Robot taxi from Trollhättan for Europe

2020 will be an exciting year for Trollhättan. Koenigsegg wants to produce a hybrid sports car at the factory, Sono Motors the Sion - and NEVS from the end of 2020 a robot taxi for Europe. NEVS is nothing less than the presentation of a new type of vehicle, which should stand for the future of sustainable mobility in Europe.

NEVS InMotion Concept
NEVS InMotion Concept. Photo Credit: NEVS

The template for the new type delivers the 2017 featured at CES Asia InMotion Concept. The developers at Stallbacka use AutoX technology to implement it. Last Friday, the two companies announced the start of an exclusive strategic partnership for Europe.

AutoX wants to democratize autonomous driving

AutoX founder is Jianxiong Xiao, a former Princeton computer science professor. His concept of autonomous driving is surprisingly simple, and fundamentally different from his competitors. While these rely on a complex technology package, consisting of several Lidar radar sensors and differential GPS, AutoX is content only with standard webcams. 7 cameras per vehicle, they are to come from Logitech, and a self-developed software fully meet the founder to send a robot taxi on the road. Interesting, because AutoX is not alone. Even Elon Musk consistently dispenses with the need for elaborate technology and combines 8 cameras and 12 ultrasonic sensors with only one forward-looking radar. From year's end, Tesla could for all vehicles Hardware update provide fully autonomous driving enabled.

The cost per car is given by AutoX at $ 500. A price far below what would be possible with Lidar technology. And the concept of AutoX already seems to prove itself in everyday life. In San Jose and Santa Clara you can request robotic taxis via smartphone app. They deliver food or meals from restaurants to any location, whether at home, in the office or in the parking lot.

NEVS will begin testing AutoX technology in the third quarter of 2019. At the end of the year 2020, the first robot taxis in Europe will be piloted. The basis for this is a new vehicle based on the well-known InMotion Concept. It is currently being developed for series production in Trollhättan.

The robot taxi is a revolution

The future, she could once again come from the small town on Göta Älv. No surprise, because Trollhättan has already gone through many breaks and new beginnings. Surely this change is different than many readers dream it. Technical, colder. But the temptations of the future concept are obvious, and they are revolutionary. Robot taxis know no breaks, no standstill. They can be used around the clock and thus lead in the medium term to fewer vehicles being used for our mobility. The robot taxi opens up completely new possibilities and business fields.

14 thoughts on "Robot taxi from Trollhättan for Europe"

  • Quite simply: the photo with the seats is from NEVS.
    The statement on the transport of goods in the article, however, refers to AutoX ...

    Also, it is obvious to introduce and test this type of vehicle in this way. A pizza knows no reservations and the management of Amazon also not. This saves the drivers and missing passengers can not be harmed during the trial. If the concept has proven itself in delivery delivery, has produced few negative headlines and meets with acceptance, then the red carpet has been rolled out to passenger traffic ...

  • AutoX drives at the moment with conventional car goods, which can be seen in the image films. With the concept of NEVS, both a version for pure goods and passenger transport is conceivable.

  • Great project ... me, however, does not reveal why there are seats available 'but then actually only goods and the like should be transported ?? I'm curious what it comes into reality!

  • Trollhättan, and Saab, paid a heavy price for GM's incompetence, failures and stupidity of 2008, and the 1st decade of this century.
    Today, Trollhättan maybe gets that new start, that's very good, but there is capacity cheaply in Holland too ....

    Nev's, is and has always been a stripper of assets (Technology), nothing more, why else would you transport the Saab production line to China, but to be copied ..

    All the promises of a new Saab means nothing, sadly.

  • Totally agree, but this is now about a production factory, and no longer about Saab ...... ..

  • On the other hand, the announcement is all the more full-bodied.

    Without the ambitious main shareholder, they were content with relatively profane announcements. Now, one announces nothing less than an all-encompassing mobility revolution that requires a new infrastructure and new behaviors. It is a product for a hitherto non-existent future market, is a bet and speculation.

    Since the chances are not even so bad that the discrepancy between announcements and implementations à la NEVS will remain the usual ...

    In short: I understand and share the skepticism of Mr. Nordmann and would like to see first a Sion and a Koenigsegg from THN, before I make even a single thought about a robot taxi.

    Especially since there is already an infrastructure, a market and a demand for Sion & Koenigseggs. You could also call it a time window. Since the clock is already ticking and for a 9-3 EV it is slowly but surely starting again, without it in the given time window would have come to a single delivery and approval ...

  • If this is built in Trollhättan and creates jobs, that's a pleasant thing

  • Everything that creates work in Trollhättan is welcome from my point of view!
    Nothing is worse than when a city / region is in economic. Imbalance and then departure, aging, vacancy from the property is the result.
    So: Thumbs up for this project!
    Although I do not really know if 2020 has fewer vehicles on the roads ...

  • The revolutionary thing about robot taxis, however, is that they can easily take standstills and breaks, especially in the form of waiting times - without incurring any personnel costs. The world will surely become a little bit “colder” - even if I don't really miss the old days with smoky taxis ...

  • I hope that these activities can help Trollhattan again to get this beautiful city and its inhabitants a really good future.
    This city has suffered enough from what has happened in 2011 since the end of Saab. Every positive development is welcome

  • A short update on the question: Mark and I were in Munich at Sono Motors. The articles are in progress, maybe we will start this week already. A little bit of patience, please, until you are ready!

  • It would be a miracle if there were “Made by Trolls” cars again in 2020. I personally am still interested in more information about the SION. Tom, didn't you want to write something else?

  • It could be more than that. For the first time, NEVS has full funds and an ambitious major shareholder.

  • Again an announcement from NEVS ...

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