Challenge! Saab workshops in transition.

Mobility is changing, and the debate about sustainability and the environment will be with us for a very long time. The diesel scandal is far from being worked up. All of this leaves its mark, especially on older vehicles with a diesel engine under the hood. The time is challenging, and especially the Saab workshops have to adjust to new conditions.

Saab workshops in transition
Saab workshops in transition

The Saab inventory is shrinking, which is not surprising. The younger vehicles have at least the 10 years on the plate, the mileage is high. Saabs disappear more and more from everyday life, the brand is slowly becoming invisible. In principle, no optimal conditions, and yet not everything is black or white.

Our recent survey was to explore the loyalty of Saab drivers to their workshops. Saab service, chain, or free workshop was the question. The result is surprisingly clear.

High workshops loyalty

The majority of 43% of readers prefers the Saab / Orio base as a contact point. A high value for a brand that has been out of business for around 8 years. Where warranty and warranty have been obsolete for ages, and where there are no customer loyalty programs. If you add the 25% of readers who go to a free workshop with Saab Hintergund, then you get an amazing quota of almost 70% loyalty. Because more and more often, the small, free Saab screwdrivers beyond the Orio network are spin-offs or remnants of former Saab centers.

The big workshop chains get a red card. Only 1% of readers voted for it, a very low score, a clear vote. Do the traditional Saab screwdrivers and Orio in the background do everything right? In principle, yes, because of these sensational values, other, big brands can only dream. Once there is a vehicle out of the warranty, it will be difficult. Despite several programs for customer loyalty, the mass disappears to where the service is perceived as cheaper.

Saab service, chain or free workshop?

  • Saab / Orio partner (43% 298 Votes)
  • Free workshop (with Saab background) (25% 173 Votes)
  • I'm screwing myself (19% 132 Votes)
  • Free workshop (11% 79 Votes)
  • Workshop chain (Bosch service etc ...) (1% 6 Votes)

Total Voters: 480

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It all seems wonderful, but it's no reason to pat yourself on the back and relax in the armchair. Because you have to see the result with two limitations. On the one hand, there are mainly people here who, without question, can be called Saab-affine. Your everyday automobile life with the small brand from Sweden does not happen by chance, but mostly consciously. And just as consciously choose the workshop.

Saab workshops in transition

Second, as mentioned earlier, everything is in transition. Everyday cars with the gripper on the hood disappear faster and faster. He puts many into export, especially well-kept diesel are popular with our European neighbors. The resulting gap closes more and more the classics, and the workshops have been reporting for months on new vehicles that were not yet in the customer base.

This radically changes the requirements. Instead of waiting for vehicles for daily needs, the focus of the future is more on classics and young timers. That did not come as a surprise, but it poses new challenges for companies. Not everyone wants to go the way, especially multi-brand companies have put their Saab commitment once again to the test in recent months.

In addition: competent employees are hard to find, the spare parts supply is not easy. In the delivery program, there are gaps in classic and classic cars, which is completely normal after 20 - 30 years. Here is Orio, Supplier of Saab original parts, asked in collaboration with the repairers to locate and replenish the vulnerabilities.

Because old cars are at least in the matter of Saab the future - for the fans and for companies who see Saab as a business model and could live on it well so far - and will be able to do so in the future. If you are prepared for the fact that Saab is increasingly booked under the lover category and that the requirements of the customers change.

Preservation, conservation, restoration

The specifications for the future are clear. With great sensitivity towards the vehicles and the needs of the customers, conservation, conservation and restoration are high on the list. In addition, the provision of spare parts and their reproduction. To preserve the professional competence around the brand of the Göta Älv, and to give it to a younger generation of technicians, is another task.

The list for the future is long, and and she is ambitious. In a time of change a challenge for the workshops and the Orio AB. They have a lot to do.

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  • For me, the purchase of a Saab is still pending. In focus just a 93 II / III SC, so a rather "younger" vehicle.
    I'm happy to have specs like Lafrentz or Zielke here in the North, because basically I want to buy the vehicle from a knowledgeable dealer. This creates confidence from the beginning, you know each other and everything else would be done there in this company.

  • I hope that Saab workshops with official (Orio) parts supply will be preserved for a long time.

    When I bought my 3er almost 9000 years ago and wanted to do a first service with the change of all liquids nearby at a former big Saab center, I was recommended to visit a free garage for this old car. It almost knocked me off my chair ... Now he goes to the workshop where he has been serviced earlier and where I am always welcome. Even if I have about an hour drive ...

  • In the real Saab workshops one is simply in the best hands, who know the car know what it needs and have everything what the Saab needs. Once ordered from a chain of repair wipers for Saab, had to wait almost two weeks and the wiping quality was not the best, the short time later ordered original washes could not compare and still hold. Before Saab had opened Himberg, I needed a new battery, a free workshop had to order three batteries until he had the right one.
    So, if you want to keep your Saab for as long as possible and in good hands, then you have to go to one that works with many Saabs on a daily basis.

    • Yeah, that's it. 🙂

  • Written excellently.

    Mit- and thought ahead. An article that provides answers to questions you may not have asked yourself so precisely. And by the way, the author also relativizes himself, willingly shows the readers and readers the limits and the fuzziness of the methodology (the survey results). A typical Tom.

    If the ÖR and other established media had this claim for themselves, could they also be happy about the growing numbers of readers, listeners and viewers?

    Oh yes, the tableau with SAAB photos is also nice to look at. Thanks Tom.

