Two days of car culture. Saab scene Frankfurt.

From Essen to Frankfurt. Of the High Price show of the shiny sheet metal to the base. Opposites could hardly be more exciting. It's cold this Saturday. Normal pre-Easter weather, the thermometer climbs with difficulty above 0 degrees. In addition, a cold north wind blows and some snow falls.

Even more Saab barely goes. Event in the workshop
Even more Saab barely goes. Event in the workshop

The word about winter barbecuing goes round. But, there is no inappropriate weather, at most the wrong clothes. The 9000 needs to be washed urgently, at these temperatures the car wash has to do it instead of the washing area. The car wash is free - of course. Who washes his vehicle in snow and cold?

Winter barbecue at Saab Service Frankfurt

Then the 9k taxi can play, collect 2 friends, and off we go to Frankfurt-Fechenheim. With its huge amount of space, the Saab is the ideal taxi for up to 5 people - and the best travel sedan anyway. Of the Saab Club Rhein Main and Wolfgang Messer invite you to a barbecue in the car dealership, Saab Service Frankfurt supports the event. 30 to 40 friends of the brand had agreed, but they will appear in the uncomfortable conditions?

Of course, because who drives a Swedish car, makes the wind and weather little. The yard is full, other vehicles park on the street. The workshop is partially vacated, the grill is in the yard. For food and drink is well taken care of, the atmosphere is relaxed.

The Saab classics dominate this meeting. Well-maintained 900s, surprisingly many 9000, and older vehicles are in the majority. This corresponds to the current trend in the Saab world. For every diesel that disappears for export, a customer comes unexpectedly with a classic, I am told. The order situation in Frankfurt is good, the space in the workshop should be more.

In addition: since that Saab center Mainz has finally caught up with the flags, the former customers are drawn to Frankfurt. Of course, on a day like this one speaks almost exclusively “gasoline”. The topics are endless, but the scene is manageable. Vehicles keep appearing whose history is known. And vehicles are being restored that a few years ago had little chance. And which, with a heavy heart, had almost been written off.

High-gloss classics are virtually absent in the Saab world. And that's good. Maybe that's why everything that has been so much about the brand in recent years is closer to real life. In Frankfurt people meet this day who enjoy pure joy of their Swedish car. Who do not let go of discussions, and who live their very own way of sustainability.

The afternoon in Frankfurt is over too fast. At some point I get cold, the 9000 gives the taxi back and brings me and my two friends home. In the meantime Carl Benz Street parks the probably only Saab 9-5 NG taxi in Germany. Always nice to see, and yet it makes you think. Because it stands for what could have been.

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  • Dear Tom,
    nice that we have seen each other again after such a long time. I felt directly addressed in your article and it is balm for the soul, that also the slightly rocked or no pretty boy toy SAAB will be noticed.
    It was a fine move from Gerard that we were allowed to hang out in his workshop. Thank you, it continues with passion.

  • You read something like that more and more ...

    If SAAB (forced) in more and more households not only becomes the second car, but also in more and more households of the second is the secret favorite car, then the trolls must have done a lot damn well despite insolvency. Presumably, they find comfort and confirmation in this development. They are right!

  • I can confirm that Tom. My Saab 93 SC is after 11 years and 340Tsd. Kilometers as diesel hiked towards Poland. As my new car is unfortunately not Saab anymore (I can be) I bought a 9-3 I convertible as a seasonal vehicle :-). Because without Saab does not work !!

  • That reads well, gives hope and courage. Nice action and great report. Thank you.

  • Nice report. Thanks a lot for this.

  • Frankfurt! - If only it weren't for the A3 between BA and F ...

  • Great report, thank you

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