Saab service, chain, or free workshop?

Almost exactly 8 years ago, the production lines in Trollhättan stalled. The plant had already been underutilized and from March 2011 only a few vehicles rolled off the production line. Day by day until production came to a complete standstill. Since then, the end of supplies and the aim of preserving what is available.

Saab service
Saab service

The stock is getting old, and who takes care of maintenance? They are still there - the workshops that mainly and sometimes exclusively work on Saabs. Your order book is usually good and Saab drivers are loyal. Often you have known each other for years and have become part of an extended family. And there is also a vehicle at the Trollhättan brand that has to drive up to the Saab / Orio partner. The 9-5 NG was Saab's first online vehicle. It has to be sent to the server for repair and diagnosis, which can only be accessed via a contract with Orio AB.

3 years warranty on the parts

But what about the older vehicles? Saab 9-3 II and I, the 9000er, the old 9-5 and the classic 900er? And how about the comfortable 3 year warranty on parts you only get from Orio. Is that part of the decision?

For my youngtimers and future classics, I prefer workshops with a long history of brands. Now they are exclusively Orio partners, in the past an independent workshop with a Saab master was also involved. He had worked for the brand for a long time, then started his own business and was my confidant for a few years until he retired from the business for health reasons.

How do the readers with their vehicles? Do you trust the experience and competence of Orio / Saab partners? Or do you prefer a free workshop nearby that has Saab background? Maybe the Saab is just a commodity that can be well maintained even in a workshop chain? They advertise with low prices and fast appointment allocation. But are our vehicles, which are becoming more and more exotic, really well looked after there?

Market analysis - 8 years later

We start today with a small market analysis. How do our readers wait for their cars? Do you also accept long journeys, do you value traditional Saab service? Or is it the free screwdriver around the corner, maybe the big chain that enjoys her trust? Maybe you screwed now synonymous and worried the parts of the known wholesalers?

8 years after the end of production in Sweden an exciting question! Multiple answers are possible. We are looking forward to the result!

Saab service, chain or free workshop?

  • Saab / Orio partner (43% 298 Votes)
  • Free workshop (with Saab background) (25% 173 Votes)
  • I'm screwing myself (19% 132 Votes)
  • Free workshop (11% 79 Votes)
  • Workshop chain (Bosch service etc ...) (1% 6 Votes)

Total Voters: 480

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41 thoughts on "Saab service, chain, or free workshop?"

  • It depends…. Of the six Saabs I've ever ridden, I still own three - 900 I CV, 9-3 I and 9-5 II. The 9-5 II comes to workshops that have server access (luckily I have one that goes by bike can be reached by me and is also advertised here.). The little aches and pains start at a good 130 Tkm (crack in the EGR housing, oil pressure sensor ...). The older Saabs get their maintenance on site in HH at the Orio partner and the difficult cases are solved by a small workshop at Unna. Depending on the age of the vehicles, they are mostly replacement parts; recently for the 9-3 I complete struts at a fixed price (!).

    The experience with the former Saab workshops from GM times is bad for me by the bank. For example, a workshop totally falsified the emissions test because the mechatronics engineers did not notice the loose hose at the vacuum adjustment of the 900 I ventilation hatches and the intake track was constantly bleeding. The log then read Lamda = 1,0.

    Conclusion: trust, see who. And sometimes you should get a second opinion ... And luckily there are still small, very competent Saab family businesses!

  • The survey is difficult if you have different Saab vehicles ... with the 9-3III I am at a former Saab dealer and very satisfied, when things have to go fast, for example with brakes, I sometimes drive past Opel, so everything Same parts concerns. With the 901 I only drive to designated 901 specialists, which most workshops that still have a grip on the facade are no longer. This is particularly noticeable when things get a bit tricky and the complexity of standard maintenance / repair exceeds.

  • Saab 9-3 convertible (MY 2007) at the Saab / Orio partner in service as well as my 900 convertible (MY 1987) because the 900 can still be supplied by these people. My 9-5 NG (MY 2011) was but still there I have now sold to a Saab Garage / Orio partner and you are driving this great car itself now. My Saab 96 TT is in a small garage where you know even DKW really good in good hands. And recently, the Saab Club is a great source for finding information on the most difficult things on old Saabs.

