Unpainted - the SAAB with eyeliner

Summer in the city. Blue sky with white sheep above and a red traffic light in front of us. Saab's standard tinted windows and silver roof filter or reflect the sun, making it easy to air-condition the 9-3 I. We hold behind a Mercedes of the E-class. Next to me my beloved wife with ball belly.

Unbiased and as good as new: the 9-5 (EZ 2007) 2011 on Rømø
Unbiased and as good as new: the 9-5 (EZ 2007) 2011 on Rømø

My right hand wanders to her left or even on the tummy. I do not remember exactly. In any case, the atmosphere in the SAAB could not have been more beautiful. We smile at each other and are in happy anticipation ...

... as it crashes and splinters and we are thrown forward.

A sad farewell

The E-Class in front of us was a few inches shorter, without you have looked at the front of the SAAB much. The SAAB rear or the front of the Ford Mondeos, which is there, but already. The scene and consequences could be described in more detail, but the bottom line is that the 9-3 I had done his job and his duty involuntarily and without fault very well. The growing family was fine, but she needed a new SAAB.

A fresh eyeliner

The choice falls on a black 9-5 SC with the BioPower 2.0t and chrome glasses. He was already at a dealer, was immediately available and cheap. And he feels good. He even delights as long as he is new and unfamiliar. As ingenious as the hatchback was, the trunk of the SC is larger and in front of the car the road and signs seem twice as bright at night, thanks to xenon light. The 9-5 is quieter. At crawl, doubts arise over and over again, whether the engine is even on. A kick on the accelerator brings clarity. The hired Turbo plays in a different league than the naturally aspirated engine that we had in the 9-3.

A new favorite game with simple rules. At construction sites on motorways, one sticks to the speed limit and does not accelerate until one is allowed again. For a long time, an Audi, a Mecedes and whatever one or two lanes have left to the left, are growing in the exterior mirrors or are already at the same height next to us.

Only then does the SAAB join. With "only" 340 Nm and 220 PS from regenerative energy. The driver's side window is suddenly empty again and in the mirrors of the BioPower the rest of the world seems to slow down. The passage is fascinating ...

The chrome glasses are new, SAAB still alive and even living myth! Comments from our environment were: "What is that for a battleship?" Or "Oh, a SAAB! Certainly not without! What is there under the hood? "Riders were enthusiastic. No trace of pity ...

But how is your own perception 2019, after nearly 12 years and good 125.000 Km?

Aging and everyday life of a Swede

The dry truth is, SAAB has been bankrupt for a long time, and today I am neither a "brand ambassador" nor ecologically superior. I drive a no longer young and technically arbitrary petrol engine, a combination of the upper middle class with an 5 gearbox. Without E 85 pushes the ecological conscience and I drive slower, quieter and less overall. I drive SAAB. In everyday life and as a travel car.

Investments are limited to a new loader and 2018 a new clutch, which is fine. And yet, the original intent to keep the beautiful car meticulously in order and maintain, unfortunately, long since abandoned. It is the little things that are difficult to implement.

Since the familiar uses ever to hot glue or cable ties to fix the glasses frame or the engine cover. Or a defective actuator of the blocked tank lock flies out without replacement. When it is available again, the inner lining must go out for the second time and then back in.

This costs time, nerves, money and does not do the car well. Plastic parts are not meant to be touched more often than necessary. Outside, the aging and improvised solutions visually ensure minor discrepancies and more wind noise. Even under the hood or in the interior, noises gradually emerge which, from a technical point of view, may be ignored, but in total are not beautiful. I'm in doubt if my chrome goggles are still quieter than the 9-3 I was?

I drive her on. Still happy! But the years (and the spare parts situation) are not ignored by the car, my initial enthusiasm or my original owner pride. And are not the wheels of other cars just as round?

I continue to drive her because she does her job and because, as long as you can still drive SAAB in everyday life, I prefer sitting in a SAAB. This is again due to little things - but there are many and they are positive. The overall package is just right and the design is good. It just feels more and more natural over the years. But I can just remember how the red lighting of a jagged and overloaded dashboard almost drove me mad during a long night drive. How much I wish the trip might end or I could continue it in a SAAB.

