Koenigsegg starter model from 2020 from Trollhättan

Since NEVS an 20% share of Koenigsegg AB has taken over, the tension increases. A new entry-level model of the Swedish manufactory will be produced from 2020 in the former Saab factory. Smaller, more electrified and cheaper than the well-known sports cars from Ängelholm. Where smaller and cheaper than to understand relatively.

Koenigsegg Jesko 2019 in Geneva
Not the new entry-level model, but the now sold-out Koenigsegg Jesko 2019 in Geneva. Picture: Koenigsegg

To Sono Motors Koenigsegg would be the second manufacturer to be able to bring the Stallbacka plant back to life from 2020. What is still outstanding is a vehicle from NEVS itself. But there is no evidence of this yet.

First information reported Coach, Above all, the motorization is an interesting point, shareholder NEVS sets after official reading exclusively on battery-electric drives. The future Koenigsegg, for which no name has yet been established, will become a hybrid sports car. The Koenigsegg 5.0 liter V8 Twin-Turbo should provide the drive. The long awaited Freewalve technology will celebrate its premiere in this model. The company's engineers have been developing the new vehicle for two years. With the entry of NEVS, the development to market readiness should have accelerated.

In addition to the entry-level model, the manufacturer has other sports cars in the planning stage, but these will go into production at the company's headquarters itself. Expectations shouldn't be too high for the production in Trollhättan itself. The traditional Saab factory will be revitalized, which is very gratifying for the region. Jobs are being created and investments can be expected. After years of downtime, the location is finally returning to the world map of car production.

A comeback for Trollhättan

But Koenigsegg plans with small quantities. 100 pieces per year should be the medium-term goal, 30 to 40 entry-level models are expected in the year 2020. After 18 sold supercar in the year 2018 a huge percentage increase. Measured by the standards of the Swedish manufactory one wants to make a favorable entry into the world of the exclusive vehicles possible. A price between 600.000 € and one million is expected. An amount that would make up less than half of the cheapest model so far.

According to my information, the pre-series production on the Göta Älv should start this year. NEVS advertises positions related to production and its preparation. The presentation of the first Koenigsegg, which is “Made by Trollhättan”, could be at the Geneva Motor Show in spring 2020. Sales and start of production will soon be possible.

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  • I like this smart Christian v. Koenigsegg with his interesting CV, you know why it did not work with him and Saab (GM) back then:

    • I suppose GM will have presented CvK in about a similar contract as later Victor Muller. Not doing the business was taking the Saab fan goggles down to the right decision at that time.

      • blank

        I wouldn't even have known whether CvK was trying to get GM-SAAB or VM-SAAB, had drawn the shorter than VM or NEVZ. This long-time crime thriller is becoming more and more blurred ...

        It's good that “Old Swede” dares to ask and it's great that the blog provides answers. These are also valuable contributions to keep the brand and its eventful history alive and present in all of our heads.

  • blank

    Most likely, Koenigsegg will never produce affordable everyday vehicles for the average gas consumer. But who knows if one or the other innovation will not eventually come to a broader and more suitable for everyday use?

    I see the brand as an innovator and its cars as a technology carrier. Although I will never count myself among the customers, I find it exciting that she exists and it's nice when she fraternizes with the trolls and enhances their domicile ...

    • For NEVS it would definitely be an image gain, if in Trollhättan Koenigsegg sports cars are built. We'll know more in a few months.

  • blank

    Something condenses there…. Now, in addition to SONO MOTORS and Konenigsegg, the SAAB shield back on the roof. Then the day would be fine.

  • blank

    Every built car in Trollhättan is enjoyable, even if it is not Saab

  • blank

    Really nice to read that in Trollhättan again exciting things happen! So the SAAB gene does not die out completely. I'll take a closer look at Sono someday.

    • blank

      Sono seems to be worth a closer look. Alone the concept as SEV is interesting. The Sion is on my watchlist. Maybe I'll get 2020 a new car from Trollhattan?

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    The trolls should really be awakened from hibernation ...
    Whether the trolls are happy about the “exclusive order” remains to be seen ... the question of sustainability also seems to be “open” to me ...
    Let's see what the trolls make of it. The zeitgeist is changing.

    • blank

      If SONO MOTORS in Trollhättan can produce CO2 neutrally, why not Koenigsegg. That would be at least a small piece of additional sustainability for the Koenigsegg super athlete.

  • blank

    Maybe add a little SAAB design and then stick a SAAB emblem on it, then you would have a start ...

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