How is the Saab stock developing? Some statistics!

Once a year, the Federal Motor Transport Authority publishes the current stock figures. My anxious gaze then goes to Flensburg, combined with the question of how we keep ourselves? The good part of the message: we brace ourselves! The bad part: A model dramatically loses its stock.

Saab stock Germany 2018After 2011, there were forecasts that the Saab population would decrease by 10% per year in the future. The prediction never came true, Saab regularly disappointed. And the raging discussion about diesel and driving bans did not have the feared effects. From 46.719 vehicles as of January 1, 2018, the number fell within one year by 5.1% to 44.345 registered cars with the Greif. The backbone of the stock continues to be the Saab 9-3 I and 9-3 II with 32.253 vehicles. Their stock was reduced by almost 1.500 vehicles within a year.

And the 9-5 series with 8.241 vehicles and a decline of just under 700 cars are doing well for their age. On the other hand, it looks dramatically different. When the blog project started, there were still 5.000 Saab 9000 on the streets of Germany via 1.752. In the meantime, the first big Saab has become a rarity. The stock of CC and CS has shrunk to 900 vehicles, which may be called dramatic. Even the classic 9 has more vehicles than the XNUMXk, and the development did not come as a surprise.

Adieu Saab 9000!

Sure, the 9000 is not as emotional as a 900. It is a large sedan, not a convertible and also not a coupe. Which is already unfavorable for his future prognosis. Doubly a shame, because it was the ultimate technology carrier from Trollhättan and the only Saab, in whose realization the engineers were allowed to exercise all their freedom. The 9000 stands for the brand essence, always objectively subdued - consistently following the principle that form must always be subordinate to function.

There is little consolation that luxury sedans from other brands are going the same way. In the last few years they, too, have disappeared into export somewhere, where they are valued and have a second life as a useful means of transport. In a few years, the 9k stock will have leveled off at less than 1.000 vehicles that are in enthusiast hands. He's in good company with the big Jaguars, BMWs and other brands. Saab's first contribution to the upper class will then only be seen at meetings and will no longer take place in public. The undeserved end to a great career, because the 9000 was essential for the brand's survival in the 80s and 90s, and all successor models participated in its innovations.

Statistics by key numbers

For the first time this year, the Federal Motor Transport Authority offers free access to one detailed statistics divided according to key numbers. Good news from the authorities, she saves future individual inquiries. On the one hand, the statistic is surprising, because one realizes that there are still vehicles from the long-forgotten Belgian Saab production on the way. And frustrating, because of ours Anna project, an 9000 2.3t, 76 vehicles are currently registered. The 2.3t was after the 2.0t the most popular model of the upper class of Göta Älv.

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  • This article seems to shake people's minds, presumably it is congruent with the SAAB 9000. 36 comments. You like Him or think He is the beginning of the end.
    A few keywords: Cooperation with Italian brands in development, world record collector in Talladega, classification as "Large Car" by the EPA in the USA, test vehicle for all-wheel drive and a V8 engine developed entirely under SAAB ... It is not really pretty. Doesn't look like a SAAB is often tested for me. But he is an honest skin, uncompromising and quite robust. Isn't too good for anything and maybe that's why it was never really and sincerely loved and recognized. Rocked down to the end, undemanding can be interpreted in many ways. From the factory, even in the simplest basic equipment, equipped with many gimmicks, where you had to pay extra for a lot of extra charges in the time of its heyday with the competition. I would also like to have a SAAB 900 Turbo 1st Gen. Cabrio (if I had just learned something decent and could buy one at collector's moon prices) and I often think back to the time when Stig Blomqvist chased the 99 Turbo over the military training area in the Hunsrück.
    BUT: I have to get rid of it before the comments for this post are closed and it is reproduced with the words of Marc Cohn from Silver Thunderbird: If there is a god up in heaven, he's driving a silver 9000.

