Enough is enough. Really? The final.

Before 2 weeks, Matthias from Switzerland complained about the rust on his 9-5 Aero. It was enough, he said. Because the repair at Swiss prices was too expensive. And there had to be a replacement. Which of course should be a Saab, an 9-5, and an Aero. Or not?

Visually great. If there were not some problems
Visually great. If there were not some problems.

Because then I got the following mail, and the sequel to the previous part read quite exciting:

Hi folks, after my report on the strong rust on my beloved 9-5 Aero, a solution could be found. However, several weeks passed until the result was established. After I reported that the removal of the grate in an ex Saab workshop should cost 8000,00 to 10.000,00 SFr, I looked for alternatives. I could spend 3000,00 to 4500,00 SFr on the fast. 3000,00 SFr was my maximum budget for the rust.

So I looked around for moving Saab alternatives. They were there as well. If possible it should be again a 9-5 Aero station wagon. I got used to the comfort of the big car too much and know its weaknesses.

A dealer near my place of residence keeps dealing with 9-5er and sometimes with 9-3er. A possible 9-5er was found on Autoscout by this same dealer and the dealer contacted. I think we were immediately sympathetic and on the same wavelength.

He said after a long phone conversation, "the 9 5er that interests you is at my house. The ignition key is in the car at ... .. (will not betray here). Take him for a few days to the rehearsal and then we'll continue. It will either be sold off place for 3500,00 SFr, or after vehicle testing for about 4500,00 SFr. "It was an 9-5 Vector 2.3t Gray with sunroof and ventilated leather seats. With deer tuning.

The car ran very well and also because of the sunroof, I'm a sunroof fan, he would have liked me very much. Unfortunately, he had some shortcomings that were more or less also test relevant. Some rather expensive problems but not synonymous. So there was again the rust in the usual places. Slippery mirror (folding mechanism) and much more. At least the sunroof was tight.

I did not care about the whole thing. Mine was screwed through technically, this could come up with nasty surprises. Despite TÜV. I kept my fingers off. Nevertheless, he lured me with more 9 5er in his offer!

A black aero had it to me especially. An 9-5 Aero from 2006 with deer package (suspension and double exhaust). Also this car I was allowed to chase with us during a week with us - connected with the change of the winter on summer wheels. Unfortunately, the summer rubbers were completely through. Accordingly, the ride comfort suffered greatly. Nevertheless, I fell in love with this vehicle a little.

My garagist told me shortly before, "you will not necessarily enjoy the vehicle if you're used to an early 9-5er."

And he was right! Apart from the optics. Of course, the grill and the chrome eyes had to be painted black again, without me the contrast of the "glasses" is too strong, which I do not like most car colors of the 9-5er. I had to realize, however, that the processing in the interior does not correspond to what I was used to from my 2002 Aero. Creaky seats, plastic parts that are not sitting properly, or the door handle that is soft-coated with peeling off. That alone would have been bearable if the purchase price were correct. After all, the car as well as the Vector had already run well over 200.000 km. But what I see when looking under the car changed my mind completely.

Actually checked fresh in the canton of Lucerne in December, I found strong oil loss on the engine, a lot of rust on the underbody. The usual rust spots in the back at the bottom of the car, rusted struts in front, as well as a closed tint foil on the rear window. In addition, there was a broken belt buckle of the passenger seat and a motor lamp which occasionally lit up. Of the equally sloppy exterior mirrors not to mention. So no thanks! Although - the Hirsch exhaust system I had already liked.

Simultaneously with the test drive of the black Eros my Aero was in another garage guest to let the rust judge by someone else. Here came the very gratifying message that they could eliminate the rust including small rust prevention for flabby 2500,00 SFr.

I could not believe my luck! So I would not have to leave my Aero to the scrap merchant or the parts processor.

