A Saab ensures serenity

The story begins on a slightly rainy, gray day in late autumn. I'm on my way to visit a Saab 900 8V from the mid-eighties. On the ride, I go through all the vulnerabilities again and make sure that I have everything to look out for.

Saab trip to Trollhättan
Saab trip to Trollhättan

It is my first Saab that I visit. Here I realize that the number of “woes” to be observed is limited, compared to other vehicles. Once at the destination, there is a detailed assessment inside and out.

Only slight flaws - I am calm and already a little bit in love. A test drive is good at first. At a supermarket parking lot once again a more detailed optical inspection. Again, there are no serious shortcomings. But then a little shock: the car does not start anymore.

When turning the key only a long lyring, but not starting the engine. My thoughts are racing and I'm going through all the confounding factors that are present for me at this moment in my head: Battery? This seems to be charged, as the lighting works and there is also a noise at startup. Starter? Seems ok too. After a few minutes then the next start attempt. It works out. The Saab is running and I'm relieved. Arrived at the seller follows a persevering price negotiation, which I can decide in the end.

The Saab accompanies me home. I'm so happy. I enjoy the trip to the home country to the fullest. About the highway it goes with leisurely 100 km / h - a sense of automotive freedom is coming.

In the evening I stand for a long time at the window and proudly look at the new acquisition - finally, I think, my own Saab. So far I had occasionally moved my father's Saab 9000. Already during these trips I was influenced by Saab and infected. The 9000 completely convinced me of the Saab brand, thanks to the sophisticated equipment and the unique driving experience - a mix between subtle sportiness and smooth-running elegance.

Why then buying an 900, will now be one or the other questions? On the one hand because of the vintage car status and on the other hand because of the design and the design. So I came to the Saab 900.

After the purchase, it went without much detours in the workshop to Saab specialists. Since then, the starting problem is history. It was followed by some minor repairs from own hand with the help of a friendly car mechanic. Oh yes. For now ask about the above starting problem: Here was the final setting of the ignition to correct. The idle speed was also adjusted, the cooling water renewed and the radiator replaced. There was a new valve cover gasket. Next comes a re-sealing of the gearbox and the exchange of the middle pot of the exhaust, as well as other minor maintenance work.

Since the purchase I have been able to experience many beautiful moments with the Saab. Half a year after his purchase, he made a wonderful trip to Sweden, attracting attention on local Swedish roads. A nice holiday expected to be revived at the Saab meeting at the Saab Automuseum in Trollhättan.

Being on the road with the Saab gives me a feeling of freedom and absolute serenity every time. Every time on German roads in the 900, I become aware of the immense hectic pace of people moving in traffic. For example on the German Autobahn: there is jostling, cutting, racing and there is enormous excitement. An experience that I rarely experience, for example, on Swedish roads with a speed limit. I call for more serenity - not just on the street. A Saab can help 😉

Saab lives on. In our thoughts and every day on the road!

Thanks to Tim Wagelöhner for this Saab story! How is it in everyday life with an older Saab? What do you experience, how do friends, colleagues and the family react? With indulgence, enthusiasm or compassion? How do you keep the Saab alive, what do you do with spare parts and workshops, how do you optimize or restore the old Swedes?

A broad topic for the "Saab stories 2019!". Challenging, but also interesting. How does it look with the fans, how strong does the Saab heart beat in everyday life? Write it to us, it's worth it!

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    Thanks for the nice review! Can only join the author.

    I almost own the identical car. Only as 2.1-16V diagonal Schnauzer, also without any special equipment.
    Even on this car, I miss absolutely nothing. And it just works. I like driving just as much as with the convertible or the 9000CC Turbo.

    troll 90

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    Simply SAAB, Simply beautiful, simply unequaled!

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    The last paragraph in particular speaks to my soul. I see it the same way, especially when you do not drive such tinkered new cars but an "old" SAAB and accordingly you first realize what is going on on German roads. Great story and very nice pictures!

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    A self-consistent car and a self-contained driver. Perfect. Beautiful and timely rims. Slender A and B columns and a fourth (!) Side window in the two-part C-pillar. In addition, a large rear window. An analog car, which was designed in a double sense for considerate driving and analog parking maneuvers.

    With younger cars, I miss the good all-round view that was so natural for most vehicles from the 1970s and 1980s. Today more and more rolling fortresses with loopholes are on the market. Their drivers actually shoot. Namely wild through the area. In the absence of their own analog view, they are increasingly being guided by cameras, radar, navigation and parking aids. More and more like a US soldier who steers a drone through Afghanistan on a monitor from his home base. Digital Warfare on the Streets as a supposedly better future? It cannot and must not be. In any case, it's absolutely not my thing ...

    Nice that it is still and still different (see above). Many thanks to Tim Wagelöhner for the good story.


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