The (current) dream cars of Saab

Of course, dream cars were built in the Stallbacka. But Saab is no longer, and despite this, several dream cars of this brand were in the media over the past week. Remarkable? Definitely! The convertibles are having a very special career at the moment. Prices are stable or rising across the board. And even 8 years after the end of production, some cars still achieve real high prices.

Saab 9-3 Griffin Aero Sky Blue Edition
Saab 9-3 Griffin Aero Sky Blue Edition. Image: Auto Leitner

So, regardless of all the discussions about the car, there are definitely people who want to drive Saab. And just this brand. And who are ready to transfer a substantial amount to the trader's account. There was an example of this in the last few days with our neighbors in the Netherlands.

Saab 9-3 Griffin Aero Sky Blue Edition

A cabriolet with the bulky name Saab 9 3 Griffin Aero Blue Sky Edition was for sale since 2017 in the Netherlands -from model year 2012, according to the Swedish Press reports 2012 was already advertised at Blocket for a little over 40.000 €. Car Leitner in the Netherlands has been offering the rare and extravagant Saab for around 2 years for 57.500,00 €. Last week, the Aero was sold to a lover for supposedly 59.500,00 €.

The story behind it is simply told and not quite what it seems at first glance. The “Griffin Aero SkyBlue Edition” was not available from the factory. The car was originally built at the factory as a regular Aero Griffin Cabriolet for the 2012 model year in the color “Sky Blue”. Later, at ANA in Trollhättan, once the largest Saab dealer in the world, conversions with increased performance and Hirsch accessories were made. The modification, which was made on a private initiative, does not turn it into a factory edition. But still an exclusive convertible.

Saab 9-5 NG sportswear RHD
Saab 9-5 NG sportswear RHD, left in the picture while pilots wanted 2014.

Saab 9-5 NG sportswear RHD

A piece of automotive and Saab history is for sale in Kiel. The only remaining pre-series 9-5 Sport Kombi right hand drive is looking for a new owner. The current owner lives in the US, importation and licensing to the United States is legally impossible.

To drive his station wagon, he flew to Germany for the 2 annual meetings. Living Saab passion is called that well. And the separation is probably not easy, but is a result of pure reason. Because what about a car on the other side of the Atlantic?

The TiD station wagon in linear equipment is the last survivor of once 4 right-hand drive pre-production models. On the speedometer are just 6.400 kilometers, almost continuously parked the Saab in the showroom in Kiel. The vehicle is moved regularly and from the dealership Lafrentz expertly maintained. The price expectations of the owner start loudly from 35.000 €. Potential buyers who are interested in a genuine single item from Sweden can ask for details in Kiel.

Right-hand drive vehicles are not in such demand on the continent for understandable reasons. In recent years, Lafrentz has therefore been considering a renovation. With the steering wheel on the “right” side, interest and price would increase. Apart from the very high cost, the operation would also destroy the automotive heritage.

The term dream car is defined by dreams. You have it, you can fulfill it. Or not. Then there is also the term “National Auto Project”. This also has something to do with dreams. Such projects existed in the distant past, for example in the former Yugoslavia or in Iran. The success of these ideas was mostly manageable and remained territorially limited.

The 9-3 prototypes 2015
The 9-3 prototypes 2015

The national, turkish dream car

In a globalized world, a “national car project” smells like the 50s or 60s. And yet it does exist. Turkey bought the in 2015 Rights on the Saab 9-3 from NEVS to make it their national car. In a development partnership with the Swedes, the 2020 9-3 should be launched at the latest.

But then it became quiet. For several years.

Now the Turkish car spaces are back. Still 2019, so reports the Auto-Motor-Sport, the first prototypes should roll, then go into series production in 2022, with an electric range of 500 kilometers. Hundreds of jobs could be created, 85% of the components will be of Turkish origin. And of course the electric car should be internationally competitive.