  • It all sounds so great and happy that I would like to read more of it!
    A SAAB story from Lizi would probably be a very big (SAAB) cinema and a festival of joie de vivre ...

    The board is very nice. Thank you to the blog team.

  • My 9000 is going to a former Saab representative for maintenance. There they are officially screwing on Ford and Citroën today, but there are still plenty of Saabs in the customer and employee parking lot. I have almost an hour to get there, but I feel welcome and the 9000 is in good hands. He was already with the previous owner. The only problem: when a part has to be ordered. Then there is a second appointment for the repair and for me 2x time expenditure, kilometers and replacement car ... and then a lot of stress with all the trimmings ...

    When I bought the vehicle and wanted to swap all the fluids in my area, a large, former Saab dealer advised me to simply drive this old car to a free workshop. The phone almost fell out of my hand. Then I looked in the service booklet to see where the vehicle had its last maintenance and was very welcome - even with the old car. It really has to be like that ...

    Many greetings from Central Switzerland

  • I'm a lucky guy. In several ways. Live between Germany and Spain. And am the proud owner of 4 Saabs…. 2 in the respective country. In Germany, my treasures are looked after by Saab Ratzmann in Frankfurt. "It couldn't be better" I can only say. So far there has been no problem that Mr. Ratzmann and his team could not solve. With a mixture of new and used spare parts, lots of love, experience and inventiveness. Despite an enormous amount of work, the boss and employees almost always have time for explanations and a chat…. Every visit is a journey through time in times of personal service in a family business.
    In Spain too, after many catastrophic experiences with Saabservice affiliated with an Opel workshop, I found "the" workshop. Saab Berma in Barcelona. A mini-workshop, two employees, and decades of Saab experience. And here too much love for the brand and ingenuity. So I hope for many years and many thousands of miles to enjoy the, for me personally, greatest ever built vehicles.

    Greetings to the community

    The Lizi

  • Thumbs up, Mr. Troll. Where have we not previously agreed? Why so sensitive and why the detours?

  • Of course there are, it is also offered a free rental car, this is not an issue. Practically it is still not for me because I can not park with the rental car in front of the company, and the buses only every half hour drive. That was not a criticism of the workshop but only my opinion that it is relatively unfavorable for me to achieve and as already mentioned above, I still like to do this circumstance in order to get a more than good service.

  • Bamberg is great, I can confirm that!

  • Oh Mr. Hürsch. Of course it is crap if parts are missing. We agree with that.

  • to my convertible, BJ. 2011, I leave only SAAB people of my confidence. SAAB Taubenberger and SAAB casting !!

  • Bamberg seems to me to be a secret SAAB capital in Germany. At least this place name comes up very often. Anyway, thank you very much for your answer. My image of the service situation in D is becoming more sharp ...

    They still exist, the committed and competent (ex) dealers. This also speaks from other comments and that is gold dust for the SAAB owners and SAAB drivers. Unfortunately, longer distances and downtimes are also part of our everyday lives. But we also get back cars that are not mass-produced off the shelf. You just have to see it realistically and know what you're getting into. Already fits ...

  • Lucky for those who have so many Orio Centers in the immediate vicinity. I have one in 50 km and the next in 100 km. Unfortunately, both had bad experiences again and again, especially the 50 km away. There was always just “tinkering and tinkering” and not even telling me, as a paying customer,. After a few, not very successful attempts, from Bosch Service, through various brand workshops that wanted to try to take on a SAAB, I've been with a very small independent workshop for a few years now, which is trying very hard and where I always have a good feeling.

    Also lucky for everyone who has very good long-term SAAB specialists in the area, who still live this brand, like for example in Bamberg.

  • Always Saab Bredlow in Berlin and well looked after

  • I've been trusting the Saab workshop for more than 20 years. Formerly a Saab brand agency, now only workshop, but only Saab. And I'm in good hands with my 3 Saab (convertible, 9-5 station wagon, 9-5 NG).

