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The season 2019 starts in Osnabrück! From the 2. to 3. March have the Osna Oldies 2019 open. With around 85 exhibitors, including many clubs, and an extensive supporting program, the fair has a supraregional significance.

A rare member of its genus. 900 Turbo Sedan
A rare member of its genus. 900 Turbo Sedan. Image: Saab friends Osnabrück

Already for the fifth time in a row since 2015 the Saab friends Osnabrück will show their own presence. 2019 you can find the friends of the Sweden brand in the hall 4 / Stand H5-02. The event will be held this year under the motto "On The Road Forever - Clubs and their activities". In keeping with this, Saab joins a brand to the fair, which should be present on the street and in the minds of people for as long as possible.

If you ask car-savvy people, the Saab 900 of the first series for them is the vehicle that has made the appearance of the brand the most sustainable. Even today through the series "Pastewka" or the Dortmund crime scene in the media present, the classic of the Göta Älv enjoys an excellent reputation. 30 Years after the 900 ran its first full year in Trollhättan off the tapes, this anniversary is the occasion for this year's focal point of the booth.

Among the members of the Saab Friends Osnabrück there are of course some nice 900 from the first series. Two special specimens were selected to present the model range. One of the two vehicles is a Saab 1988i 900V that rolled off the production line in 8. The 3-door Combi Coupé by Andreas Schmitz has a beautiful, rare rose quartz metallic paint. It has a matching red interior, typical of this era. "The little one", as the Saab was christened by the owner, runs as the third Saab alongside another 900 and a 9000 Aero.

Saab 900 Coupe in rose quartz metallic
Saab 900 Coupe in Rose Quartz Metallic and Saab 9000. The coupe can be seen at the fair. Image: Saab friends Osnabrück

Undoubtedly connected with the Saab 900 is the turbo technology. No question, which is therefore the second vehicle in our portfolio. Philipp Simon makes his Saab 900 turbo 16V Sedan from the year 1989 available. In gold metallic as 4-door notchback, also this vehicle is a rather rare representative in the genus of forced-breathing 900.

In addition to the exhibition vehicles, the Saab Friends Osnabrück will also present literature and other devotional material from the Saab history, as well as help and advice to the audience.

We, the Saab friends Osnabrück are already looking forward to stimulating discussions. From 10.00 to 18.00, our booth will be occupied on both days.

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  • Form & function were controversial even then. Proponents took sun protection as an argument. Critics laughingly showed them a bird and wished them a lot of fun cleaning the rear window ...

    What at the time was a matter of taste, is today a historical testimony to the fashions and blossoms of the automotive accessories of the different decades. I think it's cool if they stay that way, too.

  • beautiful Sedan, this Heckjalousie or cat stairs actually had a special function?
    Have fun at the fair


    All applications and all decorations and everything of function in black. In addition this color and a rear blind. I haven't seen a car for a long time that embodies the zeitgeist of the time of its manufacture and (first) registration better, more authentically and more Saab ...

    This 900 Sedan is a real pearl and a historical testimony. Many thanks to the owner for the maintenance and care and thanks to the blog for publishing this photo and announcing the Osna ...

  • Beautiful and rare 900 Sedan. Thumbs up!

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