When Raunheim becomes Rüsselsheim

What could make a Saab 9-5 NG driver buy a PC fan? And what is the difference between investing in Rüsselsheim or Raunheim? I answer these pressing questions in today's short news. A Swedish press release in the last few days read exciting. It sounded like revenge and satisfaction.

Saab 9 5 NG. Weak point Lightbar
Saab 9 5 NG. Weak point Lightbar.

The Swedish Expressen has published the news that Geely will open a new research center in Rüsselsheim. Ironically Rüsselsheim, the heart of Opel! And of course the Expressen had to point out immediately that there once Swedish engineers Saabs developed.

Volvo's Geely fortsätter att expandera.
The här gången det Volvos syskonföretag Geely Auto som investerar i ett nytt forskningscenter i tyska Rüsselsheim - Opels hemstad.

After most Saab developers have found a new home at Geely, CEVT and Volvo, is the revenge coming? Back to Rüsselsheim, where years ago, with the applause of Opel colleagues in the background, you had to humbly evict the offices? Does the injured Swedish soul experience healing a decade later?

She does not get her. Because as spectacular as the message reads, the Expressen made a mistake. The editorial office changed the original Raunheim to Rüsselsheim. That is also in Germany, also close to Frankfurt and in the immediate vicinity of Raunheim. And the Opel headquarters sells better on the media boulevard than Raunheim. The actual news in the Geely Newsroom was that the Volvo owner is opening its new development center in Raunheim. 300 employees will research new drive technologies near Frankfurt.

A PC fan for the 9-5 NG

Let's stay mentally in Rüsselsheim. The fact that the 9-5 NG was ever produced in Trollhättan is a mean miracle. Because originally he should run in Rüsselsheim together with the then new Insignia from the band. But Victor Muller brought the production to Sweden. In terms of design, the last major Saab set standards. The lightbar at the rear was a sensation to 2010, it would have become the hallmark of many future Saab generations. Today, many manufacturers are copying the trend that was once set in Trollhättan.

Unfortunately, there is no model update for the vehicles anymore, and the lightbar always causes problems. It is insufficiently ventilated and condensation water collects in it. The moisture that forms is one of the main reasons that lead to the failure of the LED strip.

H. Blom Engineering takes care of improvements to the 9-5 NG and has among other things developed a fan kit for the light bar. A small PC fan, as it is used in countless devices in IT, should ensure air circulation and dryness in the housing. Investing in the kit is not expensive and significantly cheaper than repairing a defective lightbar.

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    I still can't believe it and also can't believe what the “colleagues” in Rüsselsheim did. Is it really certain that it was malicious applause and not applause of respect?

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      I try rather hard, to seek comfort in the fact that the wheel is most likely on the right.
      Which is not right but wrong for me. I really do. I am trying. But I don't find any ...

      On the other hand, shit happens and happens.

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    Both the problem and the solution. If she is one?
    Condensation and moisture are usually not relevant in powered, ventilated and heated vehicles.
    More problematic is usually the stationary vehicle. In such a case, however, no fan should have to run permanently over the on-board power.

    Such a beautiful and still young car should get along without a hitch. It would be nice if Orio would improve the Lightbar for the NG and offer hermetically sealed and reliable replacement. This would then last forever and would be worth his money.

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    It's always interesting to see what and which companies are still thinking about Saab.

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    I thought that something is connected to the 12Volt socket.

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      Theoretically, that's true with the 12V - but there are fans that work stably even with 5V. Either way, most PC fans only consume 0,15A. Shouldn't be too heavy in the on-board network ...

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    Interesting information, thank you! That seems to be a brilliantly simple idea with the fan of the inventor! 🙂 There is room for this and you can just plug it in without messing up the CAN bus system? I was once reported by an additional socket in the trunk (another SAAB model) for a camping refrigerator, which even without a refrigerator led to the front almost nothing left. The socket had to be removed again. I ask only for interest, yes (unfortunately) have no 9-5 NG.

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      I suspect the power comes from the lightbar itself (adapter?). The fan has so little power consumption, which is not significant.

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    Nice to get some Saab reading on such a dull, rainy day. With the Lightbars reads interesting. Orio did not even want to produce it again? The NG drivers have been waiting for ages.

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      The 9-4xler too! Really bad to see how she gradually gets rid of ..

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