Saab Turbo X. A dream car will be miniature.

Time for our short messages! There are some cars in life that you must have driven. My choices are very specific; A Porsche, an Alfa and a Daimler have left lasting impressions on me. And of course some Saabs. Far ahead: the Turbo X. A car that I had a good time with.

Saab Turbo X 1: 18. Come 2019 in summer!
Saab Turbo X 1: 18. Come 2019 in summer!

Saab Turbo X 1: 18

Already in 2008, when it premiered, the TX had somehow fallen out of time. Too loud, drunk, and not as cultivated as you could expect from a Saab back then. Nevertheless, and probably because of that, the Saab was fascinating.

There were only 2.000 pieces, which naturally limited the circle of owners. And even today, where a TX with high mileage has become affordable, it remains a car for the few. Because the maintenance costs are not exactly cheap.

The fascinating Turbo X is made by DNA Collectibles appreciated. In summer, the TX saloon comes in the scale 1: 18. We can throw a first, exclusive view of the miniature today. He is promising.

DNA Collectibles Bundles

You have to wait a bit for the Turbo X. Already today, DNA Collectibles offers interesting models from Saab, including the 9-5 NG sports estate, the 9-3 Viggen Cabriolet, the Aero X and the NEVS 9-3 prototypes.

On selected bundles, with or without Saab, the manufacturer currently offers interesting 20% discount.

Post from the Saab workshop

How long has it been since the last post with Saab logo landed in my mailbox? It must be very, very long ago. A few days ago a postcard finally arrived again. As part of Orio's current spring campaign. Sender: Saab Service Frankfurt.

A postcard from Saab Service Frankfurt
A postcard from Saab Service Frankfurt

A small reminder that the current Saab Inside is ready for pickup. It's great! Unfortunately, not all Orio / Saab partners took part. The DSGVO and its effect sends greetings. Not all garages have their address inventory at the legally required level.

Really a pity, because it is a missed opportunity to deepen customer loyalty. But maybe next autumn will be a new action?

6 thoughts on "Saab Turbo X. A dream car will be miniature."

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    The Turbo X is sold? I should grow the 1.18ner, which is easier than a real one.

    • blank

      Long time. You can not keep every car, great as it may be.

      He is in good hands in the Kiel area.

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    yesssssss !! I think suu super! be one of the first with a TX on the shelf and in the garage 🙂 Thanks DNA!

  • blank

    ONLY dream of SAAB as a model car ???

  • blank

    Very nice! Would be great if DNA would make the complete 9-3 range. Sedan, station wagon, 9-3X and Cabriolet!

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    The photo is called a teaser ...

    But I think the monochrome version is so cool that I would prefer to have a complete collection of navy-gray SAAB models without discs in a high-gloss white shelf in the living room. Automobiles and sculptures reduced to the essentials by SAAB - ingenious.

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