The Saab 9-5 or Incarnation of Sustainability

I must confess that I actually came to the Saab by accident. Anyone who renovates an old house, knows that there is always something to transport. So I drove a white VW T3 double cabin.
The Saab 9-5 - pure sustainability
The Saab 9-5 - pure sustainability

Until the day came when my double cabin in the Weser tunnel with a huge white cloud of smoke died of cylinder head death at 375.000km. A replacement engine cost at least 1500 €. The old turbocharger and the old diesel pump, which was also incontinent, grow on the new engine?

Not really!

With installation costs, I would then come to 3000 Euro. That was a bit much for a former roofer car. So I put him on Facebook on the T3 page just as he was for 800 €. It did not take fifteen minutes - and he was gone.

Then I stumbled upon Ebay classifieds in Osterholz via a Saab 9-5. Without TÜV, for 750 €. Since it was only 20 km - go there. Apart from broken brakes and a crack in the windshield, "my" Saab was fine. During the negotiations I was able to negotiate new brake discs and pads. Perfect!

The next morning on to the road traffic. There I wanted to buy "disposable license plates" to get my Saab home. I got to hear then: Osterholz is another district. There are no one-way plates for this.

The junkyard operator in Lemwerder got him for 50,00 € and solved my problem. After a big "shipyard lay time", the Saab has been driving without problems since 3 1 / 2 years. Even 800 km tours to the US Army were never a problem. Meanwhile, he has unpacked 312.000km and runs as on the first day.

Sustainability has a name: SAAB! Just like my friend's Borgward Isabella in the neighborhood. He still drives wedding couples to the church today ...

Ask me if I would buy the Saab again ...

Thanks to Michael Dabeck for the Saab story on Sunday! How is it in everyday life with an older Saab? What do you experience, how do friends, colleagues and the family react? With indulgence, enthusiasm or compassion? How do you keep the Saab alive, what do you do with spare parts and workshops, how do you optimize or restore the old Swedes?

A broad topic for the "Saab stories 2019!". Challenging, but also interesting. How does it look with the fans, how strong does the Saab heart beat in everyday life? Write it to us, it's worth it!

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    This is synonymous with incarnation and incarnation. So I understand the headline so that the 9-5 would embody sustainability. I have basically nothing to oppose ...

    What a pity that the story does not go into what this sustainability should be? Does it speak for or against the sustainability of a SAAB, if you as a previous owner new brakes pack on it, in order to get rid of the ready to drive (!) Car even for 7 Euro 50? What makes a cost-conscious and blessed with a lot of negotiating skills buyer, as soon as the SAAB might ask a little attention (and money) from him?

    Is this a reader's contribution pleading for the preservation of SAABs or on the contrary for the cost-conscious consumption and wear of remaining SAABs? Questions about questions ...

    In any case, no carefree reading pleasure.
    I'm glad that I was allowed to start this Sunday with new photos from Essen! ! !

    • I would say a little cost and still reliable as crazy. That's what the author wants to say. Not every one of us can handle words as well as you.

  • also an interesting story that shows that a Saab does not have to be expensive

    • I'm saddened how cheap he was.
      And I'm sorry for the previous owner, who was spanked by new brakes on this circuit.

      The only content and conclusion of the story is that mobile and reliable SAABs are given away with leather seats,
      that you have to add new parts in wrapping paper and wrapped in a bow ...

      Never shoot the messenger. Nothing against Michael Dambeck. Nice that he found the way to SAAB. But I'm certainly not clapping my hands when I read that a SAAB that's good for tens of years and many thousands of miles is worth nothing anymore.

      That says a lot about supply and demand. And thus also about sustainability in our society. Insofar as a gifted 9 5 does not embody this, it is not their incarnation, but an expression of the throwaway society and its lack of appreciation for existing but used products - at least if this product is a SAAB 9-5. A sad story. But also an honest and a mirror of reality.

      Ironically, it is the T3 that despite capital engine failure Michael Dambeck in less than 15 min was ripped from the hands and should probably be rebuilt, which embodies sustainable thinking in this story.

      • That's the way it is. Of course, the community is happy about the rescued 95. Also I find frightening, for which course one gets here a middle class vehicle in its middle of life. This basically also applies to other brands that are beyond the mainstream. But, as we saw in the scrapping scheme, sustainability is obviously not wanted when scrapping fully functional cars to bring a new car to the public that consumes a few tenths of a liter less than any imaginary grain.

  • It is no secret that our older cars are emotionally very valuable to us, but the reality has only small Euro bills to offer. No matter how well-groomed they are. But is not it also Saab Spirit not to give what others see for values ​​in our cars?

    • Is everything right, but it's not about the others ...

      Apparently and despite a shrinking stock, there is no sufficient interest in the currently remaining SAABs - depending on the model and equipment sometimes as good as none at all.

      If the car can not cost anything, I have great doubts that the affected SAABs always get everything they need. Some of them will probably end up as slaughter cattle or in the press in the next few years - with worn tires, a broken ignition cartridge or a worn out clutch (not very cheap) ...

      That may not be a secret and after all, that will eventually increase the value of the remaining SAABs, but I find this path still sad and certainly not sustainable.

  • Yes, I agree. Even with me, the article was due to its brevity and its content just a tired and questioning feeling back, which is why I did not comment on it at first. I'm not a screwdriver and know only the workshop prices, which I have paid for brake discs (!) Andbeläge - so the poor seller would have paid even very neat. In this respect, it is high to blame that he has the 9-5 nonetheless "given away" instead of him - for the purpose of submitting a state premium from the Fund to promote the German fraud industry - to exchange for a new car and consecrate the junk press. He probably was - for a good reason - attached to the 9-5er and grateful to him for all his years of loyal service. Let's hope that it's the current owner and it stays that way, if the old friend needs a bit (more expensive) attention. After all, the last sentence reads like this ...

    • That's exactly what I had considered - whether I should include a comment on this reader contribution indefinitely or entirely ...

      The article by Michael Dabeck is a bit short and succinct, and the focus seems to be very much on one's own negotiating skills and personal advantage ...

      In the meantime, the article has fallen for me and I also see other and positive aspects. If you can achieve a personal advantage, then that also speaks for the acquisition and receipt of SAABs. And after all, the cracked windshield, the acquirer (Michael Dabeck) probably have renewed at their own expense and account.
      Otherwise the 9-5 would not have passed the HU.

      I believe that the readers "Schwarzer Saab" and "Ken-Daniel S" are the only ones who were able to classify the reader's contribution right away. Two or three more sentences would probably have helped you or me too, to come to similar conclusions? Too bad that they are missing and that their absence creates unnecessary confusion ...

      But in the end, Michael Dabeck bought an 9-5 without TÜV, operated for meanwhile 3,5 years (end is open) and thus helped to date at least two more and passed HUs, in which the previous owner was no longer interested. Bulky story. For my part a late insight. But maybe not too late?

      Michael Dabeck,
      I take off my hat and wish you a lot of fun, many kilometers and years with the very nice 9-5! ! !

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