrande - if so, I would be interested.

    A direct hit would be in my eyes a new owner, who not only builds any automobiles, but also the SAAB spirit takes it back - maybe even has hybrid vehicles in the future program. Such a company is currently missing worldwide (at least from the point of view of a die-hard SAAB fan). If then the production in Trollhättan starts again, I would be more than satisfied.

    • We are collecting the facts right now. The article will take a few days, I think on Monday the situation comes in detail.

    • Do not promise too much ...

      On the subject of hybrids, there was already a first hint in the last two NEVZ articles. If I understand correctly, is the state (which one?) One of the burners and does not approve any further manufacturing licenses.

      NEVZ has two options. EVs made in and for China. Or the NEVZ bubble bursts, without it ever comes to it.

  • A museum is sold ..., also on the blog must be perceived sharply!
    Difficult, the SAAB topic, too much emotion. Since plays the "head cinema" a trick ...
    Pity about the Dutch collection! Hopefully there will be a positive solution ...
    Why does this collection "only now" appear on the blog ???
    Was the collection very private or not publicly available, or did it have enough fans as a visitor?
    Or did I miss something? 🙁
    NEVS: oh dear, important people are leaving d .. s ....... Ship. We will see (thanks to Tom and Team) how things are going on in China.

    • This collection of Anton Kempink was always to visit. In Holland, this private museum was very well known and probably also in the west of Germany.

  • I also thought that this is about the Trollhättan Museum, someday I have to go there with my own Saab.

    • How fitting that the festival will take place again this year 😉

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