Meeting with the Carbage run Saab 900

The eucalyptus-green Saab 900 and its crew are back from the crazy Carbage run, Crew chief Torsten invites to a meeting in Kriftel this Saturday. Of course, the focus is on the Saab 900, which is looking for a buyer by the end of August. Of course for a good cause, because the proceeds go to an aid organization. And the location in Kriftel is worth a visit for everyone with a dose of gasoline in their blood. Because she is very special ...

Saab 900 in its natural environment
Saab 900 in its natural environment

Torsten and his family built a gas station for their company a few years ago. A kind of oldie tank - the original in the Hamburg Brandshof provided the inspiration for this. And although inside the gas station a Opticians workshop is located, the furniture consists of many items with automotive reminiscence.

On Saturday, the 13. July, unloads Torsten and the Nikolai Optik Workshop 14: 00 Watch the Saab community for a meeting at its gas station in Kriftel. For drinks and food is well taken care of, fans are with their vehicles from Trollhättan all years of construction and series welcome.

Carbage run 900 for a good cause

Of course, the focus of the meeting is on the Saab Service Frankfurt sponsored Eucalyptus Green Midsummer Night's Dream. He should be in favor of Kids and Poors Eyes International sold. Those interested in securing a Saab classic are welcome and can bid on-the-spot. And of course Torsten has a lot to tell from his tour of three Scandinavian countries. The 900 managed without any mishaps and reliable and made his team a lot of fun.

Fancy excited conversations about Saab, some petrol in the blood, Scandinavia and old cars? Then the appointment on Saturday is just right! Torsten and his Saab crew are looking forward to many visitors, and I too will be there.


Nikolai optics workshop
At the old waterworks 1
65830 Kriftel
Time: from 14: 00 clock

2 thoughts too "Meeting with the Carbage run Saab 900"

  • Wow, a great idea for the weekend. SAAB is fun 🙂


    The ingenious pun (Carbage) has slipped so far.

    If we come through three countries with the garbage of our fathers and grandfathers today,
    this once again underlines the postulate that the most environmentally friendly car is that which has already been produced ...

    We can not consume the planet healthily (technological advances and progress) and nothing in the world is more environmentally friendly and resource efficient than finally applying all those old and still good "clothes" (cars, refrigerators, houses and vacuum cleaners) were produced long ago ...

    I hope the 13. was a great success and i wish i could have been there.


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