Blog, Instagram, YouTube - Roadmap to the festival!

Finally the time has come. The festival is right on the doorstep. Trollhättan becomes the Mecca of the SAAB fans, and Justus and I are here for the first time. Of course, the blog should not be neglected. The festival concept stands, and that's the plan:

We're on our way to the Saab Festival in Trollhättan!
We're on our way to the Saab Festival in Trollhättan!

Everything as always: the blog posts

Of course, as with the last festival editions, there will always be the classic blog posts. We jump in for Mark and Tom and try as much as possible of the festival in text form also ends up on the blog!

Fast and direct: the blog on Instagram!

The medium of youth. The social network, which has skilfully overtaken Facebook on the left lane, remains the first choice at the festival when it comes to fast and direct "reporting". Justus and I took over the blog account a few months ago (more or less) - the festival fits perfectly to fill it with new ideas.

Follow the blog live on Instagram!
Follow the blog live on Instagram!

Who the blog on Instagram Followed, is so (almost) live here. Arrival, all festival days, the seminars, the exhibition or the parts market: From anywhere is reported directly by story function. Fast and targeted content around the festival - a premiere this year. So if you want to be provided with small video sequences on a regular basis over the three festival days, you are very welcome to follow Justus and me via Instagram to Trollhättan.

The festival on YouTube

What can not be recorded by Instagram story and typical blog post, as always in a small Video format appear. Contributions that show everything important from the festival and have a little cinematic touch are definitely planned. The video series then appears gradually in interaction with the associated blog posts. Justus and I say goodbye to the festival.

The event offers a lot, the schedule is tight. We wish all our festival visitors a lot of fun! We are happy about every reader we meet on the spot! If you fancy a small saabigen Smalltalk, on Saturday finds the best opportunity to do so. Then Justus and I are in the exhibition area of ​​the category "OG 9" from 900 o'clock in the morning. We do not hope for much chance, but what's the name of it? Being there is everything!

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    ... they say it stimulates business. But you can also dig yourself up internally and the water yourself.
    Or let's dig about by corporations and global players recklessly?

    FB is long outdated - be it left or right - and who knows if Instagram is permanently better than your own website, than your own blog?
    If you post content on Instagram, it is missing on the blog and vice versa. If you use both platforms equally, you have at least roughly doubled your administrative effort. That of readers and subscribers too ...

    Well, I tried. Had withdrawal symptoms, but when I signed up for Instagram and subscribed for access to content, I dropped out. I'd rather wait and see what comes to the meeting on the blog.

    Mention should be made that I went with this decision, the independence edition of the 9-3 convertible through my head.

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    Please more photos on Instagram! I wait 😉

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    Thanks for the great service. I have subscribed to your account and will follow it!

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    I wish all those who drive to Trollhättan a lot of fun, a good and safe journey

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