Saab Inside No. 11 is here!

Last week, the Saab Inside No. 11 printed edition was dispatched. The workshops and service centers in Germany, Switzerland and Austria should now be supplied. And for Saab drivers there is an additional reason to head for the next base.

Saab Inside Number 11 is here!
Saab Inside No. 11 is here!

Because with the Saab Inside came the updated directory of the Saab workshops in Lichtenstein, Germany and the Alpine countries. In a practical, handy format, the right companion that can be found in every glove compartment. Sorted by postcode, you can quickly find the right partner in the event of a mishap with your Swedish car.

Surprising: On a map you can see the distribution of the Orio partners. Apart from a northern postcode area, the workshop density is still high. Higher, at least, than with other exotic brands that still produce vehicles.

Saab Inside No. 11 is available at the workshops

The issue no. 11 of the Saab Inside is an indication of where the customer magazine of Orio Deutschland GmbH will evolve in the future. Offensive support for the service bases, which can use every tailwind. The first issue was the portraits of three partners, others will follow in issue 12. In addition, the booklet to 100% Saab is pure and should remain so in the future. Other activities of the Orio AB will, so I have heard it at least, will not be found in the magazine in the future.

Issue no. 11 is in my opinion the most consistent book. By the great, by the Orio Germany subsidized edition, the printed version is accessible to every friend of the brand. Some readers, unfortunately not all, may also have received mail or may still receive it. In the first direct mailing in a long time, they are invited to visit the workshop - to pick up the print version of the Saab Inside.

It would be nice if they would also make an inspection, review, or the upcoming wheel change. Because the Saab workshop network needs our solidarity, if we want to continue to drive in the future with a car from Trollhättan.

If you need more reasons to stop by the next Saab / Orio base, you will find solid facts in my next article. Stay tuned!

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  • Got the magazine right now, there are actually many god Orio partners, but how many take Saab seriously and live for Saab? There are also some Orio partners in Austria, but Himberg is the best in Eastern Austria, knows the best and lives and loves Saab. In the other Saab is just a Randprodkut, as one is more likely to be persuaded to buy another car

  • @ Franken Troll & Tom.

    Thank you for that information. I'm smarter now. But also a little disillusioned ...
    I do not have to elaborate. But it's nice that Hirsch still remains close to us on the edge of his own and new business fields. After all!

  • Hirsch has a huge Mercedes center and Lamborghini. Previously also Volvo. But I do not think so now.

  • No. Quite openly in Switzerland. Googling a little helps, please search for “Hirsch Ruckstuhl” or “Kloten”. Then there are nice brands from Swabia and Italy.

  • The money with the other brands is then probably earned B to B?

    Quasi secret and under the public's radar? In any case, everything is still SAAB on the traditional website and I've been wondering how it works for years. So thanks for the AW and info from earlier ...

    It is commendable that SAAB still keeps its faith.

  • Hirsch has earned his money for a long time with other brands. But keeps Saab loyalty, and also provides performance improvement for older vehicles that have not been on the list for some time. If her condition is good!
    The story of Hirsch Performance may write who is closer, certainly not me.

  • Maybe the red deer will come up with the idea to work on their own history, to publish online and to provide the blog and the press with material and information?

    The blog must and cannot always do everything ...

    And maybe the deer will have other (good) news for SAAB drivers on the occasion?
    Perhaps you have considered something for the future, so that the business model SAAB long lasting?
    If it were so, you would be well advised to actively communicate this ...


    Yes, a very nice idea, I would be interested too! What does the blogger think about such a topic? 🙂 And true, you have to take into account the longer journeys up the mountain and back down to the respective friends with ... 😉

    Perhaps also one of the friendly Swiss has an info for me to E 85 at Agrola (see above)? I would be happy! 🙂

  • If you were to roll out Switzerland flat, it would be twice as large and the workshop density halved 😉

    In comparison with the flat MV or BRB, it is still heavenly. This connection between Switzerland and SAAB fascinates me. Homologated tuning parts and software upgrades / performance enhancements for new cars while maintaining the full SAAB guarantee did not come from the Swedes themselves (such as Maptun), but from the mountains (Hirsch) ...

    Unfortunately, I know little about this cooperation and connection. When exactly established?
    And how and why did Confederates and trolls come together so closely? ?
    With which models did it start and what did they do after the Swiss intervention compared to the original? ? ?

    This story is part of the SAAB history and I would devour it greedily and read it at least three times ...

  • The booklet is very interesting and well done! The two workshop booklets have already been separated and are in the glove compartments of my two beautiful sisters! 🙂 And, as already thought, the “white spot” is in the north-east (MV and BRB). With the exception of Berlin, Rostock (the nice team from H&B) and Rügen there is unfortunately no friend to be found.

    In contrast, I find the density of workshops in Switzerland absolutely impressive! Speaks for an equally high Saab density and loyalty. Cheers to the Confederates! 🙂 Anyway, we wanted to plan a few days of family visit in French Switzerland on Lake Geneva this year or next on the way to southern France - and then of course we can also refuel cheaply with E85 in F. At Agrola in German-speaking Switzerland, that should still exist. Is that correct? And what about the current price? It would be great if one of the numerous Swiss readers had a little bit of information for me. Thanks in advance! 🙂

  • I'm curious, must anyway pick up the Combi from the service in Himberg

  • With the friendly picked up! Great booklet, thank you 🙂

  • Last week my “new” second Saab was for inspection, inspection, wheel change and a few minor repairs at “my” one Saab Orio partner, today at the other and Saab specialist in the north to make a few extra requests to be retrofitted by me. Two Saab Inside booklets have already been secured! 🙂 In a couple of weeks, the convertible will be on with changing wheels, processing, servicing and a few nice “refinements”. Only these two Saab partners come to my Saabs here - in HH and SH - and I have only had the very best experiences so far. Super nice, committed, competent and inexpensive!

    I wonder where in the north the thin workshop density should be? In the far north-west or east, perhaps? In my opinion, HH and SH are still more of a stronghold. Well, I'll find out later in the supplement. Very nice that the SC is shown in the beautiful sapphire blue metallic on the booklet (international: fusion blue). I chose this color for my convertible, which I ordered as a new car in 2007 - it was just beautiful, with a blue top! And, at least as a convertible, extremely rare. Unfortunately, this color was soon discontinued in D, the land of the colorful black and silver friends 🙁.

    All the good trip and many pleasant and successful visits to the Saab partners!

  • A pity…. I was in Frankfurt yesterday because my Check Engine display was on. Unfortunately, the booklet wasn't available yet.

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