However, the basis of the national self-experiment will be almost 1 / 4 century old, including testing and planning. If successful, that would be a comeback record. But with regard to the economic realities on the Bosporus, one can remain skeptical with a clear conscience.

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  • Very difficult ...

    Perfect condition and low milage. That's just great.
    Originally bought in the US. But where is it now and where do you want it?

    Anyway, to some (most) people your convertible is worth next to nothing. And it is finger licking good and means the world to others. Try to sell it within the SAAB community to make the most of it in any sense ...

  • I have a 2007 Saab 9-3 silver convertible that I originally bought in the US so it has a 2.8l engine.
    It only has 56,000km and is in perfect condition. I have been the only owner.
    I am looking to sell it as I won't be able to take it to Australia when I move there in September.
    Can anyone give me some idea of ​​what it might be worth?
    Any help appreciTed!

  • Well observed. Black is the new silver. After all, also a classic ...

    But before we had the wide range of all possible and impossible reds, which had brought together in the first place of statistics. Some varnish already caused me almost physical pain.

    I felt the subsequent silver wave as a return and healing ...

  • HEIJO13

    A wonderfully finely pointed commentary about which I had a great time! 🙂 A great convertible that you are justifiably proud of! And the special thing is already the chic Saab convertible, especially since I find the contrast between black soft top and silver body sexy.

    In recent years, almost every car in Germany has been silver-colored, from the smallest scruffy car to the giant sledge. But I think that this has meanwhile shifted towards the great “color” black.

    Be that as it may - silver was actually THE classic sports car color from time immemorial, just think of the Mercedes Pagoda, Sean Connery as 007 with the silver Aston Martin, James Dean with his Porsche, etc. A classic color of longing, matching metal, like Herbert correctly ascertains, and speed .. In this respect, too, it goes great with the sporty, beautiful Saab convertible! And is certainly much more suitable for road traffic than the one in Sky Blue.

    With this in mind, I wish you many more wonderful trips - and all of us a convertible-suitable summer! 🙂

  • The SC and the CV are both beautiful vehicles, and it is to be hoped that they will not disappear into a collection of unused objects, but rather enrich the daily street scene of mainstream VW's, BMW's, Audi's, etc. A Saab was built for the streets, not the garage or showroom. ... I am glad that I see a few more Saab in Dresden every day and I smile.


    ... the automotive and technical color palette. Silver and metal, aluminum and steel, that always fits and fits like a fist in the eye. There are other colors that are subject to fashions that will make you shake your head again or will shake in a few years ...

    The latest craze in color experimentation is astonishingly reliable the shame of tomorrow.

  • I am a retiree and proud owner of a "Rentersilver colored" Cabriolet 2.0 T Vector! Every summer I'm looking forward to exits with my Rentercar

  • Yes, such a Griffin imitation is of course cheaper. But the real Griffins, if you can find one, even have some other advantages over the previous model, which are not all to get a visual approximation. For example, significantly improved engines that consume significantly less with better performance, emit less CO2 (Euro 5 instead of 4), cost less taxes, etc. Also, it's a real after-GM! 🙂

    And foil? Is that so easy? You can certainly see it on the insides of the doors. And in the convertible, the exterior paint also runs into the interior, until about 20 cm below the window goes on the inside of the doors, the sheet in the exterior paint. I can not imagine that you would get an acceptable result with foil.

  • If you buy the Combi you should leave it as it is, because the car if it is moved anyway only for Sunday driving would be moved, you can certainly live with the right-hand drive.
    The convertible is beautiful and worth the money due to its uniqueness, but I would prefer to buy a “normal” convertible from 2008 and then convert the handle. You may also have it wrapped in this color or in amber orange. Then comes one cheaper

  • Yes, tonight and then always north, to the festival and then on to the North Cape, via Finland and the ferry back to Germany. The Lime we can do it ..., hopefully!

