SAAB friends Saxony - the 3-N tour: nostalgia, nature, snack

Last Sunday, distributed throughout Saxony, met individual small SAAB groups. Almost the same as a star trip, it went from Riesa, Bautzen, Dresden and Chemnitz to the common meeting point at Siebenlehn.

Some 900, 9-3 and 9-5 pilots already greeted us cheerfully when we arrived. Gradually, the parking lot filled more and more with vehicles of the cult brand of Göta Älv.

Then Mathias, of the SAAB friends Saxony, took over the word, after his welcome followed the briefing in the track and the road book.

After that it was said: "Ladies and gentlemen, please start your engines". That was the starting signal for the 30 SAAB's, which were now on the track. The route led from Siebenlehn via Nossen to Rosswein along the trough. Then we continued towards Döbeln, Leisnig and to Böhlen, through wonderfully blooming rapeseed fields and a few forest passages, for a short stop at a forest car park.

From there we continued to the tunnel Großbothen, which we did not know until then. This changed however with this tour, because there met the friends from Saxonia on the friends from Thuringia, which was warmly welcomed.

Was this all a coincidence or planned?

Shortly after this meeting we arrived at the holiday park Thümmlitzsee, where already the Thuringian SAAB pilots were waiting for us. 44 SAAB of the 90, 99, 900, 9000, 9-3, 9-5 and 9-7 series now lined up in the specially decorated parking lot. Since you could let the picture work on you, because you do not see every day.

In the holiday park there was great SAAB talks with buffet and coffee.

After the meal it was said, it goes on, because with the Saxons was still a cultural visit on the plan. It went to 1000 years old lime tree and church in the small village Collm. There, Mrs. K. Krause had some interesting things to do about the place and its history. At this stop, there were also the traditional SAAB muffins from Mark and Karina, thank you very much.

The last destination was the Hotel Seehof Döllnitzsee in Wermsdorf on the list. There, the day and the tour with coffee could still end easily.

Conclusion for the tour

It was SAABige intention that the SAAB friends from Saxony and Thuringia met for such a great event on this day.

Many thanks from my side again to Mathias and Thomas for the great organization of these two part tours with the common lunch.

Thanks to Martin for the Saab story on Sunday. How is it in everyday life with an older Saab? What do you experience, how do friends, colleagues and the family react? With indulgence, enthusiasm or compassion? How do you keep the Saab alive, what do you do with spare parts and workshops, how do you optimize or restore the old Swedes?

A broad topic for the "Saab stories 2019!". Challenging, but also interesting. How does it look with the fans, how strong does the Saab heart beat in everyday life? Write it to us, it's worth it!

We thank you for every published article with an exclusive Saab-Scania board.

6 thoughts on "SAAB friends Saxony - the 3-N tour: nostalgia, nature, snack"

  • 44 SÄBE, unbelievable, if, yes, if the photos had been “edited” ...
    Congratulations to this special SAAB tour.
    SAAB definitely lives in the east of the republic ... 44, this SAAB number now has to be topped ...
    Thanks for the pleasantly relaxed report!
    A pleasure on Sunday.

  • I was there and can only say it was a great day. After the winter day on Saturday, the weather also played along. So much SAAB at once that can already inspire. Nice report about a successful trip together. Thank you

  • Cool story. I would have liked it.

  • Great report and nice to have a read again this Sunday
    Would have liked to have been there, but unfortunately you can not be everywhere

  • Everytime on Sundays …

    ... if the world is difficult, it is pure SAAB. At least here on the blog.
    This Sunday series was a great idea, it's always fun, easy to read and beautiful to look at.

    1.000 Thanks to Martin for so much SAAB today.


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