  • It's a pity too. My father has been trying to sell a relatively well-preserved 2 from 9000 (or 1986) for about 87 years but there are only export or junkyard deals 🙁 anyone interested?

    • There is the possibility here to place a classified ad. Free.

      • The 9000er so drastically less shocked me!
        What are the numbers in Austria ?!

        By chance, someone looks like the registration numbers for the 900 Sedan (8V and 16V without Turbo).

    • Alexesche at gmail dot com if he's still there….

  • Well, if I look at my 9kaero I doubt even if it is worthwhile to rehabilitate it. But he will be examined soon and if it is not worthwhile then the 2 method is also a plan. As the offspring is interested in the car, he will probably remain in the statistics and leave the non-air-conditioned garage soon.
    Whether it's financially worthwhile, well the 9k is a modern car with a lot of comfort and more than individual, ... I don't even know what is currently on the market ...

  • My 9000 2.3.t is clearly the car that I prefer to drive. But after the winter break, the third specialist is now trying to ensure that the engine gets perfect ignition sparks again. The 900 soft turbo is more reliable (but less comfortable for long journeys), the 9-5 more reliable, the 9-3 more reliable - it's good that I don't have to rely on the 9000.

  • Even at the risk of being stoned here, I have to share my personal experience with 9k. When I got 2001 my first new car, a red 9-3 SE sports coupe (2,0t), and this was one or the other times in the factory seat, I got from the then Saab center Dresden a white 9K as Werkstattersatzwagen. Usually used to a 9-5 or other 9-3, it was a nightmare for me to have to travel with this car for 500 km. The chassis not comparable with 9-3 let alone 9-5, the engine (gabs the without turbo?) A tough journeyman and the interior for me back then just antiquated. I do not even want to start from rattling. I was glad to get my 9-3 back. Since then I have always avoided the 9k. Is not that why I'm a Saab fan? Did they just have a rundown copy? I can not say exactly today, 18 years later. But maybe a reason why it disappears, if you do not appreciate the technical importance of this model series.

    Otherwise, greetings to all Saabfans and remains so loyal!

    • Hi Joerg,

      I just have to and would like to contradict you - I started with a Saab 96 myself, later a Saab 90, several 900 of the first generation was added. After a few Sabb 900 first generation, my father had two 9000s, one CC and one CS.

      To be honest, for me personally, the 9000 were no longer real Saab's in the past - I didn't understand my father at all because he was more than enthusiastic - his answer back then - boy, you don't understand the car.

      When my father died, the 9-5 station wagon came onto the market - we had children and so much the decision to buy a 9-5 station wagon as an annual car - which, by the way, we still drive.

      Due to a personal change, I no longer had a company car and urgently needed a vehicle - but which one. An old man over 70 from Warburg offered a Saab 9000 CS 2,0 t with 150 hp as a winter car. We met and it quickly became clear that although he hadn't learned it, he had a lot of tweaking on the Saab's himself, several 9000s and was a real expert on this vehicle.

      We agreed immediately I took the 9000 he had only 144.000 km run that was before 3 years ago.

      Today it is our most important vehicle in the family - most of the km we drive over 9000 km with the 3 in the 100.000 years and I dread it when the 9000 is no longer available or there is no replacement. We have 4 Saab's in the family - my wife has a 9-3 Cabrio Aero from 2009, our eldest drives the old 9-5 2,0t station wagon from 2000, and we have a 9-5 2,0t from 2008 on vacation - Allowed travel and family car and the said 9000.

      Everyone in the family loves their Saab and does not want to give it up, but yours truly loves the 9000 - like the two 9-5 it has 2,0t 150 hp and despite its age - Bj. 1996 - it is the most agile, liveliest Saab With the best chassis of all, the best workmanship and the most robust, none of the others can hold a candle to the 9000 in terms of fuel consumption either - there, too, the 9000 is much more economical, over 1,5 liters less and it also has air conditioning.

