Sion test drives in Trollhättan

Something is happening on the historic test track at the old Saab factory! Sono Motors invites to the test drive of the Sion. Is there another chapter in Trollhättan's automotive history? Welcome to our short messages.

The Sion can be tested in Trollhättan
The Sion can be tested in Trollhättan. Photo: Sono Motors

Last week, a new name appeared: Sono Motors. A startup from Munich, which wants to build the innovative Sion in the old Saab factory starting this fall. In an almost sinister way, Sono Motors seems to fit the Saab history. Or who, if not a cross-thinking, young team, already sets Moss for air filtration in the interior?

While I'm considering whether to give the Sion and Sono Motors some attention on the blog, you can test drive the electric car in Sweden. On the 27. and 28. April on the old Saab test track, then in Trosta Park and on the Malmö Raceway. An intelligent move, because with the production in Trollhättan the Sion becomes half Sweden, and part of the production could stay in the country. Electromobility is much farther in the metropolitan areas of Göteborg and Stockholm than in Germany. The chances are good.

The best adverts from Saab

Because we are in Sweden right now ... the lateral thinkers of Saab did not just build fascinating cars. The partly very humorous advertisement from Trollhättan was also legendary. From the old 93 times, to the strong 9000 years, to the end, the advertisers always came up with something out of the ordinary.

Saab is not forgotten in Sweden, even if the brand disappears visibly from everyday life. The Auto-Motor-Sport has put together the best ads. And it's still fun to look at them.

Saab and Volvo 2018 on the classic days
Saab and Volvo 2018 on the classic days

Classic Days Schleswig Holstein

Not a few think Schleswig Holstein for a southern part of Sweden. There could be - at least, as far as the automotive inclinations are concerned - something to it. In the northernmost state, and also in Hamburg, Saab was always strongly represented.

On the 18. and 19. May find in the Holstenhallen Neumünster the Classic days instead of. The two Swedish brands will be present at a joint stand in hall 5. In addition to two Volvos to the current planning a Saab 9000 CD, a 900 first series and a Saab 90 to be seen.

An appointment that should be noted.

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  • You seem to be experiencing your high points when something is being produced in the old Saab production halls, even if the product has no direct link to the Saab fire. It leaves me relatively cold. On my last trip to northern Norway, I did not even drive by in Trollhättan. But I would be interested to know what would be the current or tomorrow's opportunities to re-enable the Saab brand and buy / buy from GM to indemnify him and to be able to use for future productions of the latest automotive technology again. That would be a real challenge. Can anyone tell me if anyone cares or what the current obstacles are? What does this situation look like today? After all, there have been a few years in the bushes since the last attempt ....

    • A highlight is certainly not. Basically, it is a step in the right direction. Before you can think about the "Saab Brand", which is owned solely by Saab AB and not GM, you have to show substance. This was obviously missing in recent years.
      Contract manufacturing for Sono Motors and the possible production of Koenigsegg in the Stallbacka could be a way to get there. The perspective for the location is now back in the approaches, but the proof itself is still pending. Everything else is just wishful thinking at the moment.

    • "You seem so (...)"

      This is called solidarity - with the trolls, the people, the location, the region.

      And personally, I'm not so sure if I want to see the name SAAB ever again on another car, as compared to those that SAAB has built so far. Of course it would depend on the car ...

      But a branding alone would not make me happy, rather sad. The name already wants to be earned.

  • So there really seems to be something to do? Those in Munich are serious. I'm curious what happened in the fall 2020 really. At the moment I think everything is possible, the change in mobility could be a real opportunity for the Sion.

    Of course, SAAB does not bring it all back. That's history. At least for the moment, you should never give up hope completely.

  • The world keeps turning, right? As much as I like Saab, the times are changing rapidly. Write about Sono? Why not? If he comes from Troll Town, so much the better!