  • that's right. A reliable Saab workshop based in HD for many years (together with Alfa-Romeo)

    At the end of the last century, Saab was no longer licensed, the owner then retired. Shortly thereafter
    opened a large Opel workshop in the neighborhood, which then also Saab on their flags wrote.
    Although she also employs a Saab mechanic, but sitting on a lost post, since he probably no
    Receives support from the company management. The company manager of the free workshop has learned on the Saab 900
    and worked for years. He knows his way around the old Saabs very well. On the newer Saabs probably
    less, so I accept for larger problems 100 km (Frankfurt) or to 160 km (Bamberg) in purchasing

  • Do I understand correctly that in the 900 quite a few parts (ignition) were unsuccessfully exchanged at a SAAB workshop? That the true cause (engine control unit) was recognized and cheaply remedied only in a SAAB-experienced workshop?

    That would be sad, but it overlaps or overlaps with my experiences. In the meantime, I feel better with the former than with the original ones. And anyway that seems to me to be the future career of a good SAAB service ...

    The alumni are usually workshop masters. The “original ones” are more and more often the sons and grandchildren of the founders, i.e. inherited owners and their daughters and sons. Partly third-generation traders who like to shine at the counter with white teeth and high bills. But what does that bring my SAAB? Often the alumni know more.

  • as 1,5 years ago, my Saab 900 Turbo Bj 89 suddenly stuttering strong while driving I drove into the
    nearby Saab workshop. This then exchanged all the parts that were connected to the ignition and then told me that my Saab now makes no sound. I demanded reinstalling the old parts and instructed the ADAC to bring the car to MA in a free workshop (with Saab experience) where I have previously been servicing and
    Repair for years had been carried out, but recently forced to contribute parts from the Internet. After repair of the engine control unit, the car runs perfectly again. 2 weeks ago, my Saab Sportcombi 9.3 Ttid stayed in town and the ADAC dragged me to the nearby Saab workshop, the same as mentioned above. The fault memory showed defective EGR valve. The replacement brought no improvement but finding AGR cooler blower defective. Sorry, no longer available, we can not do anything, was the disappointing answer. Should one throw a high-quality car that was 9 years old at the time? A call in Bamberg brought the redeeming answer, it was indeed no new part available, but repairable. Ultimately, it was then an exchange part of a crashed Saab with some additional new parts from Orio. It always remains the ride on a razor blade, which makes driving with such different Saabs but also exciting. You have to see it sporty and of course passion is part of it.

  • Maybe advertise on the Saab blog so that it comes into good hands…. 😉

  • If I could, I would just keep driving the car. He's still too young to leave and doesn't make much sense with these kilometers. It is also too good for export if it still drives well and has a good checkbook. Know Diesel Saabs with 400 - 000km they still drive and the owners don't think they will sell the car.

  • What could be better than having your own SAAB dealer in his own town (Bamberg)?
    His motto, “We'll take care of your SAAB as long as you drive it” calms me down immensely and lets me sleep peacefully.

  • Well, there are some bus connections to Vienna from Himberg anyway. We drive mostly with two cars, so my father and I, and then ever leave a car there when we need to service. Keep having fun with the 9-5NG

  • My approach to service and original parts is directly influenced by my experiences with (former) SAAB workshops. My first used SAAB I bought in the early nineties as a student at the local SAAB dealer in Trier-Pfalzel. On this occasion, I was also allowed to get to know what we mean by true service and customer proximity! That creates trust and therefore all other SAABs came from this source. I also had repairs and regular maintenance done there.

    Meanwhile I live at the Ammersee and Trier is very far away. For urgent work I had already entrusted my vehicles SAAB workshops in the Munich area, unfortunately with consistently negative experiences! Therefore, whenever possible, I bring my SAABs to Trier for service and repairs. And that despite a journey of 540km (easy)! I can only say: it's worth it! Decades of experience with SAAB vehicles and an exceptionally strong customer orientation can not easily be replaced!
    In the event of defects, the workshop gives me excellent support with remote diagnosis. There is now a Tech2 in my toolbox, which makes things easier. And if it has to be and the vehicle can no longer be safely moved to Trier for repairs, then I get the original parts sent to me to be screwed on myself. This concept is great to live with, and a trip to the service can also be supplemented with other nice things (e.g. immerse yourself in Roman times for a day, refuel cheaply in Luxembourg, make a detour to buy wine in France on the way back, the aircraft museum visit in Hermeskeil…).
    Oh yes: after four 900 I - predecessors (900GLE Sedan, 900Turbo16S Heuschmid, 900Turbo16, 900 SoftTurbo Cabrio) my current SAAB is a deer 2007er 9-5 2.0t Biopower Sport Combi (chrome glasses) with ~ 270tkm on the clock and crisp like on first day…