      Today 19,5 years after the death of my father, I understand what he meant - I don't understand the car - yes, it's true I liked the look of the old Saab's and the new ones are beautiful but really good, technically up to date and an evolution was the 9000. Today I am sure without the 9000 there would have been no sensible and good Saab, neither the 900 II nor the 9-3 or 9-5, under GM management.

      I love this vehicle and admire the engineering of this SAAB 9000.

      There was an advertising box - vi byger Sveriges bästa bil SAAB 9000 - today I would say it was världes bästa bil.

      Tack for the underbar bil

      • Thank you, very well written. There is nothing to add!

    • So the white one was not a turbo, 2,0 or 2,3 and drawn from the dirt roads (roads) in DD. If Tobias had known where you wanted to go, he would surely have given you an "Opel" (have two of my own) ... 🙂
      But I can't imagine that the 500km would have become more relaxed ... unless the wind noise from 150 is a bit annoying, but the rest is superior to any 9-3 ...

  • It can go like this. Since June 10.06th my 9k is looking for a loving owner via the classifieds on this blog and via, because for private reasons it is not possible for me to own / maintain four SAABs. I deliberately set the price so as to take away the appetite of possible "butchers" in advance. The feedback so far: Except for one contact, which after some deliberation ended in the sand because of the "high mileage" of 314000 km, only the repeated offer from to sell my car to a buying station. That is out of the question for me, and so I will try to store my beloved 9k somewhere after the offer period has expired and to find a way to enable it to continue its car life in another way. Somehow I'm almost glad that he stays with me. The 9k has been my great love for 20 years. It is the best SAAB that has ever been built and - honestly - after 6 months transatlantic I am a little disappointed with the quality of workmanship after 20 years of "progress".

    • The quality of an 9000 certainly does not have the 9-5NG. At most early 9-5 are comparable, and the 9-3 I. Then the red pencils of GM prevailed.

      Of course it is not easy to sell a vehicle with 314.000 kilometers, almost everyone dreams of less than 200.000 on the clock. But these vehicles are barely there, or they are very expensive. I would not give up so fast, the right buyer is still coming. Where the Wegstellen (up to the H plate?) Is also an option.

      • I would say let the dreamers continue to dream. A vehicle (to drive, not to einmotten / speculate) one buys by state and not by kilometer. I last sold cars beyond the 320tkm, good ones were not Saab but Volvo, which were sold between 1 hour and 1,5 days.
        But that suits me, so you can still make some bargains and buy a top vehicle that other "critical" Saab drivers pass by because either the checkbook is missing or the number of previous owners does not "fit".

    • What do you dislike about the build quality of the 9-5 NG? The comparison to the 9k I can not understand, because I was not yet with a 9k on the way. But would be interesting because your opinion to read, since I also drive a 9-5 NG.

      • Already when I look at the driver's seat I can see the color fading of the light leather on the 95 - well, the 9k has black leather, but even on the 901-S convertible, built in 1962, the leather was / is not so worn. The storage compartment to the left of the steering wheel is cheap plastic to the touch and the lid is rather “loosely” fitted. Most of the "annoying" is the storage compartment on the right in the trunk. The lid lies in the trunk almost every time you drive on the motorway or, in the best case, hangs half-open on two insert tongues that are more badly than right in the bezels provided for them. When trying to close the lid again, it usually only gets reluctantly hanging on top after the 2nd or 3rd attempt, only to then "hang at half-mast" or lie "in the depths of the room" again after the next trip. Burrs and uncleanly processed edges all around the edges, the whole lid seems somehow warped. That may be "complaints of a high level", but when I wanted to buy a 1997k 9 Aero in 2,3 after extensive test drives, I found better processing quality. The best comparison between the two models was when the 95NG was transferred, which I did with a friend. We swapped vehicles every now and then on the way, and the difference wasn't like 20 years and further development.

