NEVS 9-3 Production start in Tianjin

The source situation is poor, the information comes for the moment only from a Chinese medium. If so, what The production start of the NEVS 9-3 EV in Tianjin took place yesterday. A historic day for NEVS. After almost exactly 7 years runs the first own electric car on Saab basis of the tape.

Unmistakable with Saab Genen, the NEVS electric car
Unmistakable with Saab Genen, the NEVS electric car. Photo Credit:

Production start at 29.06 in Tianjin

An official press release from NEVS or the Evergrande group is missing so far, but it could follow on Monday. In response to the occasion, the management of NEVS, Koenigsegg, Protean Electric, and other companies of the emerging Evergrande News Energy Automotive Group was gathered on-site. The message, and that's what staging is all about, is pretty clear. A new provider of sustainable mobility is showing its muscles.

Just a few days ago, another Chinese website reported the Tianjin facility as clear for production. The news from China was in a certain contradiction to what one could hear from Trollhättan over the past few weeks. Much there indicated a later start of production. But speed is everything in China, patience less.

An interesting detail in passing: The work is mentioned in the Chinese press release as Evergrande Tianjin production base, the name NEVS itself only occurs in connection with the 9-3 electric car. This shows the weighting for the future. NEVS is, if at all, just one brand within the group. For the moment at least, and in the field of brand names, the future could be exciting.

The message from China speaks of Evergrande's entry into mass production. This is quite high, because for the start of the 9-3 is expected only with smaller numbers. Successful Chinese startups such as NIO or Xpeng still produce their much more modern electric cars monthly in the lower 4-digit range and increase only slowly.

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  • Regarding the brand name, it is interesting that the 9-3 Ev can be seen on a current Facebook post, but without NEVS lettering in the grill. In addition, the text only speaks of the 9-3 EV ... not the NEVS 9-3. NEVS disappears as a brand name? And under which brand will the 9-3 EV be marketed ???

    • Yes exciting. The question is basically: Is NEVS a brand name, is it recognized as such, or not? Or is Evergrande making a name out of the retort, or reviving an old brand?

      For info: The EV at FB is relatively new, from the year 2018.

  • I'm already frof that finally it starts to move. Whether it will be the name NEVS or just Evergrande is not important. It is important that after 7 years the long awaited production starts.

  • Up's, who would have thought that!
    But even the first swallow doesn't make a summer ...
    Nevertheless, I keep my fingers crossed, in fairness. I do not have to love the company.
    Pleasing, that dominate the colors YELLOW and BLUE on the assembly lines. Coincidence? Or a tribute to the SAAB roots ???

    • Rather coincidence, the Leoni robots are yellow and blue in most cases.

  • That is exciting! Is Everreal changing money with Evergrande now really what? I would say it almost looks like this. I join Robert: Cross your fingers for Trollhättan!

  • Unfortunately, we have heard such news as often as they have burst again.
    I keep my fingers crossed that with the old Saab 9-3 is still a state (start) to do and above all, that the factory Trollhättan also has some of it!

    • Thn next to start?

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