Saab accessories spring action

In a few days the season begins. Matching this, Orio Germany offers the workshops Saab accessories on special terms. The timing is right, it's perfect. It uses the Saab drivers and the workshops only if as many as possible know. So we report about it!

Saab 9-3 with ALU90 rims
Saab 9-3 with ALU90 rims

After the winter break, many Saabs are back on the road for the first time. The chance of at least occasionally meeting a vehicle from Trollhättan on the way increases daily. It is also the time when you could invest one or two euros in accessories in addition to the spring check.

Saab rims at special rates

In the current special offer Orio offers the contract partner two rims at reduced prices. The 18 ″ ALU90 turbine rim is almost a legend. It fits perfectly on the 9-3 II and also on the 9-5 I. It gives it a visibly fresher look, but must be entered. Orio had the popular rim reproduced, the stocks are abundant. Like the ALU57, a 16 ″ rim, both rims are offered to dealers at reduced prices.

Saab steering wheels at special conditions

Some steering wheels are unsightly due to prolonged use, or you have in his Saab only a linear, but no sports steering wheel. Orio offers 3 various types of steering wheel at reduced prices. For the Saab 9-5 NG is the beautiful sports steering wheel on offer. Attention: Here the stock is very low! And for the 9-3 II from model year 03 to 07 there is the Aero steering wheel with silver inserts and the sports steering wheel.

Saab front and rear spoiler

Need a spoiler? Orio has 4 of them on offer. An aero front spoiler for the 9-3, model year 03 to 07, and two rear spoilers. They are available for the cabriolet and the sedan from model year 2008. The original rear spoiler is available for 9-5 NG drivers. It's very rare to see, but it has its fans.

What else is there?

There are floor mats with and without embroidered Saab lettering for all 9-3 II types, ambient light and roof racks from model year 2006 onwards. There are also small parts such as a luggage net for the 9-5 NG, a trailer kit for the 9-3 from 2002 and a CD changer kit for the convertible from 03 to 06.

The price reductions vary according to the article, sometimes it is only a few percent, with other articles the reduction is considerable. The Saab / Orio workshops determine the prices individually, which is why no prices can be published here on the blog. It is definitely worth asking! It is also advisable to be quick. For some offers the stock is very low.

The action runs at all authorized Orio partners until at the latest 30.04.19 or while stocks last. A list as overview is here to Download deposited.

8 thoughts on "Saab accessories spring action"

  • It's a shame, nothing for me either - I'm still looking for original floor mats for my 2003 9-3 I Aero Cabrio ...

  • If Orio now even the Youngtimer (especially the 9000) discovered for myself, I would be happy as a SAAB driver! Otherwise strong action.

  • So I think the accessories are very interesting. Five years ago there was a really big action. Unfortunately, even back then you could not officially see a complete list, which I consider counterproductive. At the time, there was a really great and dedicated CEO (Mr. P.) from a recognized Saab base who took the trouble to package everything in a concise PDF document. The reward was a huge turnover. However, everything was connected with a huge effort for the dealership, the margin in the discounted parts low. If the SZ had not gone to such trouble at that time, many interesting accessories would have remained hidden to me. Too bad that there is no list this time, with quotations. Would have been much more customer friendly.

    • blank

      Yes, such a list would be really important and customer friendly. I'd also like to buy something, but I do not have the time to drive all the 10 to 20 Saab centers around here and see what part of the offerings they have and what I like about them. Is that perhaps somewhere online to see?

      • Little wishes fulfilled the blog! An overview I have by popular request as a PDF for download in the text.

  • blank

    The rims and floor mats would interest me

  • blank

    Would be nice if such actions take place regularly and would be published.

  • blank

    Too bad, there is nothing for my model and me ...

    Except for 18 ″ rims. But I already have 4 sets of wheels. Including 2 sets of 17 ″ rims. It's a matter of taste, of course, but personally I don't want to see or drive bigger ones on my 9-5 chrome glasses SC ...

    Above 17 ″, the look shifts significantly in the direction of a model car (Machbox or similar) and comfort and driving behavior just happened to be topics between my wife and me yesterday. In view of the numerous potholes, joints and dents in the Berlin road network, we agreed that the car should not be any harder. And yesterday he stood and drove on 16 ″ aluminum and winter tires ...

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