  • I've been bringing my Saab to Garage Buser in Augst / BL, Switzerland for years. Saab specialist for around 50 years. Even though I recently moved to Germany, I will continue to bring my vehicles there. It just has to be worth it to me. (The hourly approach, however, scratches the pain threshold ... .., Switzerland, everything is pretty expensive)

    There is also a very good classic car specialist here on the Upper Rhine. He only accepts the vehicles hand-picked. I “may” go there with my two Lancias. Good for me, because Lancia Service looks just as gloomy as Saab.

    Let's enjoy our great vehicles and do not think too much about the vile Mammon. 😉

  • Can not we just agree that it's a big shit if parts are missing?

    You cannot sensibly question the commitment of capital city dealers within 48 hours and at the same time complain about the nationwide lack of availability of parts. That is not conclusive and makes no sense ...

    Even then, it does not make any sense if you subsequently introduce the concept of relevance. Especially since the blocked fuel filler cap of my SAAB was quite relevant. In any case, I can't drive without refueling and I can't sleep with an open tank ...

    Incidentally, some idiot actually used the time when the defective servomotor was already removed but a new one was not yet available to open my tank and bend the lid. Very, very funny ...

  • So after some time I am here on site (the next Saab / Orio partners are more than 100km away) with a very committed owner of a third-party brand workshop. He is competent and result-oriented both in the procurement of parts and in the repairs. He had nothing to do with the Saab brand before, but was ready to think about the matter with no ifs or buts.

    In addition, I occasionally use a Saab partner who has a whole range of older 9-5 parts carriers, so that the supply of parts is ensured for a while at a fair cost.

    Without a “dual strategy” my 10-20 year old vehicles would be in bad shape. So I am optimistic that I will be able to drive SAAB for a number of years.

  • Fortunately, I have been taking good care of the oldest Saab dealer in Germany - in Berlin - with my fifth Saab (a 1980-9 Sportcombi, first registration February 5 and now 2010 km on the clock) since the 108.000s. This company, too, has had to look for another mainstay - Bosch service partner - and now preferably sells the other Swedish brand as well, but everyone there still has a lot of Saab in their blood and I will still be there and hopefully for a long time In good hands.

  • With a SAAB / Orio partner of SAAB lives and understands, a very familiar company, the prices even in a relatively reasonable framework compared to other workshops and, above all, time and understanding for extra requests or explanations. Unfortunately, it's not very easy to get to outside of Vienna, but the annual visit is more than worth it to me. There are other official SAAB workshops in Vienna with which I have not had too good experience. One, similar to the one mentioned above, specializes more in Opel, the other apparently only has SAAB as a necessary evil and every time you visit you are invited to a test drive with a new car from the other brands that the dealership sells. Twice in a free workshop with a former SAAB master, service more bad than right (half the cockpit of the 9-5NG sprayed to a high gloss with cockpit spray, sprinkles of the same on the doors - it then cost me hours to remove this cleaner) and during the next service in the car wash, trunk lid and LED strip in the damaged). Since then there have only been SAAB / Orio partners mentioned above for me and that will remain until he retires, locks up or my 9-5NG blesses the temporal, which hopefully will not be the case for a long time.

  • I have 100 Orio Saab Center all around 33km. For years, I have trusted a freelance SAAB specialist.

  • No, Mr. Hürsch, I attach the criticism to really important parts. The CIM for the 9-3 II - III seems to be missing again and again. A circumstance that has been around for years and that is not really improving. These parts are really relevant.

  • At the Saab / Orio partner, who is sponsoring the blog and can only say the best. When he is Saab in the center. If you want to keep your Saab as long as possible, there is hardly a way past a good Orio partner. Also to help Orio to get as long as possible Saabersatzeile, Where there, as already written such and such. For many Saab is only a very small matter and if the mechanic first has to look for the ignition, then you should drive away again.
    But there are also, as I have already experienced, workshops that are not Orio partners, but also have excellent Saabkenntnisse and also have a very large contingent of spare parts / used parts or these can get over contacts quickly.

