The last-built Saab 9-5 NG for sale

As a Saab fan, you are in practice when it comes to the last vehicle built. The last convertible, the last sedan. And now the last 9-5 NG that rolled off the line. Allegedly, because the Swedish ad lacks the VIN as final proof of this. In addition, an old debate is starting again. How much Saab is really in a Saab?

The last built Saab 9-5 NG
The last-built Saab 9-5 NG? Image: Blocks

The last-built Saab 9-5 NG?

The 9-5 NG XWD in Aero Trim is said to have been completed under the supervision of the bankruptcy attorneys, which is possible. Because some vehicles on the assembly line were completed after the bankruptcy application in December 2011. Around € 21.000 would not be too much for almost complete equipment and a mileage of around 75.000 kilometers. If only the engine weren't ...

A TTiD works under the hood, which is not a good thing in the German diesel discussion. Who doesn't care and who doesn't want to be infected by the hysteria can get in touch with the owner. Perhaps the Saab 9-5 NG advertised at Blocket is really the last Saab that came from the holy halls at Göta Älv. Getting the VIN could be helpful.

When is a Saab a Saab?

The eternal discussion of when a Saab is a true Saab has once again reissued. The Dutch have published an interesting rating of various Saab models, which can not quite agree. The Saab 900 of the first series is therefore at least 90% a real Saab. With the successor one gives 75%, and with 9-3 II only 58%. Unfortunately, Trollhättan is not quite like that. According to former developers, the 9-3 II has less GM than the 900 II or 9-3 I. At that time, it was astonishing what the Americans would have waved through, they say.

The Saab 9000 is granted 44% Saab DNA. It is probably due to the windshield, which is the only part identical to the Lancia Thema, Fiat and Alfa. You can see what a piece of glass can mean for the brand's DNA. The doors, which are always named as identical, are only identical parts in theory. The side protection strips on the 9k sit in different places than on the Italians, and where the Swedes have impact protection, the Italians only have air.

The 9-5 NG by the way, the dream car of many fans, is also rated only with 60%. One can lead this discussion forever, without coming to a real result. Or you can relax, and evaluate everything as a real Saab, which ran in Trollhättan with a Saab logo from the tape.

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    For this wonderful specimen is certainly a new home, in which there is not this absurd diesel hysteria. Apart from Germany, so everywhere in the world.

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      Well said. If the NG even came to the US, the motherland of the diesel scandal and the cause of our hysteria, and I would learn that it would be a joke for me. If he also leads in future in California, the state with the harshest NOx limits (which are still higher than the German), the joke would be twice as good.

      On the other hand, he has a GM engine. And the US seems to me to have a lot more national interests than it is actually and truly appalled by foreign diesel engines. It's a shame, a shame, a shame that our government and its authorities and institutions don't just measure a real US diesel ...

      Are our US imports (vehicles from the land of alternative facts) really losing less fuel (despite higher fuel consumption and larger engines) than our exports?

      I can't believe it and I can't believe it's not even checked ...
      What do you have to fear? That our hysteria dissolves into satisfaction?

      That would be terrible indeed, because this hysteria is also a weighty (consumer and economic) engine.

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    Tom's doubts about the alleged "last Saab" seem to be appropriate:

    And have not a large number of convertibles by the ANA employees been finished by hand at the beginning of 2012 anyway? Are not they really the last ones? Anyway: A nice Saab for a very reasonable price, which will hopefully find an enthusiastic new owner! Incidentally, I'm also very excited about my new second Saab, which I bought on Saturday to relieve and protect my Griffin BioPower Convertible: An 9-3 SC TTiD, first hand, garage wagon, year 02 / 11, in beautiful Nocturnblau -Metallic !!! From the outside, he really looks like new and from the inside he is a little aufgehubscht! Hach, I'm now in the garage always in front of the two "sisters" and can not get enough of me (I drive of course I do). I know, it does not matter, but I'm so happy! 🙂 🙂 :-) 

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      I was too snuggly reading again, sorry! It's about the - supposedly or supposedly - last built 9-5 NG. Of course, the ANA convertibles don't really matter.

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      Congratulations on the offspring. Nice car in a great color. I'm looking forward to your SAAB story and lots of great pictures. There is absolutely no shortage of good reasons and motives for the story ...

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        Thanks for the congratulations! 🙂 And yes, there is a lot to say about sustainability in this wonderful new acquisition that will definitely be worth a story.

        Since it also fits the comment below, only this much for the time being: I made a conscious decision to use a diesel as a second car for various reasons (due to the lack of an E 85 in this country - better CO2 value, consumption, protest against this crazy hysteria, save from the Scrap press etc.). The previous owner and her daughter, who actually cried when saying goodbye, would have even got a few hundred euros more from the dealer for the blue beauty (when buying her planned new one) than she had privately called in the ad as VHB. From the dealer, the checkbook and very well maintained car from first hand, year 2011, Euro 5, would have been scrapped! 🙁 What madness and reprehensible waste! One can speak of sin (in many ways). The previous owner was very happy that her sweetheart came into such good hands and that was worth a few hundred euros to her.