Of course, I agreed and when talking with the boss, his boys have already worked full of verve on the Aero. After a few days I was able to pick up the car. Now he only has to pass the TÜV or MFK, as we say here, and then I should enjoy the car for a few years. In addition I give my Aero again the original marking of the car at the tail, which he never had, as well as a tuned engine control unit: 285PS and 420 Nm which is to catch the horses again, which have probably broken out in the last years.

Thanks for the Saab story on Sunday. How is it in everyday life with an older Saab? What do you experience, how do friends, colleagues and the family react? With indulgence, enthusiasm or compassion? How do you keep the Saab alive, what do you do with spare parts and workshops, how do you optimize or restore the old Swedes?

A broad topic for the "Saab stories 2019!". Challenging, but also interesting. How does it look with the fans, how strong does the Saab heart beat in everyday life? Write it to us, it's worth it!

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  • Very nice, I am happy with Matthias about this happy coincidence!


    ... before the recycler. What a nice finale. And written exciting. Many thanks Matthias, for this Sunday reading pleasure.

    And so incidentally, I learn that I'm not alone with the door handles of my chrome goggles. In general, plastics or their coating seem to be an issue for the bespectacled 9-5. Door handles, ignition key, recessed handle of the tailgate etc. ...

    That would give you some thought, you would have aggressive finger fat or an anomaly of sweat, even if plastic parts that you never touched would rot and fail. Visually, I like the chrome glasses, but maybe their predecessor is the better and more durable car?

    Anyway, it's nice that a SAAB is saved and repaired through and through.

  • It's just really like this: The earlier vintages are better processed and higher quality than the chrome glasses. A pity, but true. Congratulations to Matthias for his decision! That's sustainability without marketing slogans that are lived!

    • Yes, GM killed Saab, long before they tried in 2010-2012 .... They reduce the quality of the product, instead of making it into a marqee of class .... Obviously the parts are @ Opel did not have good parts ...... Shame on their corporate attitude ...... !!

  • nice that car could be saved

  • I am very happy and for Matthias that the Saab 9-5 was saved and repaired so nicely.
    The car looks great on the photos again !!!
    Matthias will now have the weak points better in the eye and regularly nachdichtiegeln. Then he can drive the 9-5 he loose 15 years.
    This is how sustainability works, and somehow the car is still modern.
    I can not imagine a better vehicle.

  • hello matthias, may I ask who you made the rust precaution? have the experience with saab?

  • I like to join Jonny.
    Would also be glad for a small input where you read the rust fixes.
    Am with my 9-5 also just very much on the tip
    Thanks for feedback.

  • Hello everybody, yes, I enjoy my 9-5er again. Now it goes behind my, 97 convertible. (new suspension)
    The garage is located in Zollikofen near Bern. Is a little hidden in an industrial area.
    The name is NC Garage Hr. Capitan, 3052 Zollikofen BE on the Industriestrasse 47.
    You can mention that you have the address of mine. Maybe you will receive a special price.

    Greetings Matthias

  • Is it just me or is the 95 coming?
    Especially the first years of construction disappear very quickly
    from the relevant stock exchanges.

    • It's really like that. Of the first years, there are not so many, I think with chrome grill (not chrome glasses) very successful and valuable.

  • I can only agree with the previous speakers.

    I am currently driving 2001 he Saab 95.
    This is my 4ter 95er and the best processed in the interior.
    About 250.000 on the clock and nothing rattles.
    Especially the cockpit of chrome glasses has never convinced me. I had two of them myself.
    The plastic was cheap, the leather of the seats was bad.
    Everywhere lamps would be saved at the rear doors,
    In the boot lid etc, the eyelet of the tailgate - awesome!
    No protection at the entrances or no lining of the sheet metal in the boot opening.
    Apart from the operation of the air conditioning.
    The night panel was left unfavorable behind the steering wheel during the ride barely visible.
    The seat heating hardly recognizable and everything a wild nothing to materials.

    Conclusion: Those who are used to 9000er and the associated quality is well served with early 95er - if the history is right.
    Otherwise you will be disappointed.
    Meanwhile I think he is coming as a future classic.
    You only have to keep an eye on the rust.

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