It's Sunday. And no Saab reading material?

Sunday 11: 00 clock. Normally, our Saab literature goes online on Sunday. Written by readers for readers. An idea that was well received and had good reader numbers. But today readers must renounce their cherished tradition. And that has a reason.

Saab 9-4x and 9-5 NG SC in Dresden
Saab 9-4x and 9-5 NG SC in Dresden

It's easy because there were no more submissions. What began brilliantly, flattened off just as quickly. Although there are many announcements and several articles in the works, we currently have nothing in the mailbox.

Sunday is the day when the readers - so the correct gender-neutral formulation - make the blog itself. Someone tries and writes. The others read, everyone is having fun. It would be a shame if this idea could not be continued and developed. Therefore, today, as a short interjection, inviting readers to continue to engage motivated in the keys!

Saab is, I write that again and again, what we make of it. The blog is a platform on which we can communicate and where anyone who feels like the brand from Trollhättan can read without access restriction and, if he likes, can help shape it.

Our "Saab stories 2019"Cover a wide range of topics. There should actually be something for everyone driving a Saab, driving, or just liking the brand. Maybe we have a new story online next Sunday? I would be happy.

The final resting place ...

A little teaser for the Monday. Then the article "The final resting place ..." goes online. It's not mine, it's Justus and Jan's. Two young Saab riders reinforcing our team and taking over some parts of the blog over the next few days.

An exciting report, with videos, pictures and a lot of text. Of the two will be read here more often in the future. Things are changing, everything is moving. The blog does not stay that way.

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  • Howl ..........
    Can not you watch ............


  • I'm looking forward to the article, the final resting place
    Will finish my reader story soon and then send


    Many thanks to Jan, Justus and Tom, that this Sunday (missing reader contribution) does not mean a loss of the SAAB dose. Excellent video. Camera, editing, sound - all perfect. The subject is sad but somehow nice too ...

    Bite me right in the butt that I miss a second SAAB and the material for another reader contribution. The board is so high quality (leather and content), that she has also liked my dog ​​great. He's almost two years old and has not made a nonsense for a while. But I figured out the SAAB on-board folder on his blanket the other day. The 43 Kg of animal affection, which you got there, but then (despite all the quality) could not stand it. Big crap! ! !

    But only after all, the lovingly designed and beautiful writing pad has been preserved intact and alone is worth the effort for a reader contribution ...

    In any case, the folders have become even rarer and more exclusive. Dear people, write. It's worth it and here are very grateful and nice readers.

    • I also saw the video look "scary beautiful" ...
      Of course, sad, but much better than junk press! So items may be "saved" or worked up. A meaningful and sustainable use / recycling.
      The video shows wonderful pictures, the music is adapted to the sad pictures and the drone shots at the end make us all disappear from the sad place ... Wonderful and big thanks to Justus and Jan! Class! 🙂

      • Well said. The "tracking shot" at the end is great. And the thought of seeing so many valuable spare parts, perhaps having a second life and putting it back on the road, is valid and very comforting.

  • Well, I'm not so sad now that on a Sunday there is no reader story .. 😉 Maybe then increase the chances yes, even in May to get hold of a folder can. I will only have the time to write the story on vacation and above all to take nice pictures! Of course, I would also do it without portfolio pay, if they should already be out.

    Very sad, however, are the pictures of the last resting place. Could not you treat the old beauties to a hall, or at least a roof over their heads or a taut tarpaulin? That's how they fall increasingly. But maybe that's also wanted. A Saab cemetery, better than the junk press. Still sad! 🙁 But a very successful film that captures the morbid charm very atmospheric, downright artistic and with matching musical accompaniment. I look forward to tomorrow and look forward to the participation of the guys! 🙂 It's great that there are also younger Saab enthusiasts!

    All seasons old and young Saab friends a nice Sunday - the weather invites to convertible tours! 🙂 But I have to work ... 🙁

  • PS Of course, I'm always happy about new reader stories! I read the enthusiastic, my introductory remark was meant to be joking, please do not misunderstand. There are certainly many interesting contributions, but sometimes we all need a little ... in the .... Thanks, Tom!


    I have intensively celebrated "the readers". Three articles and genders are a massive challenge in terms of language. In English (only one article) one does it much easier ...

    Personally, the SAAB blog seems to be far ahead of politics and media in Germany. At any rate, for the first time, I am consciously aware of the linguistically most intelligent and elegant solution for the German on the SAAB blog. Coincidence or typical SAAB?

    Anyway, finally no "ER" and "INSIDE", but only humans. Glorious. Progressive. Relaxed. Gender neutral. This is the way it should always be, everywhere and on every driver's seat. Or should I say, on every seat of the travelers?

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