Koenigsegg AB is forming a strategic partnership with NEVS AB

Koenigsegg AB is establishing a strategic partnership with NEVS AB, enabling the development of parallel vehicle models in slightly higher volumes with emphasis on electrification, as well as strengthening growth opportunities in the hyper car segment.

Koenigsegg Regera
Koenigsegg Regera. Picture: Koenigsegg

NEVS is making a capital injection of EUR 150 million, taking 20 percent minority stake in Koenigsegg's parent company. 150 percent in and out of 65 percent in terms of 35 percent in terms of equity, technology licenses, and product design.

The partnership will deepen an already existing collaboration between Koenigsegg and NEVS, creating synergies between their geographical footprints, experiences and competencies.

Koenigsegg already has a unique market position for hyper cars, and through the additional joint venture NEVS and Koenigsegg are partnering up to develop a product for new and untapped segments.

Through NEVS production facilities in Trollhättan, Koenigsegg wants access additional capabilities as well as benefiting from the extensive automotive knowledge in the region, while maintaining their center of excellence in Ängelholm. Alongside NEVS capacity for production in Trollhättan and China, NEVS through its majority owner Evergrande, has become one of China's largest car retailers.

"Koenigsegg is breaking new ground, capitalizing on our unique technology, performance track record and market position to explore and develop new products. This partnership seeks to create the best conditions for equity in accelerated growth in the hyper car market, as well as to make it possible to break into an untapped market segment together with NEVS. We are looking forward to working together with NEVS to develop a sustainable future. "says Christian von Koenigsegg, Founder and CEO of Koenigsegg.

Koenigsegg is an enticing company developing advanced cars with unique technology and with a customer base that is one of a kind. To be able to expand our investment in the Swedish automotive industry. Koenigsegg on their journey forward, something we look forward tosays Kai Johan Jiang, Chairman of the Board of Directors at NEVS AB.

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  • Very exciting! Will NEVS take the turn again? Koenigsegg is something very fine, please continue to report!

  • I would be a bit more reserved with wild speculation! The disruption of the auto industry is profound. Something is shuffling here. Wait, sit back and see what happens.

  • I dont know.

    But it would be exciting to know what the partners really promise each other?
    Then one could think about the chances of realizing their respective dreams.
    Realistic in an industry that has long been characterized by acquisitions, consolidation and bankruptcies. An industry that can hardly rely on the political and social conditions for its patents, developments and products lately ...

    In this respect, there are per se doubts that KJJ and CvK really know what they are doing and what they have agreed to. Unless, of course, they see it all as a game and as a shunting yard for (private) assets and liabilities. There's always something going on, whether it's real estate or automobiles ...

    Maybe they talked to each other about some whiskey and cigars and then laughed off to sleep before professional staff poured the deal into nice-sounding, non-fierce press releases.

    This business crime is getting more exciting.

  • Super formulated!

    If Koenigsegg wants to participate in technology development, would not Volvo be a better partner? Especially with the new sub-brand Polestar new ways would have emerged ...

  • This is interesting information and thoughts.

    Quite plausible that a Christian von Koenigsegg may be looking for more and affordable models for a larger market segment.

    It seems to me that the entire automotive industry and motorized private transport are in the throes of change that can be compared with that of shipping shortly after the turn of the last century. Back then, conservative shipowners, even far back in 1900, were still putting down full-length vessels of more than 100 m in length and putting them under sail with absurdly large crews. In the "modern" steam (expansion machines) had not yet taken confidence. Other contemporaries were two to three steps ahead. Steam engines (let alone square sails) were no longer regarded as progressive or just contemporary. They already put on engines or even turbines ...

    As Hans S. already wrote: "The question is and remains; Is anyone waiting for such a product and for such cooperation? "

    Of course, that depends on the product. But increasingly also from the politically set and daily changing conditions. Difficult waters ...

  • Maybe there is another topic that could be an advantage for Koenigsegg. Perhaps one or the other still remembers the Freevalve technology that Koenigsegg has developed for valve control without camshaft (s). Except in his own engines, it is, as far as I know, still used nowhere, but has probably been licensed to Qoros.
    When vehicles with this technology come onto the market and prove their reliability, Koenigsegg may finally be able to obtain the expected profits from the funds flowing into this development through further licensing.
    What the future looks like, whether it is about Qoros mounted in Trollhättan, a NEVS hybrid with a Qoros engine, or a Koenigsegg in the Porsche segment, the future will show.
    Under certain circumstances Koenigsegg also sees the possibility of realizing part of the future plan for Saab, which he must have had with his takeover plans at that time. No matter what the name of the product comes from, he must have seen some market for a second Swedish car brand, otherwise he would never have been involved.

  • ... wait and see it then tumble from the band, exciting!

