SAAB dates March 2019

Tom is back tomorrow and takes on an exciting topic. But before that, our planner for the month of March. In addition to the many regulars, our brand will be showing the flag in March Retro Classics in Stuttgart. A reservation in personal scheduling can not hurt.

Our calendar picture for the month of March
Our calendar picture for the month of March. Everything Swedish, but not all Saab.


SAAB friends Erftkreis

Club evening every first Friday of the month from 19 p.m. in the Landgasthaus Schlösser, Parrig 1 in 50171 Kerpen 


OSNA Oldies Osnabrück

Stand of Saab -joy Osnabrück at the "Osna-Oldies" fair on March 2-3, 2019 from 10.00 a.m. to 18.00 p.m. Hall 4, Stand H5 / 02 Schlachthofstraße 48 in 49074 Osnabrück

We will introduce a classic and a modern Saab and more from the history


SAAB meeting in Switzerland

On March 03rd there will be a small meeting for all SAAB friends at the ACE Cafe in Lucerne from 10 a.m. to 16 p.m.


SAAB Stammtisch Münster

We always meet on the first Monday of the month at our Saab get-together in Münster! From about 19.30 p.m. on the REWE parking lot behind the Germania Campus (upper parking lot P2). Then it's time to eat in the Pizzeria Lido (building 91). 


Stammtisch Cologne-Bonn

We meet every 1. Thursday of the month from 19: 00 clock in the restaurant Asado, Baumschulenweg in 51107 Cologne-Rath (directly at the BAB A3, exit Königsforst)


Retro Classic Stuttgart

Hall 7, Stand 7D82


Stammtisch OWL

The Saab Club OWL meets on the second Saturday of the month from 15.00 clock in Bartholds pitch Hellweg 6, 33813 Oerlinghausen


Upper Franconian Saab Stammtisch 

on 15.03.2019 from 20: 00 clock we cordially invite you to our regulars' table in Opel's Landgasthof (95496 glassworks).

Anyone who likes Saab and good food is welcome!


Stammtisch Main - Bingen

SAAB drivers around Mainz - Bingen will meet again on March 16.03.2019, 18 at 55270 p.m. in the Bachushof in XNUMX Schwabenheim


Stammtisch Osnabrück

Our regulars' table is as usual on the 3rd Monday of the month from 19.00 p.m. Gasthaus Busch in Atter, Eikesberg 51 in 49076 Osnabrück 


Stammtisch Rhein - Ruhr

We meet every 3rd Tuesday from 19:30 p.m. of the month in the Hotel & Restaurant “Am Kreuz”, Ernestinenstraße 116 in 45141 Essen 


Stammtisch SAAB Friends Lippe / Niederrhein

we meet every last Friday of the month from 19:00 p.m. New address: “Zur Rheinfähre” cafe, restaurant, sun terraces in 46509 Xanten, Bislicher Insel 1, Tel. 02801/1334,


Stammtisch Rostock

usually meets on the last Monday of the month in the brewery Zum Alten Fritz, Warnowufer 65 in 18057 Rostock


Stammtisch Gießen - Marburg - Wetzlar

We meet every last Wednesday of the month 19: 30 clock in the restaurant Edelweiss in the community center Fernwald-Steinbach


Stammtisch Heidelberg - Weinheim

The meeting point is always the Lindbergh at City Airport Mannheim, Seckenheimer Landstraße 170 on the last Thursday in the odd months from 19:00 p.m.


Do you have a regular meeting, a club night, a meeting or a Saab event planned?

We like to publish! Please send your Saab appointment to: appointment (sa)

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    Another appointment in March!
    Sunday 3. March ACE Café Lucerne (CH), Saab Meeting!
    Small Saab meeting for all Saab friends.
    Last year, the 50 Saab's participated in spite of nasty, cold weather.

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    Saab Meet, 3. March 2019 @ Ace Cafe Lucerne (CH) 10: 00 to 16: 00 clock
    Do not forget:)

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    A historical testimony

    “Everything Swedish, but not everything Saab,” it says under the picture. Who shot it? Does it come from the SAAB-SCANIA archive itself? If so, why is there a Volvo on it anyway? Questions about questions ...

    Alone to this picture above the event calendar you could probably write a full post?

    For the Swedish state, its bodies, authorities and companies, Volvo has been the sole contact and supplier for many years, at least in the car sector. If the photo were only 10 years older, it would probably read “everything Swedish and everything Volvo” under the picture. Or almost anything. A Scania might already have been on it.

    But then SAAB made some big throws and the picture changed. The majority of special vehicles (such as the ambulance on the right in the background) still came from Volvo. But as a rule, the forces of police and fire, who were still sitting in (even technically) older Volvos, at some point jealous of their colleagues in the modern and brand new SAABs.

    The topic (Sweden and its company vehicles) seems to me to be worth its own story. Probably enough fabric and tension for several parts. Just an idea (inspired by the picture) ...

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    At the beginning of March there will be the Osna Oldies including Saab representation!

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