My Saab stories. How it all started ... ..

I grew up in the automotive desert of Polish communism. While my parents counted the years until they were assigned the Polski Fiat 126 - and the wait took seventeen - I silently envied our neighbor driving a Lada.

Timeless beautiful Saab!
Timeless beautiful Saab!

The doctor who lived a few doors down had a license-built Fiat 131 Mirafiori. By Western standards, it was comparable to a Rolls Royce ... ..

Years later - I was meanwhile around the 20 and lived in the beautiful Dusseldorf - I was often allowed to enjoy it as a passenger of a Saab 900 I Turbo on the way. Still had no real idea of ​​Saab, but the magic light of the faucets, the hiss of the turbo and the fine leather burned in my subconscious mind.

Another "Saabimpfung" I got when friends not only bought a 900 Coupe Aero, but also let me use. He was white - then a freaked special color - wild and beautiful. I wore black for months when he was sold. We are still happy today.

Strangely enough, in my own garage, despite the coinage, there was nothing satiny for a long time.

Until I decided to drive a Volvo V70 years later: the time has come !!!

I was on 40, commuting between Spain and Germany and had an important reason to present myself. The bill was quite simple: Gift + Spain + Convertible = SAAB. From the Saabszene, the peculiarities of the individual models and engines, development drama 900 II, the differences 900 II and 9-3 unknowing, I allowed myself something, which many Saabisten designate as the Supergau: 900 II V6 convertible year 1994.

Yes dear friends. I did it. For me, Saab was Saab. And this was ruby ​​red with light leather, automatic, full checkbook, a folder bills, garage car and only washed by hand. A dream!!!!

Now he had to drive to Spain and register there. We were separated almost twice from each other. Despite October, I was - frosted in the summer of course - accompanied by the first blizzards and constant rain on the ride. Meanwhile, the Spanish authorities gave me the tip to leave the convertible open in the garden and to plant a palm tree in the middle. The Spanish datasheet for the V6 could not be found because the V6 was not sold in Spain. Only with the help of the Saab headquarters in Madrid I made it.

Meanwhile, our friendship lasts over 10 years. With over 100.000 km pure enjoyment that is disturbed now and then by a burst hose, electronic spinning mills or a broken plastic handle.

And I learned a lot about it. That, for example, workshops whose facades have several brand names should generally be avoided. But there is also a great workshop network run by former Saab employees.

Or that almost every spare part is to be found somewhere. That the 900 II is much saunterer than those who never drove it mean mine. That the sonorous bubbling of the V6 is a feast for the ears. That you do not really need a convertible in Spain - the sun is simply too strong 10 months a year. But there is the winter and the astonished looks of my fellow citizens. And that is not to joke with the Spanish summer hail.

Gustav will crack the 300.000 KM in the coming weeks. I have done a lot for him:

  • an engine and transmission with 80.000 kilometers - thank the collision damage on a coupe
  • new top - natural aging
  • new paint - the above-mentioned summer hail
  • new front seats - Yes. The leather in the 900 I was better
  • and, of course, the regular maintenance

Now he stands there like an annual car. And our friendship will surely take many more years. Over time, I find him in his clear design language always beautiful. And I am also thrilled with the long-term quality of the 900 II.

It could also have been my only Saab if I had not read an ad in the Spanish Autoscout one day: Saab 9000 CS 2-3 turbo automatic, 11 / 91 (again the first year of manufacture), dark green, brown leather and, and, and…..

I did it. But this is another story.

Thanks to the "Lizzi" for the Saab story on Sunday - which appears for once on Easter Monday! How is it in everyday life with an older Saab? What do you experience, how do friends, colleagues and the family react? With indulgence, enthusiasm or compassion? How do you keep the Saab alive, what do you do with spare parts and workshops, how do you optimize or restore the old Swedes?

A broad topic for the "Saab stories 2019!". Challenging, but also interesting. How does it look with the fans, how strong does the Saab heart beat in everyday life? Write it to us, it's worth it!

We thank you for every published article with an exclusive Saab-Scania board.

9 thoughts too "My Saab stories. How it all started ... .."

  • Hello Lizzi,
    well written, thank you very much!
    Continue to enjoy the "bubbling" Saab.
    I've just cleaned with quick finisher, an, almost, sensual pleasure ...

  • Nice report! 🙂
    (I would have liked a Saabiges convertible again and again ... but unfortunately there is no room in purse and yard ... a Swede must unfortunately be enough) ;-(

  • Thanks Lizzi. Fleet nice story. A reading pleasure for Easter.

    Did not expect that this long weekend will be published something. Thanks also to Tom.

  • Nice report. I liked it very much. Have fun with this fine Saab.

  • I read with pleasure. "My Saab stories?" That sounds like more ...

    Look forward to the sequels!

  • Thanks for the great Saab Story! The 900 looks great with this rich, red color. We do not have to talk about the zeptlos beautiful form of 900 II and 93 I, which is simply awesome. Continue to enjoy the beautiful convertible.

  • beautiful story, nice to hear also from the Spanish Saabsituation.

  • Very nice!! I am always happy to read such stories about the 902. My two 902 (convertible & coupe) are "only" 22 years old, but the long-term quality, there is nothing to moan 🙂

  • Very nice and beautifully written story!

    The 902 convertible in cayenne red, with beige leather and the early moose shovels is in my eyes a real eye-catcher, very rare.

    The paragraph "I was about 40 [...]" also leaves me with the 3. Reading smiles, and yes, sometimes (and very rarely), it's lucky to be uninformed and cliched. I would never have bought a 902 CV before Bj. 96, and certainly not the V6. But as you can see, here are some great specimens that have probably gone through every workshop campaign and eventually developed the late 902's own long-term quality.

    My 96 902 2.0i CC has now cracked the 320 tkm as a daily driver, and everything but the ignition distributor and consumables (clutch, brakes ...) is from 1996, a long-term quality that launches my 931.

    Have fun with the beautiful Spanish "winter convertible"!
    and always accident-free and puncture-free ride!


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