The little things are often what makes Saab today

Hello dear Saab crazy people, I have not known since when I was “on the blog” - certainly felt like an eternity… There were times - “ER” cost me a lot of free time - there was so much exciting news and of course entertaining things almost every day to read …

Meeting of the Saab friends Thuringia
Meeting of the Saab friends Thuringia

Unfortunately, today we have a slightly different situation - really spectacular news from Trollhättan is rather the exception - which of course does not make it easier for Tom and Mark - to keep the blog exciting and alive !?

And that is exactly why we are in high demand as daily users! So I write a post today - no - not about my own Saab stories, which I could use to get my own book full 🙂 (maybe later!?!?)

Okay - Tom and Mark are sure to get some exciting reports from last weekend from Trollhättan - but who cares. No, actually I am writing - on behalf - or also - for Saab friends Thuringia.

We are a small Saab fan community with currently around 30 vehicles. So far we have organized two trips a year to drive through beautiful Thuringia together. Of course there was always some culture and delicious food - Thuringian 😉 ..

But what we lacked so far - was the small “event” in between and for some of us the technical aspect ...

And this is where our Saab colleague Falko comes into play - the latter is a real need for him. But not only - no - of course he also had the right solution for our “problem” !!

Years ago, Falko “bought” an old restaurant in need of renovation, with the associated hall and beer garden, in a suburb of Erfurt - what a crazy person anyone who sees it thinks. And he already did a great job of restoring the main house. No matter - the “hall” is exactly what we need for our purposes. Here, Falko - of course, completely unselfishly - installed a lifting platform with all kinds of associated mechanics equipment and space without end.

So - long story short - we have spontaneously for Thursday, June 6.6th. our first Saab regulars' table of Saab friends Thuringia in Falko. Of course with Saab emblem and flags.

Excited Falko and I waited for the response of our Saab driver.

No, we didn't wait for nothing - from 17.30:XNUMX p.m. one Saab followed the other into the narrow entrance to the former beer garden. It was quickly converted into a parking lot. Not without astonished - but probably also delighted looks - some neighbors.

Final result - okay then there were “only” 12 vehicles of our brand - which was probably also due to Falko's and my rash appointment planning? Yes - the weekend in Trollhättan was somehow lost.

Of course, some of our Saab madmen also went there - sorry to Alexander / Roland and Franz ... Well - as always - there is always room for improvement! Especially in Falko's “Tanz-SAAL” or rather “SAAB-SAAL”.

Falko had activated a grill corner with a fire bowl in the garden - where there were our delicious THURINGIAN BRATWÜRSTE (whatever else) and a drink or two. Speaking of drinks: Of course there was again our internal SWEDEN BEER - for the girls Little Red Riding Hood - with our own SAAB banderole. Thanks to our Wolfgang for this great idea.

I think - everyone present had a lot of fun this evening! Finally the time to have a good time and above all to make plans for our future SAAB activities ”. We only have to work on the weather - a little more sun would have been great ... Our regulars' table will be an integral part - including a screwdriver Saturday if required.

Our next major event will be our two-day autumn trip with overnight stays in September or October. Until then - everyone wishes you a nice and relaxing holiday from the beautiful Mühlberg and don't forget:

“Everything for the Dachshund (SAAB) - everything for the club”

Thanks to Thomas for the Saab story on Sunday. How is it in everyday life with an older Saab? What do you experience, how do friends, colleagues and the family react? With indulgence, enthusiasm or compassion? How do you keep the Saab alive, what do you do with spare parts and workshops, how do you optimize or restore the old Swedes?

A broad topic for the "Saab stories 2019!". Challenging, but also interesting. How does it look with the fans, how strong does the Saab heart beat in everyday life? Write it to us, it's worth it!

We thank you for every published article with an exclusive Saab-Scania board.

7 thoughts on "The little things are often what makes Saab today"

  • For the solution I guess a “pit” ...

    If the car can not get higher, the screwdriver has to go down. That too is good and still much, much better than jack and bucks or ramps.

    I just had to do that today and shortly after my 1. Comment again painful experience. That is really so and no joke. My old Gothenburg smelled suspicious after a short drive and in fact it rained a lot of gasoline.

    The 164E has an electric fuel pump and a filter very close to the differential (on the rear axle). The hose in between (only 2 years young) had suddenly and again a crack.

    I did that immediately and with great pleasure, but with a lifting platform or a pit I would only have needed half the time and would have had twice as much fun doing it. Well, a real estate and automotive planning mistake ...

  • Great idea to use this space for Saab. To have the dream something like that, surely many of us have.

  • I have only been in 1 1 / 2 years since. Have two of the mentioned exits participated and feel very comfortable in this circle. Was there for the Stammtisch and must say that the evening was very nice. Many thanks to the organizers and the "groundsman". I hope there will be many more Saab friends in THÜRINGEN, I'm there.

  • Yes, Herbert, you speak to me from the bottom of my heart - years ago we also built a cozy little house with a garden and garage - the latter is also a bit bigger - but there is nothing with the lifting platform for reasons of space (height). "But" a (very) positive solution seems to be emerging from next year on.

    By the way, I have to apologize to the Saab friends of Thuringia - I made a "serious" mistake - we are not about 30 Saab's - but about 30 "members" !! Sorry to Peter, Stefan, Wolfgang, Jonny - just to name a few - who care for two, three or four Saab's with a lot of love and passion and thus preserve them for posterity ... (whether posterity wants it or not )

  • THAT IS YES ...

    ... the perfect property for a motorist. Not entirely free from envy, congratulations to Falko the landowner and thanks to Thomas for the great story.

    In Swedish vintage and car magazines, every 2 is felt. Display of workshop equipment. And this stuff is amazingly cheap right down to a full-blown lift. If you like SAAB and other and older cars, you should think car and real estate holistically and plan a spacious outbuilding. That's worth gold.

    Since I did something wrong and I am almost painfully aware of it every day.

  • Very nice report about a very great first meeting in this form .. The location fits great. I think next time more Saab friends will roll onto the farm. Since I was there myself I can only say thanks to Thomas and Falko.

  • It's cool. An old restaurant as SAAB clubhouse, a good second-hand. Am I mistaken, or is there more patrons in the scene than ever before? SAAB is alive, a nice, hot Sunday to all fans!


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