- The home of Saab Original

At the start of the season Orio AB, our original Saab spare parts supplier, presents its website in a new design. And also the contents have changed. They have become even saabiger. There is something for Saab riders to discover. We looked closer.

Orio. The home of Saab original
Orio. The home of Saab original

For everyone who has only come to the small brand from Göta Älv in recent years: Orio AB has a long brand tradition and emerged from the earlier Saab Parts AB. The former subsidiary of Saab Automobile AB ensured the supply of spare parts after 2011 and is not without reason called “The home of Saab Original” on its new site.

Today, the company is a successful logistician at the historic Nyköping site, aware of its roots and responsibility. The new website is no doubt about 100% Saab. A commitment to the brand and the vehicles. And she surprises with new content.

Platform for Saab owners and friends of the brand!

Yes, there is something to read! With the revised page, a new platform is also presented. The "Saab Original Community”Will surprise with news from the Saab world in the future. The site is still under construction and there is little content online. But that will change in the medium term.

Stories, news and tips about Saab are planned. The content will initially be provided by Sweden, but it may also come from Germany in the future. The topic is new, exciting, and we will see what will develop there. A bookmark on the promising Saab Original Community is a good decision!

MySaabCar Online

Another premiere in Germany will soon be “MySaabCar Online”. This makes even older Saabs a little bit digital. There should be a number of functionalities. Saab owners can manage several vehicles online, and can be reminded of service and HU appointments. Orio wants to provide useful information about individual models, there are exclusive brand news.

The launch of MySaabCar Online should be in early May, the blog will report. The new offer will replace the existing Saab Service Club in the coming months and transform it into a new phase.

3 years warranty!

The pages are still very fresh, a lot is under construction or will come in the next few weeks. There is hard work behind the scenes, but the basic concept and the course are set. Eight years after the last new car rolled off the production line in the Stallbacka, it is an emphatic commitment to the brand.

Why buy Saab original spare parts from Orio? Because there is a 3-year guarantee on Saab Original. The guarantee promise is quite unique and a reason to have your Saab serviced at an Orio / Saab base.

In addition to the new functionalities and those that will follow, the new website therefore still offers the location search after an authorized workshop.

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    What I still miss very much (or am I just too stupid to find that?), In any case, the parts special offers and promotions, if there are no spare parts on the page to look at.

    I can understand that these are not offered online to support the Saab workshops, but at least you could show the things that you can then buy from the partners. For example with the current spring campaign: I would love to see which rims, floor mats, etc. are available at which prices. Then you could have a good browse, call the friend and ask if I can get certain rims and he can reserve them. When I was at Etehad and Lafrentz in March (where I was looked after very well as always and my new second Saab was repaired and pimped up very well), they didn't exist yet. Now I don't have the time for personal visits. Instead, you look online at the relevant providers, where, however, until a few days ago, I couldn't find anything about the action. There are only the Orio online shops for Finland (Euro), SE, DK or GB, where you can not order anything from D, but at least have a look - but not knowing whether the offers are the same as in D.

    Is there something planned, Tom?

    • I agree with 100%. Sales can only be generated with well-informed customers, there is still room for improvement. The current plans are not known to me, a visit to Orio is scheduled for May. Eventually there will be news.

      • blank

        Thank you for the answer and also the possible demand for Orio in May! 🙂

  • How about if ORIO would be interested in the production of the Lightbar of the NG. That too would be very customer friendly.

    • I think you are touching a sore point. The topic is a perennial favorite.

      • blank

        …or not. * hey *

  • It would be nice if Saab could update its digital dealer directory. My main workshop in Dortmund, which I sorely miss, has unfortunately not existed for over a year, but it is still listed. Are the others all still up to date? And when I read “visit our FB page for the latest posts”: please consider, there are also Saab drivers who deliberately do not use FB etc. Thank you.

