The Saab dream car as a miniature

The 9-5 NG sportswear remains a dream for most readers. Unreachable, already on the basis of the very manageable quantities. A handpicked audience has the original in the garage, for all the others there is now the miniature of DNA. This and other news from the scene are our topics today.

Beautiful interior, navigation from MY 2011
Beautiful interior, navigation from MY 2011

Dream Car: Saab 9-5 NG SC from DNA Collectibles

Im December we had presented the miniature of DNA on the blog. The pictures of the prototype gave rise to slight criticism. Meanwhile the model car is orderable, and its execution seems to correspond to the price range. The current pictures suggest a change to the radiator grille, and the center console pleases better. A small mistake has crept in anyway.

The navigation shows the Saab logo with the griffin and thus corresponds to the model year 2011. But since all 9-5 NG sportswear came from the following model year, only the Saab logo should be visible. Grouching at a high level, which should make the model no less attractive. Because many other details are lovingly solved and correspond to the original.

DNA Collectibles is currently offering the sports combination limited to 320 units in a bundle with the 9-3 Viggen Cabriolet. Customers then save 10%, the prices are always plus local taxes and any applicable customs duties. Because the shipping of the Swiss comes like the production of the resin model from China.

Mark: Dates in May!

Two Saab dates that should not be missed if possible take place in May. Already to the 4. Edition invites the Stammtisch Schleswig-Holstein / Hamburg on 4. May for a meeting at the legendary oldtimer petrol station Brandshof. Not only the local Saab scene meets there, friends of the brand come from further afield. The atmosphere is relaxed friendly, a journey worthwhile!

Also in Osnabrück something is happening! On the 25. May finds the 5. Saab Saturday instead. An event of the Saab friends Osnabrück, on the grounds of the Museum of Industrial Culture. The Saab Saturday is now a fixture in the north, which is growing in popularity from year to year. An appointment is not necessary at both events.

Saab in the press

The current issue is dedicated to Classic car practice the Saab 900 as a long-term car. The 900 of history is not unknown in the scene. It belongs to Knut Dobberke, who has felt like an eternity ”Forum Car”With focus on the Saab 900.

Also the Saab theme is devoted to issue number 4 the Autobild classic, The editorial team has collected all 3 Sonett series and tests the vehicles. Around 8 sides Saab, and therefore just something special, because just all series are discussed and compared.

To buy? The question should not really arise. Print media are not exactly in fashion, especially when it comes to old metal. If you also want to read about Saab tomorrow, you should invest a few euros at the kiosk for your own self-interest. It is well spent money.

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    Yes, such a model would have something, in 1: 43 I thank God already.

  • Interesting information about the (partly) available other models, thank you for that. Does anyone know whether there are or were beautiful models of the younger convertibles somewhere (then maybe you can get something on Ebay)? I have only ever found “dead” links into nirwanha.

    I am particularly interested in the 93 II Cabrio before the (external) facelift, i.e. until MY 2007, and then afterwards, if possible as a Griffin, i.e. MY 2012. (But I would also be interested in the MY 2008-2011.) Then I would have all convertibles that I had or have, also as a model - because the 93 I in midnight blue (just like my first convertible that I owned) is already on the shelf. 🙂

    Did the 12er Anniversary (in orange) actually be a model?

    Oh yes, and then I would “need” a 2011 93 SportCombi…. 🙂

    • Of course, I meant the Independence convertible in orange. I like the beautiful Sky Blue Edition even better, of which there was only a convertible, a limousine and a SC. However, supposedly at the auction in Nov./Dec. In 2012 two SC in this, I think, heavenly (sic!) Color for sale - for a ridiculous 15.000 euros! If I had seen that back then and not only now, years later ... ätte Would have, always the same with Saab, grief over lost opportunities in many ways. 🙁

      But the Sky Blue Edition convertible, that would have something! From the outside (I love blue) and inside with the black and white seats (like my black Griffin beauty) I think it's even more beautiful than the Independence in beige-orange. It was for sale a year or two ago ... should have. Does anyone happen to know where it's gone? Or is something else known about the Sky Blue Edition? Wouldn't it be an interesting story ...

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    Have 27 models of this series, including the 9-5 station wagon. Unfortunately I did not catch the limits of the 9-5 NG anymore. But there are also a few unusual models, which were not available anywhere else, to the Saabo, the caravan.

    • blank

      The topic (SAAB and camping) somehow fascinates me ...

      The mobile homes, caravans and the attachments for the 900 are incredibly charming and removed from time. Comfortable, frugal and close to nature ...

      Almost unknown even to many SAAB enthusiasts. More intended for the forest than for the road. Blueberries and wild strawberries in milk for breakfast. Mushrooms at lunchtime and who knows what in the evening ...

      There were certainly trolls at work.

      • Yes, whenever I see a photo of the essays, I am amazed. Just the idea of ​​sleeping on the roof (!) Of your Saab, at lofty heights, like in a tree house, blinking at the stars again, and then the next morning, drowsy and unwashed, but all the more close to nature, the first fruits straight from the house To stuff a bush in your mouth - wonderful! Very nicely described by you. Incidentally, a British company is offering mW a new inflatable tent.