  • Well roared lion, er Herbert. I see it the same way, but I can not describe it that much.

  • I had to read this three times to process it to some extent ...

    And yet the vision behind it is far from clear. Kai Johan Jiang is now a shareholder in Koenigsegg. The play money comes ultimately from Evergrande.
    The high-born Christian von Koenigsegg fables of accelerated growth in the hyper car market, as if this is a mass market and he Henry Ford ...

    And because it does not make any sense at all, they start a joint venture that will guarantee (but that's guaranteed) some kind of ominous product that we all want to have (but of course). A few high-born ideas and 150 millions of KJJ and ready. There comes something big that will change the world ...

    All this is just a single railroad station with loud wagons, which are overloaded with millions, even billions, with changing ownership, with castles in the air and a great deal of vanity of those involved and are postponed in time and re-coupled. And all this against the background of enormous dynamics and political framework conditions. The SAAB thriller fades to a calming pill ...

    What's coming soon?

  • Exciting development! Suddenly, NEVS has money and invests in shares in Koenigsegg. Finally, movement comes into the story.

  • My prediction: First and foremost, the Koenigsegg plant in Tianjin is of interest. It opens the access to the largest luxury car market in the world, Trollhättan stands only on point 2 of the list.

  • The question is which product we are talking about? Access to parts of Koenigsegg technology opens up completely new options. It depends on what Evergrande-NEVS makes of it.

  • Certainly it is interesting that Koenigsegg with the deal seems to be allowed to use the plant in Trollhättan. What makes sense in that sense. So far, I thought that manufacturers such as Tesla or similar bring in position here, but NEVS has probably had no interest in having a direct competitor in the "parent plant" to produce. What cars Koenigsegg will build then is the second question. It's difficult to imagine building these "normal" cars for everyone.

  • The question is and remains; is anyone waiting for such a product and for such cooperation?
    I hardly think so.
    The train is just downhill and not catch up. There have been too many mistakes in the last 7-8 years. as that would not affect.

  • What kind of hydrogen drive do you mean?
    Rocket engine, combustion engine or fuel cell?

    To my knowledge, the latter is energetically the cheapest. If it were a conventional combustor, the thermal losses and the (low) efficiency would be as with today's engines. Hydrogen and electric vehicles are not mutually exclusive. On the contrary.

    I am also not convinced by the current state of electric vehicles. And I would face a lot of problems if we were to be legally prescribed this technique with all its unresolved questions ...

    Just imagine an e-gas station on the highway for the holiday season. In order to replace even one of the existing fuel dispensers (about 12 per tank), you would need about 20 charging stations due to the charging times. So 240 for a normal size motorway filling station. And only "240" and just as many parking spaces if everyone is ready to load their car in a hurry within one hour and thus significantly shorten the life of the expensive batteries ...

    Otherwise you would need 480 or even 960 charging stations and parking spaces to replace one of today's motorway service stations. For the crowds who would accumulate there and wait for the loading time, it would need offers. At an average 3 occupants and 0,1 dogs per vehicle so for 1.440 to 2.880 people and just 50 to 100 dogs. Each gas station would have to have the size and infrastructure of a small town in the future. Madness. Pure madness!

    Hydrogen could actually be refueled - in contrast to electricity. But also for fuel cells. And because of the higher efficiency I would (with the same amount) with this even much further than with a rocket engine or an internal combustion engine.

    I am a petrol head and I like the sound. But with an energy-efficient electric vehicle that could be refueled (such as the fuel cell), I could actually make friends.

    Unfortunately, we currently steer more likely to the hour-long interruption of arrival and departure and to artificially enforced small towns. The energy and environmental balance of this madness, although I could overturn with some effort, but no longer sleep well with the already predictable result in mind today. So I leave it ...

  • So Koenigsegg gets 150 million and can use the factory (or what's left) in Trollhättan. That would be a more realistic chance of new cars "made by Trolls". But will probably be too expensive for me.

  • Brilliant thing ... I'm a bit speechless! The other day was Mr. Koenigsegg at Jay Leno's garage ... (about 4 months ago) because I wondered if such a combination is possible, and now this message.
    In the Koenigsegg blog Steven Wade wrote the message ... a crazy combination of everything.

  • Joint ventures, new financiers or any new constructs but delivered by NEVS are nothing years ago.
    Maybe it will be enough for a bad movie at some point.

  • Well, hopefully Koenigsegg will not disappear in China u. then reappear there as a "dragon racer" again! Maybe this will also be a test vehicle for the alternative drive: hydrogen! I am not convinced of the electric vehicle, but hydrogen propulsion, that would be an interesting thing! I'm still waiting 5-6 years, then my 9-3er
    15 years old u. then has much more like 250.000 km on it, then look.


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