Preview. Saab Festival 2019 in Trollhattan.

It will be over in less than two weeks! The Saab Festival in Trollhättan opens its doors. The hospitable city on the Göta Älv becomes the mecca of the Saab world for a few days and attracts fans from many countries. The program of the festival is online, visitors can look forward to interesting days.

In less than 2 weeks begins the Saab Festival 2019
In less than 2 weeks begins the Saab Festival 2019

Trollhättan is the eternal destination of the Saab fans. No other place in the world has this almost magical attraction. Until 2011 the vehicles of Saab were built there, even today still shimmers during the visit in Sweden the hope for a new start. The work is still standing, so could you? Maybe, but probably not. However, much is possible in this time of upheaval. You should wait and see what the time is and enjoy the festival.

Saab Festival 2019. The program.

The festival starts gently on June 6th. In Sweden, Thursday is the national holiday, also known as “Svenska Flaggens Dag”. Nevertheless, that day in Lidköping, about 60 kilometers from Trollhättan, Bildelslagret open. On site there is the chance of obtaining spare parts. Around 50 Saabs are up for grabs on the grounds, and for visitors there will be a festival discount of 25% on Thursday and Friday. Also in Trollhättan Bildelslagret has one branch. Whatever the reason, it remains closed on Thursday and, like many other tourist facilities, only opens its doors on Friday.

Bilderlagret, like the Orio AB, offers original parts at a special price during the festival.

The festival does not really get going until friday. The museum sells the festival pass, which grants entry on all 3 days. The acquisition is recommended because during these days, interesting seminars will take place in the rooms of the historic Saab Collection.

On Friday, among others, Frank Smit from NEVS and Gunnar Larsson. Larsson talks about the era of Gunnar Ljungströmwho decisively shaped the early days of the brand. The museum will be updated seminar program ongoing, current news is available online.

By Saturday at the latest, the city will be full of Saabs, and activities will be concentrated around the museum grounds. The most beautiful Saab is selected in 12 categories, and the seminars promise interesting information. The program for this year's event is entirely under the official motto “Design”, and so it is only logical that two former Saab designers are on the list of speakers. Einar Hareide, who coined the Saab 900 II and 9-5 I, speaks as well as Simon Padian, who worked on the last models. Your seminars are sure to be a highlight of this year's festival.

Sometimes there are unexpected surprises!

Sunday is the last day of the big celebration, which only takes place every two years. The 10.00 festival ends with a parts flea market starting at 2019 a.m. around the museum. Many international visitors usually leave the city in the afternoon in order to reach their ferry connections. It's noticeably quieter, but the event doesn't officially end until 18.00 p.m.

During the previous festivals, there was always one or the other surprise. 2017, for example, showed NEVS the prototype of the never built 9-3 Turbo Edition and donated the vehicle to the museum. 2015 opened the doors of the development and research center at short notice; Saab fans got unique access to otherwise well secured rooms.

Maybe something unexpected will happen again this year. You never know! Trollhättan is known to be the kingdom of trolls, a sometimes magical place. Visitors should stay excited.

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  • Many many thanks!! That was exactly the info I needed! 🙂

  • @Ebasli

    09-11 August. Registration required. Day visitors will - according to the current status - only be admitted to the parts market on Sundays, parking outside the site. If you would like to take part in all activities with your Saab, registration is mandatory.

  • Much worse, I think that you are not there that you as a Hamburg woman and double SAAB owner d. J. did not make it to the gas station 😉

    I am very happy with my chrome frame and glasses everywhere and every meeting. I'm not home at home. Nevertheless, I sneak into 2019 at another time in the museum and the children must (they also like to be infected). This is firmly planned and already booked.

    I am already very excited and looking forward to the report to the meeting.
    It's very similar to us.

  • Oh dear, you are not there? I had planned the visit for my part very firmly - but now it does not work out for professional and family reasons. 🙁 The wound to stay in this diction hurts even more, as I have only now learned through Tom's contribution today, that the meeting takes place only every two years. I definitely wanted to go there next year instead.

    Well, at least I hope to have 2021 with you! Besides, there is still a meeting this autumn in Holland, if I remember correctly. I have not found the blog post. When was that again? That would also be a possibility. And of course the meeting at the Tanke here in Hamburg next year. And maybe even the next meeting in the Harz - so that we are more than the Zuffenhausen! Ha-ha! 🙂

    As a small compensation, I'll go to Stockholm for business in September, maybe there will be a chance for a flying visit to Trollhättan in the museum, but in any case E85 will be fueled! And next year in France too ...

    Have fun all of you at this year's meeting - I'm looking forward to the reports and photos!

  • The magic word is sponsoring. In ancient times Saab Automobile AB financed the festival. This is history, since then it is more or less small budgets from different sources. That obviously gnaws at the substance. Only hope for better times and new sponsors.

  • I also wish everyone a lot of fun at the meeting, so I would like to drive up to Trollhättan.
    On the original parts I would be curious what is offered at what price

  • The festival is a great story, no doubt. But unfortunately it has lost too much substance over the years.

    Where is the traditional SAAB dinner? It was canceled years ago without substitution. Even the Kinnekulle Motorbana is no longer in the program. Too bad. And yes, there is no Pre Tour from Kiel / Lafrentz anymore. A pity, even if I understand. Because behind everything is a lot of commitment, usually money, and a thank you rarely heard.

  • SALT

    Salt in the soup and in the wound - the blog is both.
    All SAAB riders who can make the appointment, a good (on and off) ride and a lot of fun on the spot.


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