The new Saab Inside is coming!

Not for long, then the 11. Issue of Saab Inside appear. The best news comes in advance, because there will be a large print run in addition to the online edition. The booklet is exciting, more Saab than ever, because Orio spoke in advance with partners and Saab drivers.

Saab Inside Number 11 is coming!
Saab Inside Number 11 is coming!

Their wishes were clearly defined. More Saab content and less Orio Events, and added value for workshops and readers. The editors have accepted the proposals, a customer magazine has emerged that can really be seen. Our Saab workshops are one of the focal points of the new edition. Workshop portraits of Orio partners from Germany, Austria and Switzerland will be featured in the upcoming and future issues.

As a highlight in issue 11 readers will find a removable, up-to-date directory of all Orio / Saab workshops. Added value for everyday life, and in the practical DIN A5 format fits perfectly into the glove compartment and is a useful companion on long trips.

It is now a tradition that Orio repeatedly invites Saab drivers to fill the book with reports. Also in this issue, the fans were active, and it will be interesting to see what is there saabigen content to us.

Besides, and that's really amazing, issue number 11 is a little revival. Saab builds since 8 years, and thus a felt eternity, no more cars. With the end of production in Trollhättan also disappeared the popular customer mailings that some readers remember wistfully on the blog. They usually came twice a year, reporting on promotions and the latest Saab accessories.

Saab Post is on the way

For the first time in years leaves Orio Germany revive the mailings. In collaboration with Saab workshops, one or the other reader will soon find mail in the mailbox. Nice analog, as in the old days, and especially 100% Saab. Many, but not all, of Orio's partners are there, and anticipation of Saab Post is perhaps the most enjoyable.

The latest edition of Saab Inside will be available in a few days as a print version to the partners. As always, the members of the Saab Service Clubs the online edition first. Club registration and membership is free and has benefits for Club members.

Being able to announce issue number 2019 of a Saab customer magazine in 11 on the blog is a little wonder that 8 years ago I would not have bet on. Somehow it is typically Saab, probably the legendary "Lunatic Factor". With any other brand that would be hard to imagine. Therefore at this point a big thank you to the incredible team at Orio Germany and the many external helpers who have made the new issue a reality.

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  • A nice announcement for the start of the week, I'm looking forward to the SAAB Inside!

  • Also I think it's great that there is still such a magazine. I have a number of Saab magazines from the active period. Unfortunately, I have not been able to get all the print versions from the current issues. Driving 200 km to the nearest Saabhaendler is not that easy. It would be nice if the club members got the notebooks as action messages sent. It should not be a criticism, just a thought. The booklets themselves are great. As a club member I would even pay an opulus.

    • That, dear Wolfgang, would probably be the optimum and the wish of many fans. It is only on the basis of the resulting expense and the cost hardly realizable. Orio subsidizes the Saab Inside already, more will not be realized unfortunately.

  • I'm looking forward to the new Saabinside.

  • This is very good news for the start of the new week!
    And - most gratifying that there is a recent Saab workshop directory in the new Inside, even to take out in A5 format!

    • You're right, Tom. The effort would not be justifiable. So it's time to make a detour to the friend or ask a Saab friend .. Since there is so little printed about Saab, you just have to have.

      • Hello Wolfgang - Of course, your Saab friend always has an issue for you ...

        • Great that you have such friends !!! Thanks Th.

  • I'm looking forward to the mailings and upcoming actions ...

    If my memory is not deceptive, there were very attractive offers and I still bite myself in the ass, that I did not retrofit removable AHK then, as this was offered for the 9-5 SC inexpensive.

    If Orio SAAB owners make upgrades and the addition of missing features cheap again, then this is the big movie and can sustainably increase the value and enjoyment of our SAABs ...

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