8 million blog readers!

8 years blog, 8 million readers. Yesterday, shortly after 15: 00 PM, we welcomed the 8 millionth reader on our site. Not bad, because Saab is neither a trendy topic, nor do we have a large audience. But the opportunity to talk about the changes behind the blog backdrops!

More than 8 millions of readers on the blog!
More than 8 millions of readers on the blog!

The reader numbers? They climb!

In 2012 we had nearly 1.4 millions of readers. Since then, the number of readers is stagnating or falling. Sure, because there are no new cars and no real sensations. Parallel to the vehicle population, the number of readers continuously decreased by 10 to 15% per year.

It has been rising again since January 2019! Quite clearly by around 20%. We are at the 2017 level and I have no idea why that is. The choice of topic may be happy, but Saab is not coming back, and there is no silver lining on the horizon either. Old cars are supposedly not trendy, why is the blog still developing positively?

Yesterday, shortly after 15: 00 clock. The 8 million mark is exceeded.
Yesterday, shortly after 15: 00 clock. The 8 million mark is exceeded.

3-2-1 Blog Supporters Less ...

In other respects, while the number of readers developed unexpectedly well, we had a black month in March. 3 long-time blog supporters quit! A big setback! Of course, that wasn't entirely unexpected. Saab as a business model - that is changing very emphatically. Everyday cars disappear, the brand is on course for “cult and lover status”. That doesn't fit into every business plan - it leaves its mark.

The disaster was put into perspective during the month. 3 departures became 2, and a few days later another company was considered. One less supporter can be tolerated, and we would like to take this opportunity to thank all the other companies who have remained loyal to us for years and made the blog possible in one way or another!

Growth in the blog team!

Our team, which has proven itself over the years, has grown! With Jan and Justus, two very young Saab drivers have joined. Jan comes from Hamburg, Justus from the Darmstadt area, which would give the regional balance. The two have taken responsibility for the Instagram area and contribute with articles and films.

A breath of fresh air, young perspectives, that's good for the blog project. Work that is spread over as many shoulders as possible and responsibility that does not lie with a single person. We don't know how the next months and years will develop.

The future of the blog project

Mobility is changing, sustainability is an increasingly important topic. The relationship to old cars and their appreciation is being redefined. At the same time, 2020 and 2021 could be a departure into the future for the historic Saab factory. The blog is being read well, the number of subscribers is at an all-time high. No reason for us to rest. The blog project will continue to develop and change. Perhaps stronger than ever in the next 12 to 18 months.

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  • The warmest congratulations also from me!
    I regularly get a blush on my face when pointing out a new article
    I appear. This blog has managed that for me the next vehicle change ONLY a Saab comes into consideration.
    Keep it up!

  • Dear Tom and Team,

    You've done a great job in the last few years, and I think the blog has matured and it picks up topics that you can not just ergooglen. Please keep up the good work!

    Thank you!

    I look forward to an article from you every time!

    Best regards from Vienna,


  • I'm not reading this long, but I do not want to miss these pages. They have become my favorite automotive reading. I'm looking forward to much more!

  • Dear Tom, dear friends of the neat Swedish steel ...
    Saab is, for those who know it, a great feeling ...
    Maintaining this spirit is a valuable contribution of this blog with its interesting topics that also look outside the box ...
    Many thanks to all the assets and supporters! 8 millions are a great success!
    I look forward to browsing here every time ...
    Keep up the good work and keep on Saabin '

  • You said that very nicely and put it in a nutshell.

    Everything. From the beginning of the Prescriptum to the end of Postscript II. Saab drivers seem to be more relaxed (is it the good seats?). In any case, even if opinions differ, the comments differ refreshingly from the medieval carnage, which some of the formerly renowned and daily published print media allow (not to say aligns and organizes) ...

    The established media seem to me to be totally unaffected and uninvolved in this development. Too often, articles are badly researched and verbally brimful of negligent blurring. Since the emission of an EV in terms of production and operation is sometimes set to zero or it is claimed that the (all) rents in D have increased by X percent.

    I don't have to say anything about the EV and only so much about the rents that you forgot to mention the very important difference between new leases and existing contracts. Anyone who sows so much wind need not be surprised at the (shit) storm that it generates within citizens and readers (in the comment section) ...

    Not about the loss of interest, readers and credibility either ...

  • Courteous readers and appropriate comments

    PS: What is still important to me to add: For me, this blog is the first and only place on the Internet where I take part in discussions. I never do that elsewhere because, without exception, every comment section on editorial articles is bullied, personally turned on and - even worse - politically radically defamed. I always have the impression that, like in the Middle Ages, a drooling mob rushes to the pillory, pounces on the respective victim and then they all pound each other down (protected today by the anonymity of the Internet). It doesn't matter whether it is about explosive and political issues (e.g. at Spiegel und Zeit online) and whether one should actually expect a certain way of dealing with things, or ultimately only about banal entertainment topics (Lindenstrasse etc., I can't think of a suitable example right now a) - everywhere the commentators put themselves and others down without any boundaries and inhibitions that it just buzzes!

    This blog is the only positive exception for me! Many thanks to my fellow readers and the commentators for it! 🙂

    (PPS I do not explicitly refer the above to the different Saab forums I'm not concerned with, because they confuse and fritter me with the various threads, and I also read the blog because of the editorial posts.)

  • Congratulations and thank you very much to the blog team for the great and for the readers happy work! And regarding the future of the blog are really good news (except for the ultimately a renegade supporter)!

