Saab stories 2019!

We want to revive an old idea and integrate readers and their love for Saab more closely into the blog. Today we start under the motto “Saab stories 2019!” our campaign for the current year. The motto is new and the requirements for the stories have also changed somewhat.

Saab stories 2019!
Our new action: Saab stories 2019!

In the years before it was often about how you came to Saab, what you have been able to experience with the brand since then, we would like stories from the now for 2019. Unfiltered - just like life is. Because times have not gotten easier since the factory gates in Sweden were closed in 2011. A rough wind is blowing in our faces, the zeitgeist is against old, analog cars. Preserving and using objects for longer would actually be a logical consequence when it comes to the sustainable management of the planet. But the opposite is true. The car per se seems to have become a disposable item. And a trend reversal is not in sight.

Unfiltered: Saab stories 2019!

How is it in everyday life with an older Saab? What do you experience, how do friends, colleagues and the family react? With indulgence, enthusiasm or compassion? How do you keep the Saab alive, what do you do with spare parts and workshops, how do you optimize or restore the old Swedes?

A wide range of topics for the “Saab stories 2019!”. Challenging, but also interesting. What about the fans, how hard does the Saab heart beat in everyday life? Write to us, it's worth it!

Because we award each published article with a historical one board wallet from the Saab-Scania time, which we have refined a bit. The exclusive portfolios were already 2017 our thanks for Saab stories. We have two more boxes from the estate of Saab Germany and revive the action.

The folder contains Saab notepads, which are available as classic and youngtimer versions. The individual pages are designed differently, 8 different motifs from the history of the brand can be discovered. An Orio ballpoint pen, two SaabBlog stickers and a sticker with the legendary Saab Troll make the board folder a collector's item. The Troll is the reprint of an original sticker from the 70s that was never exposed to UV radiation. That is why it shines full of optimism like on the first day and, in contrast to other sun-faded reprints, corresponds to the original.


  • The story must include at least 400 words. The language is German or English.
  • There must be at least 3 images in the format 1280 x 960 or larger. The images are the declared and unrestricted property of the sender and are provided free of charge.
  • The text will be delivered in Word, Open Office format or as mail. The pictures are not embedded in the text.
  • The images are transferred to maintain the quality WeTransfer delivered.
  • There is only one Saab story published per week, the editors make the selection.
  • Submission with complete address please to saabstory (ä t)

Saab reading pleasure on Sunday

The “Saab stories 2019!” from now on, when our readers write, we will always publish on Sundays. The authors thus fill the Saab-free weekend gap and can inspire other fans with Saab reading pleasure!

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    Hello dear Saab community and the author of this blog. So far I've only been a consumer here, but I would also like to be an active member ... I drive a 1992 Saab 900 S Cabrio and a 2010 Saab 9.5 NG. The latter has unfortunately "given up the ghost" on the current trip to the ski vacation. Timing belt tore at 169.000 km. I will write a little report on the unfortunate circumstances. Let's see if it gets published. Otherwise, I'm always very happy to hear news and stories about Saab (owner) and all about the brand.
    Best regards and all-time good drive. Andreas Bayerl from Cologne

  • blank

    Class action! I have just sent my contribution incl. Pictures on the journey 🙂

  • blank

    Thanks Tom, mail is sent. I am happy!

    • blank

      🙂 🙂 🙂

  • blank

    There are now “only” five Saab (and two Lancias). You get older and, moreover, I'm now a pensioner and the nice flow of money from working life becomes a trickle. I sold my almost new 95NG and the famous 93 2.0T Performance.

    And yes, such a folder would be great. Tom wanted to send me one, but then fizzled out.

    • blank

      Honestly? That should not be. Let's go. Please address by mail.

  • blank

    How many folders and thus how many weeks of additional Sunday reading pleasure are there? Although, if I have something suitable, I would of course write without a portfolio reward. Although - such a folder would be VERY nice…. Hmmm …. 🙂

  • blank

    again a great action

  • blank

    Such a crap …

    Of course not the action. That's great! The folders arouse desires, the theme is well chosen and immediately illuminates.
    Stupid is only that my chrome glasses SC is neither perceived by the environment as exciting, nor requires me a lot of attention. So far, it has simply been an uncompromising, everyday and travel-friendly station wagon and completely below the radar.

    Nobody speaks to me with shiny eyes or sneaks stealthily around my SAAB. There are no anecdotes and my technical experience report would also be boring and without news value for SAAB drivers. So no portfolio for me. Crap, crap, crap ...

    • blank

      If you only knew how many Saab enthusiasts sneak around your chrome glasses when you are not there. I look around for every Saab. Not only after the now rare 900 Turbo 16S (I drive one of those with colored leather chairs and dashboard), but also wave after every 9-3, 9-5 and other Saab treats. Vl. should you ever mount a dash cam ...

      • blank

        Exactly, that's how I feel, even when I'm on the road as a pedestrian I take a closer look at a Saab, what equipment it has, engine etc ... I say hello to everyone as much as possible. There is certainly enough to write about chrome glasses. How is compared to cars where you take a ride etc ...

      • blank

        Yes, who knows. Maybe my SAAB actually has secret admirers ...

        But I do not know anything about that. While I turn my head after each SAAB, drive their drivers and pilots with wrinkled nose or at least stoically straight ahead look past me. Greetings has not yet arrived in Berlin and the surrounding area.

        And it's not like I do not get it if it's different. My Gothenburg vintage car keeps on the same paths and parking lots of grinning faces, stretched thumbs, conversation or furtive haunt.

