Studies of NEVS (and their history)

One week ago, NEVS published photos of two studies on an Instagrama account. They went around the world and attracted attention. A successful move, but unfortunately it remained unclear what was to be seen in the pictures. Because that was silent in Sweden.

NEVS clay model

Probably not coincidentally, because it was not so much about information as about spreading a positive spirit of optimism with Evergrande's entry. The pictures were shown on blogs and in forums, but not here. Because I was only interested in the story behind it. The abstinence on does not seem to have pleased everyone. In the following days they tried to link with Swedish IP regularly with the photos and to communicate appropriate comments on a Saab comeback.

What do the two studies from NEVS show? You can save yourself in the stablebacka, the years have taught. Together with a friend, I ventured on the interpretation and found a coherent answer. The chronology of the drawing, and the characteristics of the sedan, refer to that D1 project, With the intention of selling DiDi electric cars to the Chinese mobility service provider, Trollhättan has been working on 2018 for about 3 months since January. Then DiDi gave CHJ Automotive the surcharge, the project has ended.

Saab Design in the NEVS studies?

The saloon, with extended wheelbase, meets the requirements of the Chinese Administration for use in passenger transport. Based on the familiar platform of the 9-3 electric car, it is an evolution of existing components. Even the SUV with the code L113 speaks for this theory and is based on the known platform.

Both photos show sound models that only depict the exterior design without technology and interior. A possible manufacturing would be in 12 to 24 months, or less, to realize. The development times for electric cars are decreasing rapidly. Does the design suggestion remind anyone of Saab? Some readers might see Saab echoes, I can not find them.

The sedan carries the current Asian car fashion. Toyota also plays in new models with features such as the roof pulled over the C-pillar. The NEVS designers are thus in good company. At least the sedan shows the most interesting and progressive design proposal from the NEVS studios so far.

In the summary, the two clay models do not show actual work, but come from a finished project. Their possible production is therefore doubtful, but much in Trollhättan should be with the takeover by Evergrande on the test stand. What the new major shareholder will do in the future will be shown in the coming months.

Evergrande buys battery factory

On the 31. January is the last installment due for takeover, and Evergrande continues to propose a coherent course. After joining one of the largest car dealers in China, and the founding of a company for charging technology, the circle closes. Evergrande does what is indispensable if you want to succeed in the long term with electric cars. The company took over the majority the shares in the Shanghai CENAT New Energy Ltd. The company has four sites for the production of lithium-ion batteries. In 2018, CENAT was the number 10 in China in terms of installed battery capacity.

This is not likely to be enthusiastic about the previous partner of NEVS, CATL. It is possible that the start of production of the 9-3 EV will be further delayed by the impending change of supplier.

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  • 29. January 2019 at 10: 50 AM

    Well written.

    I am very pleased that the NEVZ interest of the remaining NEVZ-Interssenten within the readership of this blog continues to be served. And that this happens with critical distance and emotionally neutral. And I know that this is associated with a certain amount of work ...

    The own expenditure of time and intellect for an article on the given topic could be significantly reduced if one simply followed the intentions of the (NEVZ) PR department or copied from other "followers".

    However, the standard and claim of this blog is apparently a higher one. Thanks a lot for this!

    Sometimes I wish that the forced laborer in D would take his assignment as seriously as this blog does its topics and readers. It would be a journalistic progress and would be the 4. Violence in the state (let's call it the informative or the media) very well to measure their own standards to those of this blog.

    PS II
    I can not even think of the clay models and the above article ...

  • 29. January 2019 at 12: 16 PM

    I think that there are still Saab genes in the outer appearance. The side windows in the recorded perspective of the white model already have this saab block, cf. 9-4x. But maybe I look so well with a pink Saabbrille on it ....
    Thanks for this post.

  • 29. January 2019 at 12: 54 PM

    SUV is eh'an topic with me ..., and the limo I am in the seitl. View too many wrinkles ...
    I'm at that age, because I do not want to buy any extra wrinkles! 😉
    Clear SAAB-Line is different!
    Thanks also to the author team for this Nevs article. I wait for the 31.1.19 (?) To see if the balance is due. Then we / I will continue.

  • 29. January 2019 at 2: 07 PM

    Thanks for the information. Give Jörg right, the sketch from the side, especially the tail I find interesting. Then a continuous strip of light! I do not like the front. Nevertheless, a nice contribution

  • 29. January 2019 at 4: 23 PM


    great posts, thank you. Theme SAAB genes of the presented models: The drawing of the sedan and the clay model are with slightly curved windscreen, and in the case of the drawing with shell cover perhaps even closer to it. The passenger compartment is a bit reminiscent of the "current SAAB 93". In the SUV, it is probably only the SAAB door handles; otherwise quite square, the box. I do not expect anything from NEVS that will soon be on our streets and maybe show something like SAAB genes. My expectations might not be met by NEVS. But after all, something seems to be moving and the entry / cooperation of Königsegg I rate in any case positive. Is an old acquaintance 🙂

    Well, the 31.01. is an important day and maybe finally what we all have expected on several occasions happens; an investor with supposed potency keeps his word. Then it could go on. A spark of hope? Somehow yes.

    Greetings from the Erik

  • 29. January 2019 at 6: 18 PM

    Also, I thank you for the information regarding NEVS, a bit of Saab can be recognized on the SUV after all. The mirrors, the black A pillar and door handles

  • 30. January 2019 at 9: 31 AM

    Thank you very much for reporting about NEVS. Although I can never make friends with you, you are always part of the Saab brand, and should NEVS ever build cars again, then these cars will probably have more DNA from SAAB than from NEVS.

    I also think that in the cars but still recognizes the past of SAAB. Even though NEVS has changed the models a lot.


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