New jobs, but many question marks

What interests us about the development in Sweden? First and foremost it is the fate of the old Saab factory. That perhaps a tradition could have a future here, even if the vehicles no longer carry the familiar lettering, comes first.

Old Saab factory in Trollhattan
Old Saab factory in Trollhattan. Photo Credit: NEVS

After Evergrande's entry, things seem to be easing up north. For the first time in a long time, NEVS is announcing new jobs. Jobs are offered in research and development, but there is also a demand for toolmakers. Nothing can be found for the work itself, and it would be premature to hope for it.

Firstly, larger investments are necessary in the former Saab factory, and secondly, there is no product in sight that could be successfully marketed in Sweden and Europe. There is no need to start with the Saab-based 9-3 EV. Because these plans have already been criticized in the Chinese press. The platform and body concept are behind them - 17 years after their launch and beyond all Saab sentimentalities. The exciting question is anyway what main shareholder Evergrande is planning with NEVS. Because the last events in China raise questions about the long-term strategy.

Question mark - where is Evergrande heading?

On the 25. January founded Xu Jiayin a new company called “Evergrande New Energy Vehicle Co. Ltd.” The registered capital of 2 billion US $ is lavish, and the company's purpose with the 4 sub-companies covers the entire value chain for electric cars through research and development to sales. On February 20, the name was changed to “Evergrande National New Energy Vehicle Group Co.Ltd.” and it is noteworthy that all activities took place after joining NEVS.

Whether NEVS will play a major role in the development of the emerging group is not clear and remains in the realm of speculation. Because on February 28, Evergrande announced in Zengzhou want to establish a manufacturing facility for batteries and electric cars. No trace of Sweden, Trollhättan and the plans for the “brand” NEVS and Europe. And also not a word about the factory in Tianjin and the production license for the NEVS EV.

Electric cars have a fairly short development time. Assuming sufficient liquid funds and competent developers, a finished, modern product can roll off the tapes in 12 to 18 months. Chinese startups for electromobility make it, Evergrande could follow suit. The now beginning cooperation with Koenigsegg, the start-up in China. A real strategy can not be read out yet. The fate of the old Saab factory remains uncertain, even if the clouds over the Stallbacka slowly disappear.

8 thoughts on "New jobs, but many question marks"

  • Sadly all I see is a Chinese Company, using better expertise ti design and make tooling, etc for use in China….

    Not much for the worker in Sweden, sadly !!

    • And what happened to the trolls? Have they been chained and shipped already?
      Hope they stayed and are now looking forward to work on Koenigseggs ...

  • It remains to be seen how the vehicles are made. With a lot of luck, the SAAB spirit will come back - an emblem with the word SAAB is not decisive here.

    My wish would be a nice hybrid hatchback series (electric drive in connection with gasoline / bio-fuel) - exclusive e-mobility (socket) is not on the wish lists for most motorists anyway.

  • Let's wait for the beginning of spring ..., apparently "something" changes in the company strategy in approx. 3 week steps ... 😉
    I dare to doubt whether the NEVS idea will ever become something. At the moment I see the way of NEVS in a skilful takeover and processing ... which of course I do not hope for from the plant in Troll City! There I hope for life and jobs for the region. Who knows what the “Spirit of SAAB” still conjures up ..., the engineers there have always been able to think outside the box, shortages have always been an accompanying topic. Such situations make creativity grow! In this sense: Good luck in Trollhättan! 🙂

  • The NEVS with nothing so long to keep afloat is already sensational ...

  • The factory still looks impressive (at least from a distance). So much potential...

    ... and no production for a long time, and even before so little production for a number of years. It would be nice if that would change somehow and at some point. Even if that had little to do with SAAB ...

  • Is NEVS not the only drama? Or does the company belong to the dead who live longer? I'm like the author. I only see question marks.

  • Bonjour. En résumé la situation de NEVS s'éclairci, avec un peu de chance nous aurons peut-être des NEVS en Europe, mais je suis perdu dans les participations et le reprises dans NEVS.

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