Thanks to Herbert Hürsch for this Saab story! How is it in everyday life with an older Saab? What do you experience, how do friends, colleagues and the family react? With indulgence, enthusiasm or compassion? How do you keep the Saab alive, what do you do with spare parts and workshops, how do you optimize or restore the old Swedes?

A broad topic for the "Saab stories 2019!". Challenging, but also interesting. How does it look with the fans, how strong does the Saab heart beat in everyday life? Write it to us, it's worth it!

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  • Thanks for this real SAAB story. No whitewashing, real, as the everyday life is now. With highs and lows. And still: continue to enjoy more than bad luck with the "chrome glasses"! 🙂

    PS: Although not in this comment field, but I think it is at least 1 mention (or I've got something overrated ???) worth: Welcome to the 1111 subscribers! The slowly increasing number shows: the interest in the super SAAB blog continues to be pleasingly high! Therefore also: A big thank you to the entire blog team for interesting and exciting stories and ideas to harness the SAABians ... Keep up the good work!

  • But, right there (in the comment field) that belongs. Had you not congratulated the blog on 1.111ten subscribers and thanked for your good work, I would have done that. Or maybe another reader ...

    SAAB is just living - quite real and with more joy than bad luck.

  • Nice, because very honest report. Sobering? Realistic? Both, but I am glad that my chrome glasses are better. Anyway, I'm convinced that I'll get it, despite 240.000km. Except for the very cute leather seats ... everything is fine and small nickelities are always made fast!

  • Unvarnished and honest. Saab on Sunday is fun and the 9-5 is still a nice car. The little things, such as the recessed grip, but should be able to resolve any reasonably dedicated SAAB workshop. Or is there a lack of it in the capital?

  • The chrome glasses I never found so sparkling, quite the contrary. I was horrified when I saw the first pictures on the net. In addition, they forgot the Saab Schrifzug on the radiator grille, right?

    Years later, I find that more relaxed. The glasses seemingly have their qualities and remain a true Saab through and through. Even with small weaknesses, which apparently have all the cars. Thanks for the article!


      I felt similar. You can see (especially in direct comparison with the predecessor) that the car was thought differently. Without eyeliner and with the old taillights, the design is really made of a single cast ...

      And yet I am very grateful to SAAB for the chrome goggles. It looks much more modern and is in fact actually effective (xenon example). At the same time, a relatively steep windshield and large, low-setting side windows have been retained, which ensure a good analog look and sense of space. This combination of unfashionable and well-tried but technically and even visually still somehow modern, I like it very much. And she is probably quite unique ...

      ... because when the SC with the MY 2010 was set, were hectic model changes and thus the latest craze and stupid fashions and designs have long been common practice.

    • yes yes, the "chrome glasses" ...
      When I saw the SAAB 9-5 1x back then, I thought: what's up with the Swedes? Ugly high3! Too few were bought / driven with me in the region. It stayed for a long time at this first impression. That did not change until I stayed in Motala for a few days to ride a lot of bicycles 😉. I saw on every street corner div. "Chrome glasses", in the most pleasing color combinations and equipment. As my first perception tipped. I realized how much more modern this SAAB actually was and at that time in anticipation of the later models: for example, the last 9-3-er or the last 9-5 NG.
      Unfortunately, the desire for a "chrome glasses" after this stay in Sweden remained unfulfilled. Meanwhile, the joy of the last real specimens prevails.
      All owners a good relaxed and accident-free ride!

  • Can you already congratulate the baby, if so, then congratulations and all the best!

    • The "baby" will soon also get pimples. Like the roof antenna ...

      Maybe I should have made the timing more clear? I thought that's from the post ("But what is your own perception 2019, after just 12 years and good 125.000 Km?"), The pictures and captions ("Two four-year-old: the prenatal accident-tested Wunschkind and the replacement for the 9-3 ") ...

  • As far as chrome glasses are concerned, I like them best from the first 9-5I series. It still looks modern in the streetscape and is not considered an old car.

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