The young wild and the Feldberg

On the 2. August weekend, the international Saab community gathers at our Dutch neighbors. At least those who have holidays and can set it up to spend only a few days pursuing the most beautiful hobby in the world. For those who need to stay at home, for whatever reason, there is a tempting alternative.

Feldberg exit with Swedish cultural property.
Feldberg exit with Swedish cultural property. Photo: Niels Burock

The young wild and the Feldberg

The Feldberg calls! With Justus, Niels, Jonathan and Lars, a young team prepares the first Taunus exit for Saab fans. First of all, Niels says. Let's see if the offer meets demand. And if it pleases, then the Taunus exit on 10. August will be the prelude to an annual event. A good basic attitude, because the middle of Germany is not noticed with events of this kind so far.

The meeting place for all participants is at the 11.00 clock the parking lot on the Feldberg plateau, A popular destination in the region, and with the striking TV tower and the transmission towers hardly miss. From the big Feldberg we start a tour through the Taunus, which will be kilometers long between 100 and 120. The young organizers have chosen winding country roads, the driving pleasure in rolling cultural heritage is thus secured.

The Feldberg calls!
The Feldberg calls!

Half way there is an ice cream parlor, maybe the occasion for a tasty temptation, a short break and gasoline talks? At the end of the ride there will be snacks and drinks for all participants. Eventually, there is still some uncertainty, the event ends with Meet & Grill on a barbecue area. Due to the continuing drought, this point can be clarified just before the start, not all barbecue areas that are eligible, are currently accessible.

Fancy the Feldberg and a tour through the Taunus with the young Saab fans? Welcome all the friends of the brand with vehicles of every year and type. A registration is mandatory by email to required. The participation fee is 20 € per adult and 5 € for children from 5 years. Registration deadline is the 04. August 2019.

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