Hofer Powertrain - German technology for NEVS

Almost exactly 7 years ago, NEVS took over Saab real estate in Stallbacka. Without a doubt, it was 7 tough years - with few highs, but lows. A difficult time for the young company, for Trollhättan and the blog as a reporter. Better years could now follow, because a small miracle is looming for the traditional location in Sweden.

German technology for NEVS

The little wonder of Trollhättan

The list of Vacancies Stallbacka is constantly growing and she speaks a clear language. The main focus is on developers and software engineers, as well as employees who can prepare the production. Around 100 additional engineering jobs will be filled in the coming months. It almost seems like a well-chosen timing is behind it. In Gothenburg, Volvo has been dismissing external consultants since the beginning of the year and is developing jobs in development to a greater extent. On Hisingen you have to save for the first time in years iron, Trollhättan, however, invested. On a smaller scale, and still very far from the old size. But this somewhat reminds the observer of times long past, when there was always an interplay between Saab and Volvo.

Employees who moved to Hisingen at the turn of the year are now back at Göta Älv, where something big seems to be about to happen. NEVS main shareholder Evergrande has so far 2 billion € provided, the money also flows to Trollhättan.

German technology for NEVS

New things seem to be developing fast now, and the speed of recent months can be quite impressive. It's a little miracle, because NEVS has been declared dead more than once. Not only me, but also in Sweden gave the company hardly a chance. If it is true that those who are said to be dead live longer then NEVS is the proof. In the former Saab complex, the developers are working on 8 (!) New vehicles. And this Wednesday, Evergrande announced the founding of a joint Ventures with Hofer Powertrain known. The drive technology specialist operates globally with 4 plants and 15 development sites. Among other things Hofer supplies system solutions for burners, hybrids and electric cars. 67% of the new joint venture is owned by Evergrande and Hofer AG is involved in 33%.

With Hofer, Evergrande will set up another development location in China. Above all, however, you gain something through German technology that money cannot actually buy. Time! With access to existing development capacities and solutions, you shorten the gap to other providers, which is obvious. The announcement that cars will be built in Trollhättan again from 2020 is gaining credibility.

Tianjin will be further expanded

Another production has meanwhile come to a standstill. The start of production in Tianjin was primarily, as also suspected, a political signal. For the sale of the NEVS 9-3 in China was missing the necessary Licensewhat some Swedish media noticed. This should have arrived in the meantime, but the work still stands still. As our information confirms, the factory is scheduled to be upgraded and is scheduled to return to service at the beginning of the year with 2020 capacity of 200.000 units. The previous capacity of Tianjin was only 50.000 electric cars a year.

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    "With access to existing development capacities and solutions, you shorten the gap to other providers, which is obvious."

    Again factual, informative, probably ahead of most readers and journalistically neutral and open-ended. Without any form of opinion, prophecy or prophetic presumption. Tom would be my personal preferred candidate for an artistic director at ARD. This is how reporting works ...

    What will or will not happen in Trollhättan, we will find out here in due course. Thorough, objective, critical ...

  • I am excited and very excited. I would be very happy for Trollhätten and the Stallbacka. A new vehicle off the mainstream from the Stallbacka would, assuming the design is right and Saab lines are recognizable, doing well alongside my 95 NG and the convertible. Maybe something will come of it.

  • Hi,

    It's interesting that Volvo is driving back, and the signs at NEVS are starting. I would allow the workers and the region around Trollhättan to be back in business. 8 vehicles? Maybe also new NEVS here! And who knows, should the products reach a certain quality, the name SAAB can be brought up for discussion.

    Greetings from Erik

  • Really exciting! On my next holiday in Sweden 2020 I want to see new cars in Trollhättan!

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