Saab Blogger in Hamburg and Saxony

The weather forecast for this weekend can be described as “mixed”. Which shouldn't be a reason not to venture out of the house. Because Hamburg, Saxony and Thuringia are worthwhile destinations for Saab fans. And the Saab bloggers are right in the middle. The current short messages for the weekend from a Saab perspective.

On Saturday starts the 4. Hamburger Saab meeting
On Saturday starts the 4. Hamburger Saab meeting.

Jan, Justus and I are looking forward to Hamburg. The 4. Saab meeting at the historic petrol station in Brandshof starts from 11.00 clock. The appointment is popular and now a fixture in the north. Excitement is also ensured this time, because there will be rare vehicles to see, which is almost a Hamburg tradition. Last year a directional limousine of Saab Automobile AB was on site. An 9000 CD with extended wheelbase, of which there were two pieces in the factory in Sweden. One copy is in the museum in Trollhättan, one rolls through Kiel.

And what is 2019? Markus Lafrentz has announced the Saab 9000 SC to get out of his collection. A station wagon that never existed ex works and which was created in this form as a unique project only 2015. The History of the station wagon and the idea behind it we had presented in detail before 4 years on the blog.

On Saturday, for the first time in years, there is again the opportunity to experience the 9000 SC up close. An opportunity that is not often available. Another highlight could be the Saab Sonett group. It is strongly represented in Hamburg and Schleswig Holstein and could perhaps set a new record in terms of the number of participating vehicles.

If, and that's the question mark, the weather plays along, and the owners let their exotic tin on the road.

Saab in Thuringia and Saxony

While on Saturday the historic petrol station at Brandshof becomes a Saab hotspot, Blogger Mark is on Sunday with the Saab friends Saxony on road. The exit to the southeast is well booked, and somehow it turns out that both exits start at the same time.

Intention or lack of coordination with each other? At the end of the tour, participants will have an answer to this question. Also in the southeast, beautiful vehicles are expected, a reflection of the history of the small Swedish brand. A shared lunch, coffee drinking with Saab talks and possibly a dinner are on the plan. Saxony, Thuringia and the Hanseatic city are worth a trip for friends of Saab culture this weekend.

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    Then we hope for all participants of the meeting on good weather and a lot of fun with saabieren. The exit of the Saxons and Thuringians in one day ... ?? 😉

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      Have fun with all Saabfans at the gas station Brandshof. The very harmonious atmosphere in the style of the 50er / 60er years is a dream! Absolutely recommended location for great cars!

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    I think the word / figurative mark “SAAB” at the meeting is so good that it would be my wish for a new SAAB emblem, should the car division ever be resurrected (which I unfortunately do not believe) - silver on black in the familiar circular format.

    In any case, I wish the participants of both meetings a lot of fun and enjoyment of their own SAAB and the SAABs of others. I am jealous and again prevented. CRAP! ! !

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    I wish all of you to the meeting a lot of fun and keep your fingers crossed that the weather plays along

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    I did not know Brandshof yet, so I have to go there. Have fun the bloggers and all SAAB friends on the weekend!

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