Automobile basic work. The local Saab scene.

While the big Saab meetings are constantly receiving media attention, the grassroots work takes place in silence. She lays the foundation for the love of an old, deceased brand. And keep her alive. A visit to the automotive base workers.

Saab in Kriftel in front of the petrol station Nikolai
Saab in Kriftel in front of the petrol station Nikolai

Last Saturday in Kriftel near Frankfurt. The weather conditions can be considered critical as far as antique metal is concerned. Rain showers keep coming up, not everyone likes their rolling cultural heritage. Nevertheless, a number of Saab friends have gathered in the 50 years petrol station on the main thoroughfare. Where the gas station is actually no, despite the two petrol pumps in front of the door. The appealing building in the style of yesteryear is one Opticians workshop, with great attention to detail planned and built by a pretty car enthusiastic couple.

Simone and Torsten always invite Saab drivers; the current occasion is the homecoming of the eucalyptus green 900 from the Scandinavia rally. In Kriftel it is easy going, and I enjoy great hospitality. The grill glows early at full speed, there are delicious sausages, the supply of drinks is permanent and perfect. The optics workshop is unique. A treat for people with gasoline in the blood, everywhere there are automotive artifacts, the eye can hardly get enough.

Despite the ambitious weather, it is a wonderful afternoon with lots of fun, and Saabs of all eras park at the door. The legendary Frankfurt Saab Taxi is also here, it has long become a legend and not only in the region. Meanwhile, it has over 460.000 kilometers on the clock and running and running. Probably for a very long time.

Saab Stammtisch Alzenau

In addition to meetings and exits at the weekend, regular regulars' tables are another pillar of the scene. Only a few days later. Change of scene from the gas station to one of the many regulars.

The Saab Stammtisch in an industrial area near Alzenau is still very young and meets only for the second time. Johnny's Roadhouse Diner is adjacent to the highway and is easy to find. A large car park, the ambiance is a mix between trucker and US car meetings. It is functional rustic, but charming. Since summer and vacation time is, a few participants have canceled, only seven Saab meet this evening. From the 96, over classic 900 to the last 9-3, there is a nice Saab collection in the parking lot.

The success of a meeting does not depend on the number of participants, the burgers in the Roadhouse are also quite delicious. The talks are primarily about cars, but not just about Saab. Tesla and electrification are an issue, French brands too.

The evening is pleasant, Saab-typically relaxed. He comes to an end quickly, and if my always capricious Anna project he would not have been bitching on the highway, then he would have been almost perfect. But something old cars always have.

Saab exit Taunus

For some reason, the Frankfurt surrounding area seems to be well supplied with Saab events this year. The grassroots work is successful, and it contributes much to the survival of a car brand that no longer exists. The next appointment is an exit in the Taunus on the 10. August in the calendar. The tour is organized by a very young team. Project 96 stand behind it and Justus, who always produces the videos for blogger Jan. The registration deadline is the 4. August.

Automobile basic work is indispensable if you want to keep old sheet metal sustainably on the road. The activities in the Frankfurt area are only a small snapshot of what's going on in Saab. An automotive love, against the zeitgeist. Successful, supported by a great many people, not only in Germany, who like Saab and who bring with them a lot of commitment for the organization of meetings and round tables. The mix is ​​right, also in terms of the age structure. There is currently little to worry about the automotive cultural heritage from Trollhättan.

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  • "The Great Feldberg lures" ... Bamberg - Schmitten: A breeze!


    The 96 looks good.
    What does the red rims and whitewall tires need?
    Was that still typical for 96 1966?

    Anyway, I hope you enjoy the beautiful SAAB
    and very much hope that Anna brought home the esteemed author,
    it is a small matter and this is quickly and cheaply resolved.

    Allen always a good, accident-free and puncture-free ride.

    • Thank you, Herbert! This is going on with Anna, next week I'm going to Frankfurt to solve the problem. Updates follow!

  • To get the red 9-3 on the first picture I would do anything 😉

    • That is probably one of the best comments ever! ! !

      Short, concise, consensus without end and a smile while reading. Just perfect …

    • Me too! The 9-3er should surely be around the 20 years old and just looks great! And in red probably very rare, good choice!

    • Good taste 😉 I am also a fan of it. The 9-3 belongs to Saab Service Frankfurt and has been rebuilt with some good ideas that I also used for my 9-3 (in the background) as inspiration. Coming soon a little more detail.

      • The photo is great ...
        No rushing lines of the beautiful "tank" in the HG and the shooting angle to the 9-3 is perfect.
        A real pleasure and good to see multiple times (without satiety).
        Thanks also for that and in advance for the upcoming contribution to the delicious
        Frankfurter Sausages and your own 9-3. I'm looking forward to it …

    • A laser-red 9-3I Aero was for sale in November last year for 3500 €. Nice condition with rare extras.

      The car in the photo, however, does not look 100% to laser red, or is it due to the photo filter?

  • Very nice that there is good basic work. Unfortunately I have little time for work to offer something in Bamberg. I am sure that Muckelbauer would like to participate. Therefore, at all a question: Who has Saabs in Bamberg and surroundings and goes with it? My 900 Turbo is currently at the Muckelbauer ...


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