          • And I forgot the circuit. I sometimes find them a bit "wobbly" with the 95NG. With the 9k, the gears slide like a knife through the softened butter. I cannot confirm the feeling of lameness when accelerating reported by some readers. The engine does its job with a robust sound, the 150 hp and the relatively low weight of the 9k ensure rapid acceleration that has surprised every passenger or driver so far, and it can be shifted quickly from 2nd to 5th gear, I usually leave 4th gear out for the sake of simplicity.

            • That's right. Is the difference between a Saab transmission and one from GM. The 9k had the best manual gearbox ever transplanted into a Saab.

  • Yes, a sad statistic. If you want to read something positive: Saab loses compared to comparable brands such as Daihatsu, Lancia or Rover less in percentage terms. And maybe this statistic of the registered vehicles at the deadline is only half the truth and many babies are just logged off and waiting for their revival. The registrations at the Trabant are also increasing!

  • Yes, now comes with the 9 000 what had to come, the vehicles that are moving in traffic all have a high mileage.
    And then when problems arise they can be repaired very difficult because it lacks spare parts.
    And there are only those left that are deliberately kept out of daily traffic and prepared for a long life (cavity sealing and underbody protection).
    I have one and he has just 42K kilometers that were driven only in the summer.
    A pleasure when he purrs like a kitten and next year he will be a vintage car.
    Yes and rust I do not know about my vehicle.
    But now he needs new tires and a clutch cylinder.

    • Mr. Siebert, I don't see that there is a lack of spare parts for the 9000 - there are plenty of new parts (and cheap), and what is not there can be bought second-hand via the Internet and specialists. I consider the 9000 overall to be the most relaxed SAAB that can be obtained.
      With us and the circle of acquaintances drive some 9000 with more than 400.000km, which is paid attention to preservation, and which should not die.

      I currently have more than a dozen 9000, and as far as I can, I take care of their survival - some are out on the streets, the majority is watched / protected.
      I have never experienced a quality like the 9000 in any other SAAB, and it was also difficult to find in models from other manufacturers - there were a few outliers with the 9000 in some model years, but overall the cars have changed over the last few years, especially in terms of interior design held extremely well. Since it is each worth 9000 to be preserved, just as proof of how sincere and genuine durability, honestly orderly handling of resources can and should work.
      The 9000 was - as already written here - the most SAAB among the SAAB.

  • If the number is reduced that is a pity. But I'm happy for everyone who has one and cares for him. Then he has a real pearl.

  • It is a pity for any Saab who disappears / is cannibalized or brought to Africa, There is still so much potential in everyone, as a confident diesel driver calms me down that not too many Diesel Saabs have disappeared. Except for driving bans, there is no reason to part with such a car.
    I find it sad that the stock of the 9000 is shrinking so drastically, these cars also still have a lot of potential, but unfortunately they are probably not yet in this "I really want to have it and maintain its value" mode. Most of the 9000 are probably still in the critical age where it is difficult to maintain the car because it is not seen as a classic car, and the TÜV / Pickerl inspectors would rather pull older cars out of circulation and if major repairs are necessary, then many who may have used the 9000 as an everyday car think about whether they want to keep it or exchange it for something new.

  • I believe, however, that the numbers are not quite right.
    Many 9000er are not registered with fans.
    Including at least 2 9000er CD of me, including a vehicle year 95 and in my first and last hand, and an 91er
    both in good condition (and of course not for sale)
    Greetings from the Trolldriver
    Dieter Sabatzki

    • But I think that only a few 9000 signed out of fans, preserved in an air-conditioned hall, but somewhere in bad condition on the lawn, I have already seen a few

  • Thanks for the very reader-friendly version of an otherwise dry statistic!

    It's a shame that the 9000 loses so drastically, but somehow also understandable. The cars are getting older and therefore require one or the other repair. The performance for the 9000 is miserable, nobody wants to pay a reasonably reasonable price for the cars. A major maintenance with TÜV or even a repair turns into an economic total loss and maintaining it becomes a hobby. Very few fans will receive the cars (I am one of them at the moment), but the majority will be drawing the line in the very near future ...

