Picture puzzle: Motor + Trionic + longitudinal installation =?

Shortly before the weekend I feel like a Saab picture puzzle after a long time. It's about the engine, which is easy to identify as a Saab machine. But, yes damn, something can not be right there! Because the machine sits longitudinally - and not transversely, as it should be.

Saab engine - but which car?
Sure, a Saab engine - but which car?

The Saab safety philosophy interlinked transmission and engine in the 9000 and other models. When installed in a transverse direction, a protective barrier results from the combination of both modules in front of the passenger compartment. It creates survival space and preserves the lives of passengers.

Rebus. Saab engine + Trionic + longitudinal installation =?

So what about the photo? Have they betrayed their own philosophy in Saab? Or is it the work of a wild Swedish tuner? It would be possible. For better classification: No hobbyist has transplanted here a Saab engine in another car. The picture was taken in the Saab prototype construction in Trollhättan. It was obviously Saab engineers who had their hands in the game here. A 9000 CS is parked in the background, which should make it easier for readers to sort out the time. Maybe the design of a big Saab? Above the 9000, but never realized?

But the question is still in the room: which car is shown here? The readers are in demand, and we are looking forward to answers. We reward the solution of the not so simple picture puzzle with a car care starter package worth 49,90 € from the Canadian specialist Krown, In addition, readers will get to 31. 01. 2019 exclusive 10% discount on the care products in the online shop by entering the code "saabblog".

The exciting story behind the puzzles I tell in the coming weeks on the blog. At first, Mark and I are waiting for the solution! Write us in the comments!

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  • 18. January 2019 at 10: 58 AM

    We write the 18. January ...

    And I have long since lost track of what has been published on this blog so far this year everything. What a pace, what a stint! Hopefully no straw fire and hopefully no excessive demand. Please take care ...

    Anyway, my tip for the picture puzzle is: It is a prototype of the 9000 with all-wheel drive.

  • 18. January 2019 at 10: 59 AM

    .. from the color it could be an EV1.

    • 18. January 2019 at 11: 47 AM

      A V8 would probably have rather taken the GM shelf, I think at least ...

      But a SAAB V8 would certainly have become something very special. If you think the last 2,3T 9 5 chrome glasses, he would have had 4,6 liter and standard 520 PS and would have been a bi-turbo. Brawled with 600 PS ...

      But what would that have to do with SAAB? For me, the trolls from Trollhättan are still the inventors of down-sizing. They have built 4 cylinders with 2,0 to 2,3 liters, which have loosely dug the water of many contemporary 6 or 8 top-class cylinders (then, at the time of the 9K, all suckers) ...

      That was very smart and smart for me is typical SAAB ...

    • 18. January 2019 at 12: 08 PM

      It certainly is not a V8. Otherwise the Trionic 2x would be available. I am (still) at a loss.

      • 18. January 2019 at 1: 04 PM

        On this puzzle alone one can see how wonderfully multifaceted and enigmatic the SAAB story still is.
        I'm absolutely not worried about topics for 2019, 2020 and beyond. Hopefully the blog team will see it end 2020 exactly as I feel it today and I also get to know 2021 hopefully new SAAB facets here ...

  • 18. January 2019 at 11: 07 AM

    Saab 9000 convertible?

  • 18. January 2019 at 11: 11 AM

    I think the hint in the text is correct. It should be the Saab MPV based on 9k. The EV-1 I think the engine was tilted

  • 18. January 2019 at 11: 34 AM

    That's really tricky. I have to roll SAAB literature for now.

  • 18. January 2019 at 12: 05 PM

    Could be Holden, GM canceled Saab plans to sell the engine. They really wanted that engine

  • 18. January 2019 at 12: 15 PM

    I suppose that's a Saab EV1.

  • 18. January 2019 at 12: 32 PM

    I'm typing on the prototype of the Saab 9000 with all-wheel drive.
    At the EV1, the engine I mean was different.

  • 18. January 2019 at 12: 32 PM

    Actually, this "longitudinal construction" of the engine is only known from the classic SAAB 900 that was built to 1993 - certainly it could have been the prototype EV 1

  • 18. January 2019 at 1: 08 PM

    That's really a tricky question! For me, the longitudinal engine is chronologically classified before the 9000er, but in the development period of the new engine. The MPV is probably not, he has to my knowledge the transverse engine. I'm typing in the middle of the 90 years and typing on the "Experimental Vehicle 1", which has the engine along, but on the only picture I can find, still the "old" engine. But surely the SAABists also experimented with the recently developed Trionic. - The resolution will be exciting ...

  • 18. January 2019 at 2: 57 PM

    Tricky, the EV1 was on the old 900er platform. Engine was so inclined (see also div. X-Ray's). I can not imagine all-wheel 9000. The engine periphery looks completely different, also would be such a conversion (only for all-wheel drive) in the production absolutely uneconomical. I type, not least because of the low front and no visible Saabgrill (this is chromed and visible at this time), on a sporty foreign make.

  • 18. January 2019 at 3: 13 PM

    As Joakim Nyberg wrote it is def. a Holden. The installation white typically Holden, the periphery also typical Holden. So I say Holden Statesman, or Commodore. Or maybe a Holden prototype.

  • 18. January 2019 at 3: 19 PM

    This is the Saab EV 1 from 1985. I'm pretty sure.

    • 19. January 2019 at 1: 02 PM

      Most revealing.

      Thanks for the link. Here's my favorite passage from the text: "(...) the Saab four-pot was capable of 150kW / 300Nm, well in excess of the 127kW / 293Nm produced by the Buick V6 at the time. Unfortunately, GM internal politics killed (...) ".

  • 18. January 2019 at 4: 06 PM

    Think it is the attempt to develop a four-wheel system similar to Audi. This is easier with a longitudinally installed engine. And now I'll read through the other comments.Bin curious who else had the idea.

  • 18. January 2019 at 5: 41 PM


    It is a Holden Commodore with 2,0l turbo engine.
    Holden had to come up with something because the large-volume engine should now be occupied with a higher tax in the Asian region.


  • 20. January 2019 at 10: 03 AM

    I agree with my previous speakers.
    Should be a Holden or a Vauxhall CV1 for the Australian market.
    Coolers and attachments can not be from Saab.
    The only thing that would make me close to a Saab is the red T5 box.
    So a Saab isses definitely not.
    Greetings from the Baltic Sea

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