  • The so-called "upheaval" in the field of mobility comes one way or the other.
    For the SAAB user possibly not the decisive news. Much more:
    Where can I get spare parts for my SAAB, new or used. Everything stands and falls with it!
    For Orio that means: either a clear commitment to SAAB parts, or just not.
    The latent "vulnerabilities" in SAAB should be well known ...
    For the ex-SAAB Werkstadt, however, this also means hoarding / holding used parts. Even if this binds capital. The SAAB owner will be pleased if he gets a used windscreen wiper motor installed. 🙂
    That the SAAB owners are "faithful", but shows the poll quoted above. Was it clear, right? 😉
    But also this loyalty has its (local) limits. And that's another "problem":
    Who can afford a SAAB as a daily driver, if the next factory town 90 Km (Lübeck), 75 Km (HH) or 140 Km (Kiel) is located. For me that would mean: an 2 car must come from. If the SAAB is "bitchy".
    Organizing a rental car in the morning is out of the question for me!
    An 2 car can and possibly does not want to join every car user.
    Heavy decisions would then have to be made ...
    From this point of view, I am delighted with all the SAAB holders who take their SÄÄBE to classics! 🙂
    Always good and above all accident-free ride!

  • My workshop has recognized the signs of the times. Making SAAB nice is the motto. I have the impression there is more care on it than years ago.

  • In my view, driving Saab in the future will depend on the willingness of the SAAB driver to reach deeper and deeper into the bag for the beloved vehicle. There are certainly also limits in the economic consideration, where the economic consideration could overtake the emotionality and the dear SAAB is no longer affordable for one or the other. The more your vehicles are brought to, serviced, and repaired at relevant SAAB repair shops, the greater the likelihood that parts will be replenished at reasonable prices and the supply guaranteed. And: besides us here in Germany there are many other countries where SAAB still has many vehicles. I'll let my two old people wait and get repaired by the Orio partner. In the hope that the supply will be maintained even after the 10 one year supply of parts in 2 years.

    Greetings from Erik

  • If only I imagine bringing my Viggen to a free workshop ... .., never ever!
    To former Saab dealer, yes, in May again two vehicles are due and both go to Augst / BL

    • Top Garage☺️

  • So I found a good compromise that will hopefully last a few more years. Due to the situation of a resident (provincial), I have "normal" things done at a resourceful workshop on site. The master and owner as well as his workshop staff are not afraid of a brand that is now rather rare.

    Of course, I also need a good SAAB dealer who still has parts carriers to keep my two 20-year-old 9-5 limos running. That too works amazingly well.

    Of course you have to call in advance and announce your "appearance", so you do not drive away for nothing. When we visit SAAB, we usually combine this with a shopping spree, so that you do not get the feeling that you have only driven a total of 300km for a replacement part. By the way, you do not have to be "rich in money", but "time wealth" is already an important prerequisite. I therefore regret all SAAB drivers who are not at least "time-rich". They have it really hard then. These are the true brand ambassadors and fans !!! Chapeau !!!

    Incidentally, I move both youngtimers in normal everyday driving, with the higher mileage being driven only in winter.

    Everything will be fine!

  • The picture with the 9000 in front of the coastal hotel, I always found great. Can someone tell me the gentleman, where is this "Kusr Hotellet"? Google spits nothing ... My first guess was West Coast, but maybe I'm wrong too. Hopefully it was not demolished and replaced by a Bauhaus Klotz ...

    • But still found, if anyone is interested: HOTELL VARBERGS KUSTHOTELL. Always wanted to adjust the picture with your own Saab 😉

      • A very charming idea!

        And who knows, maybe even surpass the original? I would have two or three ideas for that. For example, the background (the hotel) may be a little blurred and highlight the SAAB more. At this point, I find the photo of the 900 better. Have fun and success with the shoot!

      • Great idea! A photo point for the next holiday in Sweden!

  • As long as the well-maintained diesel Saabs only disappear into other European countries and are there in Saabhänden is the welcome, because they need spare parts and are interested in car well to maintain.
    Think rather, that we Saabfans, I call them "Zufallsaabfahrer" have to bring to the Saab workshops.
    A year ago I was with my moped to the picker = TÜV at the Automobile Club, in addition to a box SAAB TTID did not get a Pickerl because something with the exhaust emissions has not voted, then came briefly with the driver, an elderly man into conversation and asked him what was going on and where he went to the service. He then told me that the car belonged to his son and he only brought the car here, but they had trouble with the spare parts and the free repair shop did not know enough, etc, then I referred him to the not far away Saab workshop he previously did not know and where he thanked very much for the TIP.
    Every Saab driver who goes to the Saab workshop and gets original spare parts is a win for us all, so the parts are still available and the parts are also affordable

  • Fuzziness is ...

    ... the point with the parts carriers, the reader Bukki2001 has already addressed.
    More and more SAABs are also dependent on used parts, because not everything is new to have.
    A dedicated SAAB workshop also takes care of that and considers itself slaughter cattle on its own farm.

    This costs space and is not a nice sight. Sadly, too, that good used parts presuppose a good condition of the vehicle. For the interior and the vehicle technology, the lower the mileage and wear, the better. As listed as an organ donor accident victims come into question. Those are missing in turn other parts.

    But anyway, the much discussed sustainability and also the economic constraints of the committed workshop demand the fullest possible utilization. Since also used parts guaranteed to change the vehicle, although perhaps a new one would have been available. In principle, completely okay and beneficial for both parties ...

    But it is also in direct conflict with a profitable production and the distribution of new parts.
    Tweaked and verzwackt just ...

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