Saab at the Techno Classica 2019

The Techno Classica opened its doors in Essen yesterday. With us, as always, the 1st German Saab Club. He is presenting the Trollhättan brand this year with a Saab 99 and a 96. Very traditional - you could say. Maybe a little boring? It is not at all, because one of the exhibits has something to tell.

Saab presents 2 classics at the Techno Classica 2019
Saab presents 2 classics at the Techno Classica 2019

Yes, a Saab stand, but no turbo in sight. That may be tough, but it's still entertaining. Because the Saab 99 has a fate that you would not suspect at first glance.

From the junkyard to the Techno Classica 2019

1984 was built the Saab 99 GL 5 Speed. The last year of the series, and whoever took 99, wanted something solid and proven. For a long time there was the 900, which was bigger, more luxurious and much more motorized. On the other side of the Västra Götland, 99 bought only convincing offenders, and these were never disappointed.

Saab 99, saved from the recycler
Saab 99, saved from the recycler

The 99 proved itself for almost 20 years until 2003. Then the engine stuck and the owner was no longer interested in the little Saab. Like many of his kind, he went to the junkyard. There it was lying in a pile on a Daihatsu, and together the Japanese and Swedes waited for their final end. But not for long. Because the little Swede should be very lucky.

A good friend of the current owner discovered the 99, the action Saab rescue started, and the cherry-red Saab was saved from the press. A good decision! Because, if you exclude the problem with the engine, then the Saab was in a good, almost stainless state.

Visitors of the Techno Techno Classica find the 99 in hall 8A, booth 110. In the vehicle interior pictures of his eventful history are deposited. There is no need to worry about the future of the classic anymore. He has been in good hands for years, survival is assured. Because Saab drivers are considered loyal and sometimes a bit stubborn. They stick to their vehicles for a long time, as did the second exhibit on the Saabclub's stand.

Saab 96 GL Super

The second Saab of this guaranteed turbo-free presentation is an 96 GL Super from 1979 at the show. It is zino-red, features minilite rims and original front and rear spoilers. It was 40 years ago in November that he ran off the line. During this time, the 96 had just two owners, which as I said, is typical for the brand.

Saab 96 GL. 2 owners in 40 years
Saab 96 GL. 2 owners in 40 years

The members of the 1. German Saab clubs are happy about many visitors and good discussions. I will travel to Essen on Friday. Let's see what else is on the subject of Saab, and what makes the other Swedish brand.

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    Hello Herbert,
    there is a picture of 16: 44 clock, there is at least the mirror on it 🙂
    Unfortunately, time was missing for the hood diving.
    The owner of the vehicle was briefly at the stand, but it just wasn't enough ...

    • blank

      Hello Martin,

      I already thought that the hood diving or indoor shots could be organisationally difficult.
      It's great that more cars and recordings have been added. Just with the 95 - including a photo of the dashboard (!!!) - you gave me a lot of pleasure. But also with the sonnet and the detail of ...

      Or, or, or ...

      Thanks again ! ! !

    • blank

      Thank you! This is top service for that part of the community that doesn't make it to Essen ...

      If I should have something else, then the photos for prevented grebes, from the rear, of luggage and interior, the fittings and a look in the outside mirror of the 99 ;-).

      Nice cars. The pictures smell of pine (with a tiny hint of oil & gasoline) and taste of blueberries. Wonderful ...

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      Thank you also for the recent pictures. There are still some pearls from the Swedish automobile industry added. It's always worth looking at and watching - it's a real pleasure.

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    As was the case last at the MotorShow in December, I have again created a web album this year in which I would like to "accompany" the exhibition stand a little bit visually.
    I put the link down there in the description.
    There is not much content at the moment, but since I will be at the booth all day tomorrow, there will surely be some pictures tomorrow.

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    The 99s, long underestimated, still drives well in everyday life, except that the all-round visibility is significantly better than in today's cars….

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      Analog all-round view

      That sounds good. Large windows, side windows and narrow columns. Does the 99er already have mirrors with an extended angle?

      That would be of great interest to me, because the above combination of features represents the crown of the automotive development history for me in terms of a good sense of space. Younger and youngest cars do not approach it any more.

      You can plug in as much electronics as you like, but the uncomfortable feeling of not having an immediate overview and control will always go with you ...

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    Thanks for this nice SAAB story! Again and again to smile. THANKS to the rescuers / idealists! 🙂
    Many interesting people at the fair at the SAAB stand!

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    Saab and Daihatsu, what a coincidence. My parents had a Daihatsu in addition to a Saab.
    Everyone who goes to the fair can have fun

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    Wonderful cars and wonderful stories! Thanks for writing it down!

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    Great story. Nice that there is the blog. Otherwise, I would have really seen the 99 as bland. Sorry ***

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    "That's just great"! Wonderful.

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    A MAN …

    ... named Ove is hammering on his coffin lid with both fists. Why? He wants to eat.
    Wonderfully cranky and shifted. A visual delight, too, how the carpet and the cars bite each other. Huge indicators, black exterior mirrors, bumpers and spoilers with EZ 1979 on a car that is otherwise more reminiscent of the late 1940s. Authentic, historical, delicious and thoroughly Swedish ...

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      That's true. The red tones are a violent symphony 😉

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      Hahaha ... interesting episode SAAB 99 and DAIHATSU after more than 35 years this name combination again:

      Reminds me of the early stages of the '99, when the original test vehicle made its first camouflaged journeys under the name DAIHATSU, which is still almost unknown in our latitudes ... this is called luck of survival thanks to its history of origin!

      Thanks for the rescue.

      • blank

        That is unbelievable …

        Had to read your comment several times to understand the scope of the information and the humor in it. Terrific!
        Thanks a million for that ...

        In my eyes, the 99 is becoming more and more the first SAAB modern (more) imprinted. Undoubtedly an important and very historic model. Both are very well chosen for food. Hats off to the club ...

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