  • In the summer to Sweden, of course, only with a convertible! 🙂 At the time when it was offered, I found the lime color to take some getting used to - but now it's simply brilliant, especially in the sunshine! Unfortunately, my black, open beauty has to stay in northern Germany next weekend, because I cannot accompany her to the festival in Sweden. 😉 What a shame! I hope to see you next time ?! Have a good trip - it's bound to be going soon - have fun and lots of sun! 🙂

  • These are undoubtedly also dream cars!
    If I could choose one of the ones mentioned today, it would actually be your 1-minus convertible. But maybe also the 9-3X from Hans? In any case, it would be a beautiful SAAB that I also dare to drive - not a unique specimen and exhibit that makes me freeze in awe ...

  • ... and two years ago I had a “guilty conscience” when I bought a 900 convertible, Bj. '89 - with 14.800 km and 1-minus condition. At 23.500 euros it was my most expensive purchase, but every kilometer is pure enjoyment.
    And above all, no retiree silver, anonymous dark blue or other uncoloured.

    But also the 96, Bj. 79, makes joy and spares any Mucki-Bude due to the heavy steering.

    Even then, Saab built dream cars, at least for a few seeking alternatives.

    Have fun with your sweetheart wishes Uli

  • Thank you!
    The white 9-3X comes close to a dream Saab and has not cost a fortune. But now he has to stay home. The Saab Festival is driven by the Lime Convertible. Often you also spend a few sunny days in Trollhättan 🙂

  • Yes, me too - and downloaded all 60 photos in time! 🙂 For me the perfect convertible. I would only want other rims and find the dashboard, the gear stick surround, etc. in titanium look (as with my black convertible :-)) more beautiful than in carbon. But that is a matter of personal preference. In any case, Saab had significantly upgraded the 9-3 with the Griffin with a few changes and created an aesthetic work of art! 🙂 Also much nicer from the inside (e.g. without this silver stripe on the dashboard) and with a much more valuable material appearance. It's soooooooo sad that there were so few of them. 🙁

    You continue to enjoy the new 9-3 X!

  • Great convertible! Great color for an open Saab. I've looked at it a hundred times, but the price kept me from looking at it 😉

  • The question is good. Very good even and also valid for the 9-5 NG SC RHD ...

    Personally, I would not trust any of them in traffic. Even less, to park one of the two in public. But I would rejoice like a snow king if someone else did it and I would see her someday and somewhere 😉

  • The convertible is a dream ... almost too good to expose it to "normal traffic".
    Congratulations to the new owner! Have fun with it.

  • The convertible is a dream. And worth every penny!

  • Thank you for this very interesting information! Very interesting are also the detail backgrounds in this special case for the upgrade of the convertible at ANA.

    Unfortunately, I did not know that the Sky blue convertible was for sale throughout 2017. I had always thought that it was sold 2017 and now 2019 after an existence as a garage car again on the market. I had only found an old ad from 2017 on the net and then it was no longer on Leitner's side until it reappeared in April 2019. Otherwise I would have liked to see the jewel in Natura (of course not to buy it).

    The price seems crazy, BUT: It is almost a new car, built in large parts by hand (!) And a worldwide unique piece. In addition, it has for me the most beautiful equipment (the seats!) And a brilliant, rare color. I'm not a fan of the eternal black-gray-silver-gemuschels. Unfortunately, the orange of the Anniversary was not my favorite color either.

    AND: The Griffin Cabrio is in my opinion (still) the most beautiful four-seater current (I mean exactly that!) Real convertible that drives on our streets. There is nothing better! Just think of the completely disproportionate A5, the Mercedes models that were totally unsuccessful, especially from the rear, or the 6-series BMW convertible - the latter is really a design disaster!

    With all the extras and in view of the above, I find 60 T Euro then again completely ok

    BUT: Can / should / should one drive such a single piece, of which there will never be more sisters, at all? Or you just have to do it? A very difficult question for the proud owner!


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