Hamburg shows flag

The SAAB events this year are coming in quick succession. Exactly one week after our meeting in Harz, Tom, Justus and myself are in Hamburg for the meeting. Like every year, the oldtimer gas station calls for already 4.Treffen. For me a home game, for Justus and Tom more like an outing.

4. Hamburger Saab meeting
4. Hamburger Saab meeting

Hamburg is a small stronghold in the scene years after the bankruptcy. The density of cars and competent workshops - many drivers in other regions of the nation would certainly be jealous of the Hanseatic city.

So the meeting at the tank for me already belongs to Hamburg as the Elbtunnel and the Michel. And so much to say: This year, too, the organizational team from the Stammtisch Schleswig-Holstein-Hamburg could look forward to a new visitor record. But more on that later!

Blogger in bad luck

After the Harz meeting was ended early due to the unstable weather, we hoped that at least the Hanseatic city would lure with good weather - wrong thought. Hamburg is unstable on this Saturday, defending its reputation of constant "storm weather".

Sun and rain alternate irregularly. Dark clouds are followed by clear skies with sunshine and vice versa. In just two weeks Justus and I will be at the meeting in Osnabrück. We hope then - on meeting Nr.3 within 4 weeks - finally good weather!

One record chases the other!

Nevertheless, as many cars on this day as never come on the tank. No matter what the weather is, the oldies roll at times every second. The first cars are on the site even before the official start and until the end come and drive again and again new vehicles. The site is sometime against 13: 00 clock full and there is nothing left, all the others have to park outside - unfortunately!

Thus, 70 cars are temporarily on the site at the same time on this day, with all the cars that need to park around it we come up at times over 100 visitor vehicles - record!

From the two-stroke engine to the classic 900 Turbo. The scene lets the muscles play, shows what can happen in the north in terms of SAAB. The number of visitors who will be in peak times between 200 and 250 visitors is just as good as the car rush. Another record should also be the small but fine collection of sonnet models. The sonnet - a topic on the blog a few days ago - is or has always been a rare representative of its kind at meetings. All the better that with two Sonnet II V4 and six Sonnet III whole 8 sonnets have arrived - that may be newer Be Germany record.

No record, but also special, was the accumulation of 9000 CD models. The CD, in the 9000 family is almost referred to as the black sheep. Not often produced, no folding seat and the notch provide many fans of the brand for distance. The four vehicles that arrive on this day are all special. Three cars are on the road as a daily driver, two have run under 72.000 KM and one is just imported fresh from Japan - the owner is contacted, a story to the vehicle follows on the blog!

The regional workshops show presence.

The presence of regional workshops can also be considered a success. The SAAB workshops use such meetings to show presence is correct and above all important (!). The more beautiful with that Gaworski and Lafrentz Not only blog supporters were on site, but also workshops like Gasparatos the SAAB Garage Hamburg or from Lübeck with their masters stopped by. Such performances not only unites the scene, it also creates trust among the drivers! Matthias Meise and his 9-5 win the prize for the longest journey among the workshops. He accepts just 700 Km that day - that's great support!

The scene is united

From 16 clock then disappear the first vehicles again. Which is okay, although the weather is getting better. The hamburgers lasted a long time and bit on the teeth. In the end we are sure: this fourth meeting can be considered as a complete success for the brand, but also for the scene. Hundreds of people come together on this day and that, without a large program or similar. Simply because of SAAB. Just talk to like-minded people, plus a sausage from the grill and a cool or hot drink. It can be so easy. Add to that the variety of automobiles, with old and new timers and the presence of all important SAAB workshops. The 4.Mai has once again shown how the scene can organize around a dead brand and - this is important - present above all else.

And even if the date for issue no. 5 is not officially yet, I can only say one thing: the Hanseatic city is always worthwhile. And especially the first weekend in May. So: save the date for 2020!

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  • A very nice, good report from an extraordinary meeting. Thanks a lot for this.
    The videos also enrich the Saab archives very well, really well done.

  • Hamburger would like to be on this day!

  • Great photos and video. Regarding weather, there is no bad for meetings, just bad clothes and bad cars, but that is not true for Saab. Saab goes in all weathers.


    Great meeting and great report. Congratulations also to 1.166 blog subscribers. Or have you just got around 30 subscription ducks in one go?

    Nothing against you. I'm happy about steady growth 1.111 and 1.122 have been commented and appreciated. From me too. Last time I saw 1.13X and suddenly and overnight there are 30 more. Does the blog team have any idea how this works and is that right?

    • Thank you!

      Somebody seems to be very attentive 😉 Yes, the number of subscribers has made a subtle jump. I do not know why, Justus and I are testing the Instagram account from the blog since the beginning of the week. Maybe it? We are already very surprised, whether positive or negative - next week more!

      How many readers actually come from Instagram, but I can not say, to the analytical tool of Instagram is much too inaccurate. But this could already fit quite well with our users so far!

    • The answer is simple. So far, historically, two systems were running on the blog, one was not counted. With yesterday's update, both subscriber systems have been merged. Hence the small, subtle jump.

  • Beautiful and moody written. As a SAAB fan Hamburg is probably the best city in Germany 😉

  • Very nice, also the video!

  • I was on Saturday evening in Hamburg-Altona on the way.
    Unbelievable how many Saab I met - just wonderful.
    By chance, I then passed the Saab garage.
    You can say, although it was actually a concert visit, it was almost a Saab event.

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