        But hey, I also see it positively. If my chrome glasses are still perceived (and ignored) as a completely normal and contemporary car years after the bankruptcy, which belongs in the streetscape and in everyday life, then SAAB must have done very, very much right with this box ...

        And so do I with my purchases. If it were the other way around - the 50-year-old from Gothenburg is ignored but the young SAAB causes a stir as a bizarre - then I would have the wrong vintage car and the wrong station wagon in the yard. It's okay the way it is. It's just not worth a story or portfolio ...

        • blank

          A 50 year old Gothenburg resident ?? You surprise me! Why not a 50-year-old Trollhättan? But actually the right development over time, towards more exclusive, better, more beautiful, finer make! 😉 “You can't drive a Volvo all your life!” (Quoted freely from Ove or his friend) Joking aside, this is definitely a great car. And from both of them you can certainly beat a nice sustainability sheet to Saab, with great pictures! Courage, the portfolio is waiting! 🙂

          • blank

            SAABists may not like to hear that now, but in fact I think the Gothenburg people are better cars up to a certain year of construction ...

            After WW II, the car division of Volvo was no longer a startup. The cars were rock solid, suitable for everyday use and larger than the young competition from Trollhättan. And all engines built to mid-1970er were self-designed and to 100% Swedish.

            My Göteborger already generates 160 hp and was probably the most powerful car ever built in series in Sweden at the time. But if someone were to exchange a Trollhättaner 20 Turbo Coupé of the same power, around 900 years younger than me, I would not hesitate for a second, take the SAAB and probably laugh myself to sleep for weeks night after night about what a good exchange I made have …

            SAAB has at some point built the much better, prettier and more exclusive cars. I see that exactly as you do.

            • blank

              Probably works in the Volvo a B18 or B20 engine designed by a certain Per Gillbrand 😉

          • blank

            Yes and no, a B30E is working under the hood ...

            But it is almost identical to the B20. It has only been lengthened by a factor of 1,5 (by 2 cylinders from 4 to 6). Therefore the bonnet of my Gothenburg is 10 cm longer (wheelbase 7 cm) than on models with the B20 ...

            But even then the thinking was very modular and reminded of modern platform solutions. Most of the parts - the pistons, valves, the gearbox, the chassis or the body - of my Gothenburg car are in fact identical to those that were on the market at the same time as the B20 ...

            But the Swedish 4-cylinder engines did not generate 160 hp for a long time. At least not without tuning. From the factory, SAAB was the first Swede to do that. And to be honest, I like my (6-cylinder) oldtimer, but it's also a drunkard ...

            The 160 PS has SAAB (with some delay though) ultimately much better and laced in the nicer, more action-packed and environmentally superior package. With a fine turbo! Yes, what else?

          • blank

            I knew it! There it is, the “portfolio-rich” sustainability story up to 2019! I'm just saying “ecologically superior package” !! 🙂 Then let's go! And more reason for me to hurry…. 😉 But the ecological second Saab, Diesel, is anticipated. only bought in three weeks ... 🙂

          • blank

            If my memory is not mistaken, you got from the beginning of 80er almost 160 PS also Gothenburg. That was a car, after all, some touring car series has mixed up in the episode and may well be understood in response to the 900 Turbo.
            But it's true, with knock control, water-cooled loaders and other improvements in Trollhättan was probably always a step ahead, probably because you had just started earlier.

          • blank

            Correctly. The 240 Turbo came with 155 PS from 2,1 liters of the 900 on the heels. However, with the cw value of a cube and the chassis of a tractor (gauge, wheelbase and [the rigid] rear axle still largely corresponded to the presented in the 1950er Amazon).

            I had an 244 and an 245. The best thing to say about the suspension is that it is sturdy and good for drifting. The touring car can not have much in common with the production car.

        • blank

          I feel the same. Greetings, wrong, sometimes a nice comment on the tank, nothing. Even my 95NG, which was sold in the meantime, was not worth a comment to anyone.

          So I enjoy my Saab inside 😉

          Incidentally, I've already written 4 or 5 Saab Stories. At the moment I can not think of anything anymore.

          • blank

            The Hamburgers - and probably the North Germans in general - don't say hello either! 🙁 You should think I'm stupid, but I continue to greet you! 🙂 I only received admiring words for my (undoubtedly beautiful :-)) Griffin Cabrio MY 2012 (apart from the masters at three different Saab workshops, who were entranced every time) from a pitiful owner of a brand new all-wheel drive C-Class- Station wagons with the bling-bling star on the hood and the largest diesel engine under the hood, which complained bitterly about his stupid car. He was right, poor man! 😉

            We have already read so many beautiful Saab stories from you, Mr. Hans S., about your seven (or now only five?) Saabs, that in my opinion there should be an “honorary folder” in any case! 🙂

          • blank

            A folder of honor for Hans S. ...

            That's a very nice and really good idea of ​​yours. And if it comforts you, I sneak around every SAAB convertible that is parked somewhere more or less often. Especially often around the youngest 9-3 and the youngest 900 I. But even for the model years in between it is usually enough for one or two laps ...

  • blank

    Nice idea! 🙂 There is no deadline for submission - or did I read it too comfortably? An ongoing campaign would certainly make sense with this topic premise, after all, we Saab enthusiasts can always do something sustainable and always something new on this topic. I'm also planning something this year, but probably not until summer. Let's see, maybe that's enough for an interesting story. In any case, I am looking forward to interesting “Sunday newspapers” of a special kind ...

    • blank

      No deadline, the campaign runs the whole year - or until all Saab on-board folders are out of stock

  • blank

    Great idea, at the last action I was too late. The board files are great, this time with Troll Snurg. I give what I can!

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