Last chance! Tell your Saab story!

Everything has an end - like our Saab stories 2019. August is just around the corner and in the middle of the month the factory holidays in Trollhättan will be over. The model year 2020 would run off the tapes, at least it was earlier. I follow the old tradition, and with the putative end of model year 2019, our action ends with the historical artifacts of the golden Saab-Scania era.

Last chance for Saab artifacts
Last chance for Saab artifacts

If you do not have a boarding card yet, but you would always like to have one, you will now have your very last chance. There will be no new edition of the action. We still have some folders with the embossed Saab logo in stock - then is the end for all time. And on the blog starts the model year 2020.

The model year 2020

There is something new. Something completely different. Of course it has something to do with Saab and history, a motivating idea, and as always it will be exclusive. Something that you can not buy with money and what is only here on the Saabblog. Curious; excited? In mid-August, I introduce our new action. And, to be honest, there are two completely different ideas at the start, with which the readers can contribute and contribute to the blog in part.

Last chance for a Saab artifact!

Before that, however, we would like to share some Saab stories with our readers. It is and was holiday time, it was very hot, what did the readers experience in their spare time? There should have been enough storytelling. Anything that comes from real life and has anything to do with Saab is welcome.

The submission deadline is 15. August 2020, the first releases start with the final end of the factory holidays on Sunday, the 18. August. The Terms and Conditions can be read here.

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