A Saab book and what is Koenigsegg planning?

No sooner had the entry of Evergrande and the participation in Koenigsegg been announced, when in Trollhättan the previously hectic activity on the social media dried up. Since then, peace prevails in the usual tradition. The only noteworthy event of the last few days seems to be the entry of NEVS as a sponsor for a Swedish sports club be.

Koenigsegg Agera RS
Koenigsegg Agera RS. Picture: Koenigsegg

Koenigsegg "made in Trollhättan"

It should be over by 2021 at the latest. That is when Koenigsegg starts producing super sports cars in Trollhättan. Some 1.000 a year are said to run off the tapes in the old Saab plant and are much cheaper than before. A Koenigsegg “made in Trollhättan” is said to cost around € 30.000 million, which is only half of what you had to put on the table in Ängelholm so far. With the new, small Koenigsegg, you can keep an eye on the growing market for ultra-premium vehicles, which includes around XNUMX vehicles worldwide.

In an interview with Bloomberg gives Christian von Koenigsegg insight into his plans, and how he wants to score with innovations against Ferrari, Lamborghini and Bugatti. It's also a bit about NEVS. Stefan Tilk has been confronted with job applications since the entry of Evergrande. He says, because the future of NEVS and the old Saab factory should be great. And at the latest 2020 to run the tapes and electric cars are produced with the NEVS logo.

Anyone who has no 1 million € for the future sports car from Trollhättan on the account, and even with its Dispo exemption limit does not come within reach, do not be annoyed. Style, fun on the car and individuality have seldom to do with the account balance.

Saab - we did it. New Saab book
Saab - we did it. New Saab book

Trollhättan could in the future be the second home of the fascinating supercars of Koenigsegg. A good choice, and maybe you continue some Saab tradition. Sometimes a glimpse into the past is helpful if you want to survive in the present. With the great past of the brand, which was not always so brilliant, a new Saab book from Sweden deals.

Saab - WE did it!

A second book, which deals with the Ljungström era, comes from the environment of the museum and the veterans. The “WE” in the title is deliberately capitalized, because it is primarily about the people who built Saab. A historical search for traces, perhaps just in time.

Because the Saab pioneers do not live anymore, but there are still some eyewitnesses who could be interviewed. They, too, are now very old, and through them the authors Gunnar Larsson and Gunnar Johansson can gather information first-hand. Names closely associated with the rise of Saab are further recorded in the book for posterity. The never-easy way from the aircraft manufacturer to the Ursaab to the 99 is documented.

The book is written in English, which is a win for all fans of the brand on this side of Sweden. It is for about 33,00 € in the shop of Saab Museum available in Trollhattan. I have already read the book for the fans, a detailed discussion follows in the coming days.

13 thoughts on "A Saab book and what is Koenigsegg planning?"

  • If I understand correctly, Koenigsegg and NEVS will split the production site in Trollhättan.

    Of course, the only interesting thing would be which affordable e-cars with the NEVS logo will roll off the production lines there in the future - a so-called super sports car from Koenigsegg is more for a rich sheik or similarly knitted contemporaries.

    Tom, please report immediately if the first reports about upcoming NEVS vehicles from Trollhättan appear - 2020 is not long gone!

  • A very nice picture with the barn! I imagine very cozy! And then there will probably be a few Saabs per nose for the numerous children and their mother (at least on loan) ... 😉

  • And as soon as you break the sound barrier, a red horn with a line through it lights up ...

    That makes no sense then. From the speed of light, the display goes completely off and the headlights too.

  • Maybe there will be a nightpanel in Koesnigg showing 300km / h.

  • I have already bought that and am about to read it. I had already read the first part. I highly recommend the books. They give a lot of interesting details about the brand but also about the people who have passionately developed the brand and the cars and brought them forward. A must!

  • The Aero X is to be excluded. The design belongs to GM, not NEVS. Whatever happens, for the old Saab factory it could be the rescue if Koenigsegg really moves into Trollhättan.

  • The most important thing is the news that there are activities in the Trollhaettan again job opportunities arise. It was really a shame to see this factory without much stress. I'm really glad that there is finally light at the end of the tunnel.


    … I have already ordered a 5-seater Koenigsegg 9-5 SSC (SuperSportCombi) for my children and myself. However, I have not yet received a confirmation as to when it will be delivered or even that my order has been received at all ...

    So maybe I'd rather invest one or two million euros in SAABs and some other cars, and in a dry and heated barn with a fireplace, a wing chair, a reading lamp and floor-to-ceiling shelves around my 20 cars, where I can spare at any time Find literature.

    I already have a book tip. And then I would finally have a good place for the original brochure “SAAB 9000 - Form and Function” (95 pages, after all), which I already call my own.

    Speaking of 9000, it does not have to be 9-5 SSC. I would also take an 5-seated 9000 SF (super hatchback). Or a Koenigsegg 900 SF.

    Well, we'll see what and if what comes from Trollhättan ...

  • Interesting report. Would be nice if something moves in Trollhaettan again. Could not do something based on the Aero X Koenigsegg. You had already expressed interest ...

  • Several thousand pieces per year, at a unit price of one million euros. Who should believe that now and even find it good?
    In my opinion pure purpose optimism. Pushing your thumb and hoping for a miracle is of little use.

    We just have to put up with it, there will be no more Saab, even if maybe a few exotic cars are built in the halls of Trollhättan. I would wish it there to the people there. Maybe we'll see more at the Saab Festival in June. Until then, see you there

  • Maybe a very small ray of hope? Thanks to Tom for this interesting report!

    And of course “saving” is a great idea! Maybe we could also merge? If all blog readers “only” take 1.000 euros in hand, we could all buy such a speedster produced in the original Saab factory in Trollhättan - and every three years I would have it for a day…. 😉

  • It's finally a perspective. If Koenigsegg builds sports cars there, then the plant is no longer dead. That's half the distance. And maybe NEVS will grab it.

    I'll save it.

  • Well that's cautious little good news.
    I'll keep my fingers crossed for Koenigsegg and hopefully they'll steam at NEVS.
    Nice, that it goes on in Trollhättan, albeit on a much smaller scale.
    Who knows, maybe another car manufacturer will invest in the two brands at some point and then one day we will resurrect our brand….

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