    I hope that the Saab scene also recognizes the 9000 as the real Saab - it deserves that. For many, the Saab story ends with the 900 and for those who are into the last model series, the 9000 is simply too old. But where Saab is on it, Saab is inside ... at least from my point of view ...

    • Mine is still fast, agile, and will see off many a newer car, BUT, I choose, to be sedate, regal and n lovely comfort… ..

  • 9107 / 324 (901 turbo 16V Sedan): 8 piece.
    9116 / 383 (902 v6 five-door): 17 piece.

    Who offers less? 😉

    • It's a shame about the 9k. On the other hand, I feel sorry for all the people who miss the pleasure of this fantastic car. My experience shows that with regular and professional care, the financial expense does not really differ from other used cars.
      And the term “economic total loss” really leaves a lot of room for interpretation. I want to calm the community down. All 9k won't go away. At least I plan to keep my two - 2.3 Turbo from 11/91 and 2.0 Turbo from 1996 - and drive them forever. I just hope that the questionable legislation or the spare parts situation will not prevent me from doing it….

      The Lizi

    • In the middle of it:
      9107 / 334 (901 Turbo 8V, APC with LLK): 13 piece

  • The 9000's approvals can be terrifying. Allegedly, the CD is only approved a few times in Germany - with a Saab 90 in the family fleet you have to slowly ask yourself which of the two is the real rarity. Too bad about every 9000!

    But there are also positive things to report! The Saab 90 should be in 2019 at meanwhile 34 registrations. That should be a small record, bobbed the previous number in the last few years but somewhere between 14 and 17 registrations.

    One can only hope that the end will be delayed as long as possible - or that there will be another fresh wind with the name SAAB.

  • I could almost cry at this post, but take a look at Ebay classifieds ... there are new "slaughter festivals" every week from the great 9K and even from so-called "SAAB fans" or even "lovers"
    If this continues, there will really soon be no more ...
    So please first think about what is being slaughtered (the word is already gone) and then think again and then build it up again ... or just give it away to people who restore it.

    • Above all, Saabs are slaughtered because of minimal rust, which would be considered a "very useful restoration basis" for other brands ...

    • I get a gag or a desire to strangle these people when they talk about a slaughter party. These are (no) fans and lovers, but calculating salesmen.

      • 100% approval! On FB the corresponding people are bustling and their business is dazzling. Battles take place, just horrible.

      • Sorry, but that's not true. Of course, people want to make money with the pieces, but that's what private individuals do. A Saab is not slaughtered either because people just enjoy car cutting. The parts land again in other Saab vehicles. Straight parts from slaughtered vehicles allow other Saabs to live on. Not everyone always has the money to make their Saab fit with new parts. Do we want to prohibit these people from driving Saab just because they have accessed parts of slaughter? If there were no such companies as Elferink NL, some Saab would be more on the scrap because urgently needed parts of Orio can not be delivered and there is no interest in reissuing them.
        You can also see it provocatively like this: The real fan slaughters and enables others to continue living ... the alternative would be the press, but then all useful parts are lost. You can't just rebuild every car.
        Anyone can ask themselves: Would I invest in a 25-year-old 9k with basic equipment, 350000km, engine damage and rust really money so that he is back top?

      • in the Cars Forum alone one has already offered 4 to slaughter in the forum this year… absolute nonsense the whole thing… but well….

  • Thank you for this nice preparation of the registration numbers.

    The 9000er disappearance I can not understand.
    Please tell me one time a (real) alternative that combines the combined sum of amenities and utilities in a car as a SAAB 9000. The absolutely timeless and ravishing appearance left out before. 😉 We are moving two 9000ers in our family, each of which has unwound far beyond 300.000km and can not disconnect (due to the lack of alternatives).

    Guys, get your 9000er!


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