The slightly different exhibition concept

With the start of the season, the various fairs around the sanctuary of the Germans are starting again: the car. What has supposedly developed into an exclusive scene of the German brands around Porsche, Daimler and BMW in recent years is becoming increasingly important for small brands from year to year.

Volvo and Saab
Volvo and Saab

Brands such as the once glorious Lancia have been in vain for years, neither at the Essen Motor Show nor on the regional offshoots is the brand really represented. A trade fair presence in the time, where it is more and more about alternative drives, is once again an indicator for just such brands, which are apparently dead. What about the cult, is there still an active scene and if so, how well is it organized in the background? Questions that are more difficult to answer for exclusive brands from year to year. So how does SAAB organize itself? At the fairs in Essen you are regular, but otherwise? What about the rest of the republic?

To 2x with saabiger participation

What the Saab Club is to the west is the regulars' table Schleswig-Holstein / Hamburg in the north of the republic. For the second time the team around Olli and Markus are on the classic days in Neumünster with both Swedish brands at the start. With both Swedish brands?

What is so often divided into two strictly separated warehouses in Sweden harmonises even better in Germany. And what was crowned with success last year was also continued in 2019. This year, an 900 and a 9000 conquer the stand. Both in the CD variant (!) The cars are pure luxury, instead of last year's rally optics attracts so the luxury class. Both are completed by a SAAB 90, the brand from Gothenburg is represented with an 240 and 740. Both brands pay nothing for this trade fair weekend. All five cars are recently completed restoration objects, from the beginning of the 80 to the mid-XNXX years, which was possible with both brands.

The secret shooting star

And yet, the brand of Göta Alv has just beaten the brick cars from Gothenburg, the newly built 240 Volvo is THE shooting star of the stand. After a few hours, the first dozen of customer inquiries, even the white Volvo is well received. The 9000, who can also attract a lot of attention, can not keep up.

But both brands benefit from each other. If you come to SAAB for a stand, you will also see Volvos on display, and vice versa. This is another trade fair concept for SAAB (and Volvo)!

Welcome to the upper class

The individual class of the 900 is almost drowning, so strong are the Volvo and the 9000 from the rank. For units produced only by 480, it is one of those "highlights" that make a stand stand out in the first place. Freshly prepared, he has rolled directly into the hall. Electric windows, the heated seats and the long wheelbase which provides incredibly much legroom in the rear. For visitors: If you pay attention to the small details, you will notice that this can not be a normal 900 shown here.

A interceptor on the wrong side

In addition to the record registrations for classic cars - in 2019 a new high was reached - collect as usual always used vehicles on the fair apron. The prices are sometimes still staggering high, the impression of falling prices and soon bursting bubbles can not really confirm.

It is everything and always. From VW Beetle on various Mercedes W or Porsche models. Every car can be found at least twice for sale. Only one SAAB is looking for a new owner this weekend. Is that a good or bad sign? I do not know, but who wants to be on the weekend exclusively on the road, but prefers to use the SAAB. In odoardo gray paint he stands somewhere between Porsche 911 and American models from the 60ern.

A quick chat with the owner shows that the car with the help of SAAB center Kiel has been extensively restored. The SAAB makes something, the red box the well-preserved leather - once again confirms the impression of the then good quality of the materials. By the way, the SAAB really does not get much attention. The owner has hoped for more, and so it goes for the 900 first back in the domestic hangar.

That one sentence

What does not sink, however, and is still present after the dismantling of the stand, is the general popularity of the visitors. Without exception, anyone who has engaged in a small talk has expressed his sympathy for the passing away of SAAB. From many visitors we hear sentences like "that were still special cars" or "they have always been so different". Many hardly know the story, and they have to shake their heads in disbelief when they learn that there's never been any serious effort to save the mark - not even from the Swedish state.

Many want a comeback or want to own one again. Especially special this weekend is the density of young people who are interested in 20 for one of the two brands. That gives you courage for the future! Especially when you see the much older and fancier exhibits. Who should take care of all these once? And even if there is a lack of young talent everywhere in Germany, it seems that the Swedish scene is still best placed!

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    Because there weren't any new Saab, we bought a Volvo CX40 (but we still drive our 9-3 convertible, the Saab 900 convertible and the 96 two-stroke). With this I have added an extra line to our parking lot where the sign "Saab Parking Only" is hanging.
    Now it says there; "Saab Parking Only" and below; "By exception another Swedish Car" :).

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      The three are still a great and enviable collection.

      Since I have a parabolic SAAB Volvo mix, maybe I'll copy the idea.
      “Parkering endast för svenska bilar!” Would be pretty cool. Does anyone know if there is such a sign?

      If I had a new Volvo or even a “foreign” make, I would also find the sticker “Min riktiga bil är en SAAB” appealing. But it doesn't make sense to me on an old Volvo 😉

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        Moin, Herbert!
        Holiday-related, only now my answer: local advertising agencies may be a successful contact. They have contacts and possibilities to produce such in small series. If it does not work on site: My neighbors in the north of the Republic of Germany. The boss of a former SAAB mechanic and SAAB driver, who changed business years ago (before the SAAB crisis) and continues to have "gas and oil" in his blood. 😉
        Good luck with the implementation of your great individual idea!
        VG from Lüneburg

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    Incredibly beautiful, the light-colored leather! The backs of the backrests, the doors, everything in leather. A fantastic photo, you can literally smell the leather and feel the velvet surface when you gently stroke it with your hand - as if you were sitting in it. And then this "leather note" from the Scottish manufacturer, unbelievable! Is that still the original state? What year of construction? You can hardly buy these seats at Orio !? Thanks to Jan for this wonderful start to the weekend! 🙂

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    I find it extremely gratifying that even more young people can be enthusiastic about old cars and handle them well. Even happier is that the cars are Saab and Volvo. For me, both fit to a stand, Saab and Volvo are always slightly different than the others.

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    The Swedish car world was really as bipolar as a car battery - and that's why it was intact.
    Two relatively no brands with small model ranges covered an unbelievably wide range in all points (design, interior, drive concept, utility) ...

    Photos and articles show this perfect world of bygone days and the contrast between the models of both brands very nicely. A great pleasure, especially since I like both brands for different reasons, like meat and vegetables, like water and fire. One brand up to bankruptcy, the other up to Geely ...

    Bipolar and more complementary than a front-wheel drive green 900 and a red 240, as the luxurious and elegantly rounded rear seats in light leather of one or the grossly square but wonderfully functional valves of the rear-wheel drive car, it is not.

    Thank you very much Jan_HH, for this sweden-steely, greasy, motor oiled and gaspy-looking reading pleasure.
    For the beautiful and meaningful pictures and for the positive final sentence. Great …

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    Saab and Volvo are also a good introduction to the young / oldtimer world for younger people because they are still quite cheap or affordable. If you take, for example, a typical "grandpa with hat" oldie like the W123 from MB, you realize that you can put as much on the table for a rust gazebo as for a good 9k Aero or 901 LPT ... Even if that is a bit exaggerated is.

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      That's right, you can leave it that way. In addition, the SAAB / VOLVO communities are always relatively relaxed compared to other brands. I see as another plus point.

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