          • blank

            Thank you for the link, but it doesn't have much in common with the charm of the older solutions ...
            A roof tent is not SAAB-specific (anything can go on any car) and I miss the kitchen. I have a Swedish Trangia (alcohol stove), but it only replaces half a gas flame ...

            In direct comparison to the roof tent and Trangia, the old SAAB motorhomes and trailers were real gourmet temples and luxury suites - today they are also a journey through time ...

            If you don't know them, be sure to google them. There are photos, videos, drawings, and brochures on the Internet and they are worth looking at. That was already an issue here. That's how I came across it ...

            One of the rare trailers was even advertised here in the SAAB classifieds and the essay (Toppola) for the 900 was worth an article, if my memory does not deceive me ...

        • blank


          As beautiful as you describe it, I actually start to brood ...

          The old SAAB hangers and mobiles are gold dust of the rarest variety anyway. There is hardly a rank.
          For the trailer you would also need a time and historically appropriate towing vehicle (of course, a SAAB) for a coherent overall picture. A Toppola would be completely useless without a suitable vehicle.

          In fact, a roof tent on my SC would be the best and easiest solution. And there would be plenty of space in the trunk for all the utensils of a small outdoor kitchen. You put a flea in my ear there. Let's see how that ends ...

          • Yes, that's exactly what I meant, not as a rival or alternative to the no longer available hangers and essays, which of course represent a very special piece of cultural heritage and in my opinion more museum character - with a note somewhere between charming and whimsical. As you correctly say, they are hardly to get anymore and for me they would anyway only for (from the outside) marvelous. The Toppolas and the recently offered, particularly charming egg-shaped pendant would be too antiquated for actual use, perhaps too worthy of protection and also I imagine it is not particularly easy to drive. I would not take the new tent for a three-week trip, but as a spontaneous sleep and to enjoy from the inside - for one or the other night in between, if you just want to stay somewhere where you just like, without that you have to look for a suitable campground first.

            And the fact that this attachment fits all sorts of car brands could also be understood as sustainability - a Saab is still timeless, contemporary and modern and can also be combined with modern camping accessories. I also think it's nice that the attachment doesn't come from any other bling-bling car brand. So you can upgrade it to the outside with nice Saab, Saabblog and Troll stickers, for example ... 🙂

          • blank

            They are perfectly right in every single point.
            Thanks again for the link and the good tip.
            As I said, they put a (very romantic) flea in my ear.

            Spontaneously staying at a lake in the north or in the deep forest with your own SAAB
            in any case there is something for itself ...

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    The 9-5 II as a station wagon had been 1:43 for two years in the series “The Saab Cars in the Museum”. Unfortunately, this model is no longer available, at least from my procurement source, there are only 10 models listed ( There used to be up to 35 different models there.
    The detail quality and reproduction accuracy is a class better on these models than on the expensive NEO models.


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    The photos of the model are great, and it seems (almost, according to Tom :-)) to be perfect - but I feel similar to what Herbert described, the memory and the lack of understanding about the end of Saab are painfully intensified. Like a boring in the wound.

    Perhaps DNA will bring out another model of the Griffin convertibles, which are unfortunately far too rare for the same reasons?

    Many thanks also for the reference to the Hamburg meeting! I am determined to drive in, although we return to HH from the 1.000 km distance the night before. The first big test for my recently acquired blue SportCombi sister of the convertible.

    Are youngtimers, ie 12 Griffin convertibles, welcome at the gas station? 🙂 Or just classic cars?

    • Only the classics on the site, the organizers are consistent. I also park “outside” every time, but that's not a problem. There is enough space.

      • Great, thank you for the quick info! 🙂

        • blank

          Yes, I already bought both books. It's really worth it. I'm curious how the SAAB 900 II in the reader's choice in the Motor Klassik has cut off.

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    Hmm, dreams come true Almost at least, because there will never be more. A real shame!

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    The attention to detail ...

    ... is almost painful. Is the model about 1: 1 and drivable? The Viggen too?

    Stupid joke but for a much nicer thought. Speaking of pain, the model invites you to dream or provokes grief and loss. Whether the beautifully crafted model - just because it is so good - now more joy or frustration triggers, everyone must make out with himself.

    I'm not over the SAAB-Aus at the absolute and absolutely incomprehensible inconvenience. The NG SC was within reach. We were starved and thirsty in a desert. We were presented with an oasis with palm trees, water, tea, dates, flatbread, yogurt sauce and grilled meat on a skewer ...

    And then it puffed and the picture was gone, just a mirage, just a reflection of our yearnings in the flickering air over a sun-baked desert sand.

    No, I'm not over it yet and unfortunately I can not put this model down - just because it's so good.
    Less would be more for me. A smaller NG SC (in 1: 87) well hidden somewhere on my sons' H0 model railroad, I'd endure that now, would like to look at it from time to time.
    But this model is still too much of a good thing for me personally ...

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    Is really a great model. I already own the Aero X from the same manufacturer. Is also very successful. Coming soon is the 9-4X. Since you can already be weak.
    The mentioned articles in the press are very interesting and worth their money.
    Good tip Tom!

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