Eucalyptus Green Midsummer Night's Dream from Saab

Let's face it! Anyone who deals with a Saab classic in their free time lives on the better side of society. A Saab is often hobby, second car, driving pleasure pure. Especially in the summer months there are rallies, where you can really live the passion for old Swedish steel. Nice, if you do not have your own pleasure in mind, but also think of others.

Cool: The Eucalyptus Green Midsummer Night's Dream
Cool: The Eucalyptus Green Midsummer Night's Dream

For years, I have received a regular email from readers who want to go on a big tour with an old Saab. The meaning of the mail is usually easy to interpret. It's all about contacts with Orio Germany, cheap or gifted spare parts, or just money. For a while these requests were worth an answer. Polite, but determined in tone, and always canceling. Meanwhile, I make my life easier and save me the replica.

At the start of the season, I received half a dozen emails, including Torsten von der Optics Workshop Nikolai, You have to say that we know each other, and that it was not about money or sponsorship. He had an 9000 in view, the car for relevant tours par excellence. The 9k is the indestructible backbone of mobility at Saab. The engines always run, no matter how badly they are handled, as long as they find a drop of oil and something for the combustion. And the rest is hardly possible anyway.

As so often, chance then took over. The Saab world is manageable, and only a few days later in Frankfurt I told Torsten, the 9k, and the idea am Carbage Run Sweden, Norway and Denmark. The idea aroused interest, quickly gained momentum, and facts grew out of a thought. Instead of the intended 9000, it became a Saab 900 from the stock of Saab Service Frankfurt. For a symbolic amount, which surprisingly went to the blog as a donation via Torsten and family Ratzmann.

The idea: to make a difference

Having fun with old cars is good. Blog writing is also fun, but it is also important to think about the weak in our society. What the blog generates by the supporters and readers goes into the maintenance of the project. And what's left over at the end of the year is transformed into a donation. Always, and Torsten will do the same. Which is why I support Torsten and his plans.

More specifically, he is concerned with a project where the proceeds from the sale of the Saab 900 will flow after the Carbage Run. To 100% becomes so Kids and Poors Eyes International supported. The organization cares about people in the 3. World who can not afford to buy glasses or medicine. Ophthalmological operations are often unthinkable, and the motto "Eyes should look - anywhere in the world" can only be supported.

A good idea, lived social responsibility, and an old Saab on the way through Scandinavia. The 900 is the cult car of the Göta-Älv par excellence. And this is exactly worth a look.

A midsummer night's dream in eucalyptus green

Eucalyptus green! The shade is totally 80er years late. At that time very popular and today a driving exclamation point. My first impression: But that is damn green. But damn cool too. And finally not black. The hue 9 of 10 Saab 900 wear at each meeting, making the meetings so dramatically monochrome. A midsummer night's dream. Exceptionally not from ShakespeareHe may forgive me, but from Saab.

A very late Saab 900 Coupe from the year 1993 - the unbreakable Softturbo with 141 PS. There are 258.000 kilometers on the odometer, so the machine has just retracted. The technical condition is very good, there is no rust at the usual places. Even the legendary axle shaft tunnels are free of the brown hazard, the Saab is well maintained.

However, the paint is bad, the dashboard has cracks and the leather needs a nourishing hand and work-up. Which would be called the vulnerabilities. The market price? After what is offered, with poor bodywork and a lot of work needs? Locker 4 - 5.000 €. Maybe more. And this coupe donates Saab Service Frankfurt for a symbolic amount? The scene is already positively positive.

A dream can come true

In 2 weeks the summer edition 2019 of the Carbage Run in Copenhagen. With his daughters Torsten drives to 4. July through Scandinavia. Bright nights, long roads, the vastness of the north. The rear opening windows of the coupe open, the sonorous exhaust noise of the 900 Turbo paints the sound of Trollhättan in the distance. A midsummer night's dream that needs to be experienced.

5.000 km of driving pleasure are also on the counter, then the Saab is looking for a new home. The proceeds go as described Kids and Poors Eyes International, To make dreams come true elsewhere in the world. The dream of seeing well.

The current highest bid for Midsummer Night's Dream is currently at 2.000 €. Bids from interested parties are please by mail to judge. Before the handover, a fresh TÜV and inspection is done in Frankfurt, so that nothing stands in the way of another dream with a new owner. The team "Äbbelwoi Express", which proves that the crew comes from Hesse, you can also on Facebook consequences.

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  • Class Saab project! Have fun the Äbbelwoi Express on the trip, because you can be a bit jealous. Or?

    • Thank you!

  • poet

    Tom, this post again tops everything I've read here ...

    A soft turbo paints the wide landscape with the sounds of Trollhättan and much more. And behind the fictional quality of this contribution is nothing else than SAAB and a good cause.
    Formal and content the pure and completely unclouded reading pleasure ...

    Thanks also to all the positive crazy people mentioned in the post.

  • We also drive there with a follow-me 9k with 😉

    • Well then we'll see each other on Sunday in a week!

  • Nice idea to drive Saab and help people to better see.

  • The family team a lot of joy, funny and enlightening experiences, no big mishaps and anyway everything that is suitable for this rally I wish. A few days ago I saw two Carbage Run cars from the Netherlands on their way east, maybe a personal Pretour.

    Great that the described 900 and also the 9000 from the comments are far from Carbage and continue to live afterwards.

    Will the car only be advertised here (and facebook as well as on the way, by yourself and the inscription), or even beyond?
    I think that the largest possible advertising circle can increase the result for eyewear and other aids for people in the global South all the more.

    • Thank you for the great wishes.
      So far, only here and on our Insta- and Facebook page has been reported.
      Greetings, Torsten

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  • How did the matter go out?

    • The bid is 3000, - Euro. In the next 2 weeks the action should be terminated. You can still bid. 😉
      Greetings, Torsten

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