    • Something similar for me: I've been asking myself for a few years (even at the time of my old 2002'er 9-5 SC arc) at one or two workshops in the wider area whether they are really still "active" Support Saab.

      And even with Facebook, I actually act like you. 🙂

      • blank

        Then we are in terms of FB already three.

        Shame about the website, when it turns out to be more static, content less and less attractive than it could and should be because of and with reference to FB activities.

        PR departments rarely do each other, companies, brands and products a favor when, in the ether and breath of Zuckerberg, unspecific likes and followers are generated, of which you can and will buy thousands for a few dollars ...

        It can not be easier and cheaper for a PR boss. The CEOs are impressed by the quick successes and the numbers and the PR is fine. Still, because sooner or later, the first CEO and eventually even the last will have realized that FakeBook is not the gateway to the world, not the key to the market and also not targeted.

        The time when PR departments can conveniently hide behind FakeBook and (bought) followers and likes will end someday.

        • blank

          bezügl. FB: 4 🙂
          Best regards!

          • It's the same for me: never FB, Twitter, Instagram, etc. And no WhatsApp either. I don't need all these data octopuses, I don't want to, I don't have to have the whole world put some private pictures and I don't have time for such nonsense. Esp. Regarding WhatsApp you have to keep hearing from friends that you are a dinosaur who has fallen out of time. But they all look stupid from the laundry when I tell you that I haven't typed anything for almost 20 years, but only work with (offline) speech recognition and have been reading e-books for just as long, especially foreign language, which is great because of the built-in dictionary.

            What I like about Saab, especially with the very last models, is that they are still technically up-to-date and intuitive to use, but can hardly be operated without all this three to four-fold touchscreen madness, which not only looks ... In my opinion, it is also a high security risk, as one is distracted.

          • blank

            That's what 7 does: 0 vs. XNUMX. Fakebook.

            And presumably all 7 agree that there are advantages and advances in the digital, if you know how to use it selectively and in a targeted manner. There are definitely digital tools, but unfortunately there are also far too many fools ...

    • blank

      FB is increasingly a no-go area. Companies that still rely on FB today have not understood the trend. The orientation with its own community platform is therefore right in the beginning. Is only the question if Orio really wants to do something and can?

      Many question marks!

      • blank

        I think so too. FB = please do not!

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    I am happy and grateful for every message / news that I can still clearly assign to SAAB years after the bankruptcy. With the only legitimate successor to Saab Parts AB, that's refreshingly easy for me ...

    But not even the SAAB Parts AB is called SAAB, but Orio. Am always surprised when I read in messages to NEVZ comments in which it says NEVZ should please again strive for the brand name (SAAB).

    Yes why still and what for? I could not see any reference to our SAABs or to myself personally if cars produced in China for the Chinese market were called SAAB. And the Chinese shouldn't really care what the cars are called. If there is a large market anywhere in the world where tradition is frowned upon and everything new is good or at least interesting, then this is the Chinese ...

  • When the page is finished, the new SAAB cars will arrive. !!!!!!!!!

    • blank

      Optimist 🙂

  • blank

    I'm curious what else is coming.

  • blank

    A SAAB-worthy web appearance! 🙂
    Quote: The content delivers initially Sweden, but it may be that they come from Germany in the future.
    What does this sentence / info mean?
    Possibly: currently Is there a lot of work being done in S on the WWW page ... soon also on the texts / suggestions that come from D ???
    Does a “change” ring in ???
    Anyway, the blog is alive! 🙂 The articles are highly informative! 🙂 Wonderful.

    • Everything is fresh, especially the new “Community Platform”. Nyköping wants / will take care of the contributions based on the current status. The question is the future direction, and whether there will be content that is “country-specific” for the DACH region.

      This will be discussed for the next few weeks, and it is completely open at the present time what happens. But exciting!

      Everything is on the move 😉

  • blank

    Nice, even if the contents are still a bit thin. But you can make something out of it and I'm curious how the new page develops.

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