Saab in Stuttgart, Osnabrück and Essen

When brands stop the new car sales, it is not far to complete disappearance. Or when was the last time a Rover, MG or Daihatsu crossed my path? The Japanese hired 2013 for the new car sales, Rover left the world 2005. The situation is different with the small, indomitable brand from Trollhättan.

The original Saab. Beginning of the small, indomitable brand from Trollhättan
The original Saab. Beginning of the small, indomitable brand from Trollhättan

She does not want to disappear, no matter what. Over the next few weeks, Saab will have a strong presence at 3 fairs, including 2 international exhibitions.

Osna Oldies - Osnabrück

The season starts in Osnabrück. From the 2. to 3. March have the Osna Oldies 2019 open. With around 85 exhibitors, including many clubs, and an extensive supporting program, the fair has a supraregional significance. The Saab friends Osnabrück are present with 2 vehicles. Updates to the exhibition are promised and arrive on time on the blog.

Retro Classics Stuttgart

A few days later the opens Retro Classics their gates in Stuttgart. In recent years, the dates of the two big shows in Essen and Stuttgart have been very close together, this year the organizers have permission and Essen does not take place until April.

Saab is also present in Stuttgart, the first major international exhibition of the year for noble old metal. From the 7. to 10. March, the brand can be found in hall 7, booth 7D82.

Techno Classica

A fixed date year is the Techno Classica in Essen. From the 10. to 14. April is about classic, and of course Saab is right in the middle. Like every year, 2019 becomes the 1. German Saab Club stand. The exciting theme is the Saab 99. The collaboration between the club and the bloggers has become established, more information, images of the structure and state we deliver on these pages.

The small, indomitable Swedish brand will be located in Hall 8a, Stand 8a / 110.

6 weeks and three major exhibitions. And Saab is everywhere. This is fantastic and thanks to the commitment of the many volunteer fans. Nothing that would be taken for granted, Saab hearts are beating very violently!

We fans can thank you for so much commitment that keeps the brand visible to the public! By stopping by on the days of the fair and simply telling the Saab friends at the booth how great we think what they do.

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  • The 3500 was a fine engine. And the color is my favorite color on this car. Now it's finally enough for me. I leave work, go shopping and tonight there is an English “breakfast” / fry up with all the trimmings. It's good that the main course works around the clock and tastes good ...

    The 3,5 V8 overtook me on the ramp in London for a flyover in the 1990s and made me feel like I was standing still. Installed in a Land Rover Defender 90 of all places and proudly advertised on the rear door. Supposedly a commercial vehicle. With this engine, however, damn dynamic and very British ...

  • ... but now I have an appetite, stupid that the shops are closed; Toast with orange jam is in the making, part of the rest tomorrow ...!

    In my youth, a neighbor (gynecologist) had a Rover 3500 (SD 1) in "sky blue metallic" (my description), I've often run around the great car and yes, from today's perspective, the hatchback in this vehicle class is a British Saab 9000, or the 9000 a Swedish SD 1, very apt!

  • “Brothers in the Spirit” - for me even in a biological sense: while I am currently driving two 9-3s (Anni from 2002 and an Aero Cabrio from 2003), my brother drives a Rover 75, green metallic, light leather, beautiful car! And as children we already loved the 3500, the one with the reversible wheel on the tailgate ...

  • I say only Daihatsu Rocky, 2.8 lt diesel and light construction. The stand in the area of ​​a Land Rover or Land Cruiser in no way. I once had one in Kenya, very reliable and robust!

  • Rover P5, SD1 ... I could get weak there too ...

  • Stony?

    Last summer, after years, I finally saw a Rover P5 again, and certainly not smoked my nose, but twisted my neck with widened and glowing eyes. Too bad that I have not seen SD1 for ages. With its hatchback and in this vehicle class that was almost a British SAAB 9000.

    Do not we all enjoy each other when we see a car with rarity value?

    And while I'm writing this I'm getting an appetite for a morning 3-course menu, which is accompanied by orange juice and tea and the main course is nothing less than fried eggs on toast, bacon, sausages, HP sauce, baked beans, fried tomatoes, mushrooms and potatoes and ends with orange jam on toast as dessert ...

    Now I'm hungry. Really hungry. Shit ...

  • Today I “ran into” a Rover 75 and a 45 ...

    While the 45 surprised me, they are (almost) extinct in the deep west of the republic and are only conditionally British, but the Rover 75 community seems to me similar to the Saab drivers: they drive, stand on roadsides and in underground garages and do not look after pure consumables.

    Stones me, but I am happy about every well-preserved Rover 75, and I see brothers in spirit in the owners ...