  • Solidarity with Trollhättan and the Swedes working there, that's one reason why I enjoy the statement that "movement" comes into the venerable old SAAB work.
    The new lateral thinker revive a work of the old lateral thinker is a good start. I keep my fingers crossed.
    Therefore: like more reports about the new start up! 🙂

  • MOOS - what a charming detail ...

    At some point the Trollhättan FLIEWATÜÜT becomes reality - powered by blue or raspberry juice. Or with sea buckthorn. Fuel in blue, red and gold - just the well-known SAAB logo.

    Just kidding, but a moss filter is cool.

  • It's of course nice that something happens again in Trollhättan - but why in the world do electric cars (apart from a few exceptions) always look so awful? Since the Sion does not work. Something like you do not like to watch? But I'm probably just an old white man who does not want to see the signs of the times ...

    • But I'm probably just an old white man. I throw myself away a bit. The mayor of Tübingen, Palmer, also talks like that. To the appearance of electric cars, I agree with you fully. The Teslas are design-technical recycled Mazdas, The Renault Zoe is ok. Somehow one has the impression with many electric vehicles: at the very end, a body is packed around the battery pack. Whereby there were in the 60-ger, 70-ger years and in the Asian area even with the cars quite loveless designed vehicles.

      • Maybe the Sion is just the first serve - and then there's something "in nice" ... 😉

  • Of course it would be better for us Saab fans if Saabs are built there again, but unfortunately that is not the case. And it is indeed a certain sustainability to use existing. In the case the Saabwerk.

  • I look at the future around Sono Motors critically. Not only that, I see here a similarity to NEVS (repeatedly announced production, time delay, etc.) is until the second half of 2020 still plenty of time. Not only is Sono Motors just over 1 year in arrears, I think that by then other manufacturers will have prevailed. That I think the battery-powered vehicle is completely inappropriate is a personal opinion.
    For Trollhättan I would have liked a startup around topics such as hydrogen, synthetic fuels or similar. Batteries, however, make many - a pity.

    I think that a start for the brand SAAB would be quite realistic. Already at that time I always thought, why production and development were put on the level of a sports car manufacturer like Lotus / Spyker etc. A smart Start Up like company that carries the thoughts of SAAB would certainly have a chance.

    • Hydrogen and synthetic fuels are inefficient and practically dead in the car sector. And that's good

      • Which hydrogen is inefficient?

        The in the tank of a combustor? The one in the fuel cell of an EV? The stationary energy storage and buffer for regenerative energy? Or are they two of the three (if any?) Or even all three? And why each?

        I like learning. Many SAAB drivers like to learn. And who does not ask, remains stupid ...

        Please brighten us (is meant very seriously) ...

    • Thanks Jan_HH for this opinion, which I certainly share in every respect. SAAB has always stood for progress and was always a few steps ahead, at least in the decades before GM. And now that everything is in transition in the car industry, a new edition in the spirit of SAAB with completely new modern concepts that are ahead of the times, would be quite justified. To mourn the past without worrying about how to shape the future with a possible SAAB remake (which would be the right time to do it) is not enough. But if you do not think about it and do not believe in it and do not dream of any possible concepts, then yes, nothing is guaranteed to happen. Of course it is good to know that work is going on again in the former SAAB factories, which I also visited, albeit only with foreign products and foreign brands, but that alone is not enough for me as a vision of the future.

      • If again a Swedish car would be built in Trollhättan, which I absolutely wanted to have, I would almost (!) No matter what it means. If then even old structures would be revived, service, sales, supply of spare parts from a single source, then these new "SAABs" may be called Orio for my sake.

        A new SAAB would be nice. But it would be enough for me if he were a new and worthy SAAB - (almost) no matter what he calls himself ...

  • Stupid only that the test drives take place with a car that does not have much in common with the finished product (the 2 test cars still have rear-wheel drive, while the finished car will have front-wheel drive, interior design not yet final ...). Do not get me wrong, I rejoice over every job that re-emerges there after the end of Saab and over every electric car that comes on the street, but there's still a long way to go before the Sion is built ...


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