  • Unfortunately for me the topic will soon be over :-(. My peppery green 93 SC 1.TiD deceived goes into retirement after 11 years and over 330.000 km.My son said to me, dad, he has done his job and makes already long He was a faithful companion, he is right, and that's what makes it so hard for me to decide on the wagon's way of life, to put it down, to sell it too young to run as a classic car soon, too old for longing And with the thought to give it away I'm not entirely comfortable in May is the new there, until then he will be maintained and cherished (he is maintained checkbook until today) and maybe I come up with a solution.

  • But now I'm a little flabbergasted ...

    The day before yesterday you commented on my SAAB story that the little things on my chrome glasses shouldn't be a problem, unless the capital city lacks dedicated dealers ...

    Today you yourself complain about the increasing lack of "parts that actually belong to daily business." But that was exactly one of the points in my story ...

    What has changed so dramatically in the spare parts supply in the last 48 hours, that you now come into the same horn?

    I can not understand that completely. Hopefully you will have some understanding for that.

  • Beautiful and intelligently designed survey. Good that multiple answers are possible.

    The next survey in a few years and the comparison with the current one will be really exciting. Because then developments and trends become clear. To future topics for this blog is not bang me. May he live long.

    The fact that many SAAB dealerships are looking for additional pillars is somewhat difficult. For example as a Bosch service partner. If there are still almost only SAABs there and the neon sign on the dealership is still SAAB, but the letterhead and the invoice say Bosch, where am I? Am I with SAAB / Orio (yes, I am) or with the link in a chain (certified Bosch service)? Even today it is no longer so easy to clearly distinguish the two from one another. In the coming years it should be even more difficult ...

  • I suppose someone at Orio will follow this with attention. So my words about it: Exclusively a Saab partner who also has his ad running on the blog. I am very satisfied with the service, unfortunately in recent months parts of Orio were not always available, so that other providers had to be accessed.

    Feels like that happens more often, even with parts that actually belong to the daily business. The workshop compensates for this, has a warehouse with parts that regularly become scarce. In my opinion there is a lot of room for improvement at Orio. This should be taken seriously if you want to keep the vehicles on the road.

  • Unfortunately, there are also saab service workshops in the south (Lake Constance) ... .. that are ZERO interested in saab and simply take care of their opels more badly than right. I made relevant experiences that really caused a shake of the head and a lot of trouble! you just notice that you are still doing saab service ... but actually not interested in the cars. now i'm at an independent workshop (with a master with 40 years of experience!) and the service is top ... I was also shown “how miserable” the saab dealer has worked over the years. stubbornly following instructions (and even that rather bad than right) and just don't even look a centimeter to the left or right.

  • Both! A free screwdriver who understands a lot about Saab. And a longtime Saab workshop, which also advertises here on the blog. My supply is thus close to the optimum and with a reason to drive further Saab.

  • I switched from one of the largest ex-Saab dealers in the region to a freelance workshop that specializes in Volvo classic cars (and has more idea).
    For work that he / she can not do / I go to a small Saab dealer (80km of mine).

  • Orio partners are not in the vicinity.
    And “independent workshops” here on site don't even want to “touch” my 2011 model, or they often don't even have the model in their software.
    So with my Drömbil there is only the way to the “FF” (friendly Frisians). 😉

    With the earlier “absolute Saab expert” here in the extended area, I was not really satisfied due to various smaller / larger things (including keyword handles) (was earlier with the predecessor, a 2002 9-5 SC ).
    And meanwhile he has already given up his shop (probably also health!).

  • Especially if you want to keep several Saab automobiles on the road, it makes the right mix: I do major repairs at a recognized specialist, oil change at an independent workshop with a Saab background and minor repairs myself. However, I've already experienced everything: Oil changes on the same vehicle cost between € 80 and € 135 and at a “Saab center” I was allowed to pay € 800 for an unsuccessful (!) Troubleshooting. Therefore, watch out when choosing a workshop, not every company has the same competence in all areas….

  • My luck: The one who has infected me with SAAB is even a car master and has several SAAB at the start. We're screwing together, so I'm sure everything will be done properly as we take enough time. For very special things we are friends with a former SAAB master who also likes to support. The ET are primarily ordered from the local ORIO partner, general small parts from other workshop suppliers. And for me the best: I learn something about it again and again and I'm sure that our SAAB are in a well-maintained condition.

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