        How can you? !! The scrapping of such sustainable, wonderful vehicles that would (still) do their job faithfully for years, no longer use up new resources, have low CO2 emissions, are technically still up to date, have a wonderful exterior design and a simple, functional, simply natural, have self-explanatory and beautiful interior design, financially rewarding? !! The completely meaningless destruction of such values, of driving culture and a piece of economic cultural assets is really a sin for me !! (Although I do not usually use the religious vocabulary, this term seems somehow the most appropriate.)

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          Thanks for the background. And nice that this SAAB of the world is preserved.

          I find “sin” very appropriate - culturally and ecologically. Many words have already been said about the balance sheet madness of premature vehicle destruction. What amazes me is that no one has heard anything about the NOx balance. NOx is also generated in the production of new cars ...

          If you really want to do something good for people and the environment, it is high time to focus on production and the so-called value chain. It can not and must not be the case that environmental protection constantly serves as an argument and is abused in order to destroy existing values ​​and private property. Ultimately, in return, to promote industrial emissions.

          I'm also not on the road, but citizens and consumers are knowingly lied to and cheated on and their money and property is sought after. That should probably violate one or the other commandment?
          Yes, I find “sin” very appropriate ...

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    Very nice SAAB! And speculation may also be in our circles. I'm sure he's in good hands!

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    SAAB is where the logo is glued on. 🙂
    The rest of the discussion is pointless in my opinion. There has always been “support”. At least since "globalization" ...
    So stay relaxed and enjoy SAAB!
    Ergo: a great offer in Sweden, with a brilliant bi-turbo! 🙂 🙂

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    ... I've known the discussions since I registered in the SAAB forum, ... and that with a 9-7x: -0 Perhaps, as a trained GDR citizen, I'm more relaxed, because you always had to do nothing or different Said to get by with scarce resources and possibilities ... so like SAAB. For me, SAAB is almost an attitude to life, an aggressive image, special technology, good driving performance, timeless ... and all SAABs fit in there!

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    Rims, paint, XWD and the strongest and most advanced diesel ever installed in a SAAB. Nice car!

    I can't understand the rating either. First, it's idle, and second, they're embarrassing themselves for good with the 9000. With this car in particular, the SAAB engineers have earned the reputation of not being able to work in a team and doing everything differently, always wanting to have everything better. BBC (Top Gear) discussed this in detail. When the Italians were finished and satisfied with their cars, SAAB only really started developing ...

    The starting shot was indeed a joint project, but on the finish line were sometimes loose and at least 101% SAAB. As Tom already said, anything approved by trolls is pure SAAB.

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    Only 22,2% ???
    Cheek! ... I (almost *) never felt “saabier”. 😉

    *) Well, the seats used to be “saabier”….

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    For me, there is no real and wrong Saab, every Saab has its charm. Due to the rarity also a 9-2X, which is least Saab, but because of the rarity would also have something.
    This 9-5 would have something, you have a NG, but unlike the Combis is more suitable for everyday use. Or are there problems with the 2012er software?
    That this NG is a diesel, I would not care

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    Thanks to Tom for this interesting information! Brief question about the percentage estimates of the Saab DNA by our Dutch friends: "According to former developers, there is less GM in the 9-3 II than in the 900 II or 9-3 II."

    Meaning: In 9-3 II less GM than in 9-3 I? Or in 9-3 III (from Facelift 2007) less GM than in 9-3 II? Thank you in advance for a brief clarification on where the sneaking ippfehlerteufel has einglichrn! 🙂

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      With me he was also very hardworking…. 🙁 😉

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      These devils are really very sneaky! Correction has been made, according to Trollhättan, the 9-3 II is said to have more Saab than the 900 II or 9-3 I.

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    The right SAAB

    ... for me only the 93,96,95. After that it was always about cooperation and platforms of other partners. In 99 / 900 an engine with triumph, in the 9000er Fiat, Alfa, Lancia cooperation, without which this excellent car at that time could not have been realized. All other vehicles were developed with GM parts and platforms. And what is a real SAAB for me, what characterizes it? Form and design, technology and properties? Sure too. But SAAB is for me also the constant improvisation of limited possibilities to develop fantastic products. In it you were excellently trained. This distinguishes all model series and in so far the last 9-5 is for me a classic and typical Saab. The last sign of life of a small car manufacturer, who presented an incredibly great product under the most adverse conditions. At some point I will fulfill this dream. And I would not mind, whether diesel or gasoline.

    Greetings from the Erik

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      SAAB has never really existed. Without DKW knowledge, nothing would have happened in Trollhättan. The Swedes have never been to shame on other shelves and take what was good for the brand and the client. This is also what makes the SAAB brand so unique.

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    I find these “real SAAB” discussions tiring, because even older models had third-party engines installed. What counts for me is the feeling that comes over me when I get into a SAAB. To blindly find the switches, to feel absolutely safe and protected, yes, the feeling of having arrived. Apart from the fun with the turbo engines. I've only been a SAAB driver for 5 years, before that I had seen everything possible on German and foreign makes. Cars were just everyday objects. Now every SAAB is a special, appealing piece of driving culture for me.


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