    I've been with it for about a year now, before that I “just drove” Saab for 15 years out of conviction and enjoyed every day and every trip - but without bothering about it. I only came across the blog while searching the internet for the possibility of retrofitting a DAB navigation system in my new convertible.

    I have drawn so much from it in this one year and learned through the blog (and the comments of other readers, that should not go unmentioned!), Of course about Saab and also outside the box. In my opinion, the readers are much more active today than they used to be - at least if you compare the number of comments and the length of time the comments and discussions took with some (but randomly selected) old articles. The best example from a few days ago is this Article by Jan about the death of diesel engines, which triggered very detailed and controversial discussions!

    Great guy that the boys are ready to follow in Tom's big footsteps! The future of the great blog seems secure!

    Personally, I believe and hope that the interest in the blog among the (remaining and new) really sworn Saab fans will almost get stronger, the longer the bankruptcy is and the less Saab you see in the streets. The blog welds together, brings highly interesting and practically helpful information and is the only other opportunity - besides going to the garage and driving - to enjoy these ingenious cars! For me, Saab and working with it have become a real hobby last year thanks to the blog alone!

    Thank you very much and for the next 8 (years and millions)! 🙂

  • Congratulations on the 6th piece of jewelry! 🙂 But have you “relapsed” again? The “only” 5 were probably just an interim result. 😉 Will it be 7 again? I admire this lived loyalty and love for Saab! I am also totally happy with my (recently) 2 beauties - it can't get more here in the middle of HH due to lack of space. 🙁

  • Amazing. 8 years, 8 million and still there. Is this the SAAB factor? Other SAAB blogs have been in Valhalla for ages, which is understandable. And here it is teeming with life. I think it's awesome!

    Thanks to all involved!

  • favorite book

    Me too. I would devour everything. And if it were two contributions a day. They are always worth reading and seeing ...

    On the other hand, the blog 2019 is already more active and lively than in the last two years. The new Sunday reading is great. The moving picture (videos) has become more important. Subjects have shifted and lead to lively and interesting discussions (comments) within the readership. Some of them outlive the next release, sometimes even extending into the next but one. There is always something going on already.

    Is there really more? Or is it any better? Tom and team suggest plans. Amazing.
    I am curious and thankful.

  • Also from me a congratulations !!! It's always been a pleasure for me to learn so much new here .. over 25 years SAAB .. class
    Greetings from Roland

  • Congratulations. I hope that I can finally get me a nice Saab convertible next year. Also follow the blog as driver of the other Swedish brand. 😀

  • Congratulations and thanks to Tom and the whole team!

  • It is exactly like that. Especially for this purpose (a long night drive) I have not met a car that I would prefer.
    But who drives to the office at night? Sounds like rush hour traffic, traffic jams and other unpleasant traffic experiences ...

    @ Blog team,
    congratulations and thank you.
    It does not surprise me that the number of subscribers and views is increasing. You're doing a super job, always finding new topics for exciting articles, and it seems to me that you've approached 2019 very actively and full of energy.

  • In my opinion, this blog is still one of the best-fabricated Saab blogs that still exist. At that time there were other interesting blogs but their content is no longer regularly touched. Saabblognet on the contrary is still alive and it is so much fun to be able to consult the content every day (I always try). Of course, this has to do with the fact that there are no more new cars, but many readers are still interested in what happens to Saab. Fortunately there is still Saab Garage where you can go with Saabs from all decades. Yesterday my Saab 96 from 1961 drove up to this garage for a two-year inspection and drove home without comments with permission for the next two years. Which cars that are no longer produced can say something like that? So this blog is not redundant and I am convinced that there is a clear explanation for the increasing number of readers; There are still a lot of Saab fans and we are proud of it.
    Congratulations to Tom and his team.

  • Congratulations, also from my side!
    The high number of readers speaks clearly. for the blog! A blog by a (so far) dead brand… when it comes to new vehicles.
    The fans of the brand stay pleasingly fresh and alive !!! 🙂
    I also like the fact that the editorial team is being “rejuvenated” and strengthened at the same time! 🙂
    I am looking forward to new articles and information from the SAAB world u. Trollhättan!
    A big thank you to the blog supporters!
    € are synonymous for this blog (survival) important !!! Thank you.

  • As far as rushing around, a Saab is still ideally suited to driving long distances. Long distances are a breeze in a Saab. Cruise control and night panel on and the journey becomes a pleasure - greetings from Vienna to Burgenland

  • As far as writing is concerned, we ourselves are in demand, if each of us writes a reader contribution, Saab experience, report on a regional Saab meeting, so we could read a lot more Saabblog.

  • The blog is my favorite reading, which is likely to write more often 😉 But no, I understand the situation and admire it, that you dig out again and again SAAB topics and tracked the course in Trollhättan.

    Congratulations on the 8 million - and the next million to Tom and his team!

  • Great news, thank you!
    Driving Saab is simply a way of life for me and it does not matter if Saab is a niche or hype (or will, which I do not really believe)
    I got my 9..Saab into the stable with an unbelievably neat 3-6X. Not one too many.

  • Congratulations and nice that Saab is also an issue for other young people. We boys were able to start their Saab ride first when the bands had been standing still for a long time.

  • Dear editors,

    I still can not afford a Saab of my own and I would not know if I would like to rush 200km through the area every day just to get me to the office and back home.
    That's why I bought substitute drugs - there are now around 25 models of the various Saab; from Ursaab to 9-3 Viggen. And then there is your blog, where I look forward to new posts every day.
    In this sense, I hope you can continue writing for a very long time and become one.

    So a “thumbs-up” comes from me.
    Greetings from 7202 / Austria


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