    Keep Saabing

  • our 9-3s be cared for and get everything that they will continue for very long. In Austria, I believe it will take a long time until there will be driving bans for cars. Now the diesel as good as they are, made unattractive by the high diesel price. Diesel is currently almost expensive as Super +. Thank God there are in Austria Saab workshops lovingly take care of our Saabs to this must stop driving all Saab drivers so that they remain and we can continue our Saabs. I would buy the 900

  • Well written, good conclusion. Keep calm and drive SAAB.

    It is a pity that also the motor insurance industry does not know about sustainability.
    The total economic loss and thus the end of the junkyard threatens each SAAB, which does not have at least or already again a five-figure value, even in the case of a minor accident without fault.

    From a sustainability point of view, it is completely unrealistic that every year, as a total economic loss, tens of thousands of cars wander onto the scrap, which could easily be repaired.

    It is also unfortunate that in the meantime up to five-digit amounts are incurred (and paid), if somewhere a more or less newly registered car with all his Schnulli in the still - but now wrongly - so-called bumpers was looked at only wrong ,

    If you place an expensive and extremely sensitive car on the market, you increase the cost risk. With household and building insurance you pay more, if the household is particularly valuable and the building is particularly sensitive and risky. Actually, one would have to reverse the principle of motor insurance and measure the vehicle value and the sensitivity of the vehicle. Both reflect the cost risk. I can not impose my household contents and my buildings on the general public. Why is this different with cars and does it make sense?

  • Written class.

  • This topic is re-recorded daily in the media. Experience teaches that there is always a lot of hot air in the back. The stock of vehicles is constantly renewed, how long is Euro 4 to a large extent still an issue?

    Maybe in the Czech Republic or in other countries, where our well-kept cars hike for little money. Not here anymore. We are to save the environment by buying new cars that consume 0.4 liters less on 100 Km. For the production, we then blow a couple of tons of Co2 into the environment. Bravo!

    Here, the consumer should continue to be consumed. No matter if he can afford it financially or not. I'll stay calm and drive on to Saab. Is more sustainable in the long term.

  • Driving restrictions

    Nothing is eaten as hot as it is cooked. Even as a child, I was afraid that I would ever enjoy driving one of the cars that fascinated me. Or at least a similar one.

    Already forever a Damocles sword hangs over all burners. Has happened since then little. So slowly the sword actually lowers. Are affected (or will be in the future) but especially new registrations. In Norway, Denmark and Sweden, that's the thing. And even there you will be able to drive far beyond 2030 burners. Otherwise you would not allow them to 31.12.2029 new (!).

    Furthermore, property and existence in Western democracies generally enjoy overriding protection. Expropriations in the style of socialist revolutions simply cost too many votes. In D, for example, I can easily drive my oldtimer to any city center, even though it has neither a badge nor a catalytic converter and has never had to meet any emissions standards ...

    In a nutshell: Nothing in the world would currently deter me from a 900 I Convertible or an 900 I Turbo Coupe. And if not now, when did you want to buy, drive and enjoy it?

  • I hope that the presence of our jewelry on the streets will remain as high as it is for a long time. In Austria, the SAAB stock of 2017 on 2018 has fallen by about 5%, in my amount of just about 4500Stk end 2018. If the issue of diesel driving ban will also spread to Austria's cities, and probably will in the next few years, a large part of SAAB's stock will be dedicated to the scrap press. Should then continue to threaten a driving ban for gasoline without OPF or for all gasoline engines under Euro 5 or Euro 6 remain just a handful of cars. Not enough to keep SAAB workshops profitable and probably too little for ORIO. I'm thinking about a year to buy a well-preserved / restored 900 I convertible, but I do not dare to make the investment because I do not know how the topic of fine dust / nitrogen oxides, Euroclasses will develop in the coming 5 years and I do not spend thousands of euros wants to put in the sand.
    Too bad for the youngtimer market and also for the future of the SAAB fleet that is still driving.

  • There is still Datsun. As a favorable brand within the Nissan-Renault Group. Just not anymore in Europe.

  • That's what it meant. Daihatsu still exists in other regions.

  • Maybe DATSUN was meant?

    In any case, the SAAB brand has a great presence! We cannot thank the voluntary and involuntarily posthumous brand ambassadors enough. They keep SAAB alive and exciting ...

  • Hm, too bad that everything is so far away, but I'm looking forward to the pictures
    , But to Daihatsu it has to be said that the new car sales were set only in Europe, in Japan they still exist
    , my parents once had Daihatsus, are also very good and durable cars.

  • Gladly an email to the blog team. We forward it to the organizers.

  • If the Saab 99 becomes an exciting topic at Techno Classica Food, whom can I turn to if I have a story (how I brought 1970 to my first Saab, the brand-new 99er) and maybe photos? ?


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